If It Was Easy, Theyd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon

If It Was Easy, Theyd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon[Read] ➭ If It Was Easy, Theyd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon ➵ Jenna McCarthy – Bluevapours.co.uk Jenna McCarthy presents an uproarious but insightful peek behind the curtains at the unholy state of matrimony With ballsy wit and bawdy humor she explores everything from male domestic idiocy and the Jenna McCarthy presents Was Easy, ePUB ✓ an uproarious but insightful peek behind the curtains at the unholy state of matrimony With ballsy wit and bawdy humor she explores everything from male domestic idiocy and the frustrating misfires in spousal communication to how to stay true to the peskiest of vows forsaking all others Part in your face guide part brutal confession this book is a must read manifesto on surviving If It PDF \ marriage in an age when everyone seems to live forever and getting a divorce is as easy as ordering a latte.

I’ve been writing Was Easy, ePUB ✓ for a long timeI submitted my first short story to Highlights magazine in I never got a replyIn high school I wrote a lot of really bad poetry Mercifully I didn’t save any of itThe first thing I ever had published was an essay in my college newspaper The typesetter misspelled the word sing as sign in the last line and the whole thing If It PDF \ made no sense whatsoeverAfter.

If It Was Easy, Theyd Call the Whole Damn Thing a
  • Paperback
  • 295 pages
  • If It Was Easy, Theyd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon
  • Jenna McCarthy
  • English
  • 09 October 2014
  • 9780425243022

10 thoughts on “If It Was Easy, Theyd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon

  1. Julie says:

    If you want to listen to a spoiled shallow materialistic woman with OCD drone on about her first world problems and how the little annoying things her husband does and that husbands of eually privileged yet ungrateful women do are the bane of her existence then you should buy this book I wish I could sell you my copy unfortunately it's digital If I could return this book I would in a heartbeat

  2. Heather says:

    I don't even know where to start I swear that Jenna had me followed before writing this book If you subtract out the part where Joe is a great handyman and can fixremodel things you have my husband I laughed so hard that I almost had to invest in poise pads I had to stop and reread things to my husband usually giggling uncontrollably the whole time just because they were completely him I could not believe that God made than one of these men out there From sleeping with the train to the big baby he is when he is sick to show me your boobs to camping which I DO NOT do I couldn't stop nodding in agreement and laughing The additions from other wives were priceless as well I had no idea that someone else's husband picks at the dry skin on their feet seriously dude go to the doctor or at least get pedicure to wanting to cancel their World of Warcraft accounts Everyone needs to read this book If you can't relate then I want your husband

  3. Jessica says:

    I don't like the expression white whine but Jenna McCarthy exceeds that in this book When she started complaining about having to use the same bathroom as her husband OMG boys poop and smell I knew I wouldn't be able to finish this book The whole thing reeks of upper middle class white privilege and selfishness

  4. Tori says:

    I started out really loving this book However at about chapter 2 I wanted to bail I kept with it only because I refused to uit I wanted to say to some of the women in the book shut the fuck up I marveled too because I've been married 5 years and couldn't give a fig what my hubs thinks about when he lays on the couch None of my business just like I don't want to explain it to him what I think about I also don't feel the need to analyze both our days and find gossip stupid with or without a man in the roomI just couldn't relate to her incessant need to nag or constantly talk to her husband Some days my goal is to have as much silence as possibleAnd that 3 page blurb from Cecilia to her husband about this week next week or week afterseriously I wanted to punch that woman in the face By the end of the book I wanted to point out that some of these women were concerned about nipple flicking and nose picking while some women out there get beat every day Shut up Just shut up already

  5. Latasha says:

    I got through the first 3 chapters of this book and decided to start browsing I have been married for over 4 years living with the same man for 7 years now I know how frustrating men can be but this book just made me feel bad for men Women bitch this much seriously? I know I complain about things but good grief There was such an undertone of disrespect for these men who chose to marry these women and I hate that If you don't respect someone don't marry them Also I wasn't a fan of Jenna's moneylifestyle scenarios I want a Pottery Barn chaise lounge I can buy a new car whenever I want to It just didn't speak to me in general Some of the stories from other women gave me a good chuckle and Jenna is very sarcastic which I like I just couldn't get into the man bashing

  6. Ayla says:

    Well I must start by saying this is not a book for me 1 I am a happily married women with saying that we have been through some stuff and we are now on the path of pure happiness 2 I don't want to read a book about someone complaining about marriage 3 I know that I have a great man and do not need this book to tell me how the grass may not be greener 4 The book doesn't make me laugh the whole point in picking out this book was the title and it failed I think that if you are having trouble in a relationship and maybe need to hear from someone else that it could be worst this is the book for you This book is like she talking to you as a girlfriend sipping on some wine only she is the one talking and you can merely just agree if it happens to you I think this book is just someone who wanted to make million writing a book that has nothing but moaning and groaning and millions get sucked in to reading this because they think this book will bring enlightenment ALL IT IS; IS PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THEIR HUSBANDS

  7. Jeremiah says:

    I will admit when I skimmed this title on the Last Chance rack at my local BN I initially thought that the author would prove to be as entertaining as it's cover suggests I fellow humans was very mistaken This book is the very definition of awful The first two chapters were great It's too bad every single chapter after that just gets progressively worse and worse and not to mention PREACHYThe author Jenna McCarthy spends the majority of each chapter letting you know how stupid and mindless she claims her husband and everyone else's as well truly is And unsurprisingly how brilliant and strategical she herself is I feel for her husband something awful Because I would have suffocated this bitch in her sleep by this point if I were him Basically this book can be summed up into one; two syllable word AWFUL It's honestly not even worth the ONE star that I was unfortunately forced to give it Oh and did I mention that all the other FOUR and FIVE star reviews are mainly from 40 year old married women? I have one word for all you DIVORCEThank God it was only 399

  8. Sarah says:

    So funny My husband didn't perfectly align with every chapter but oh boy there were enough that I felt like I was dishing with girlfriends She doesn't offer any groundbreaking advice on how to make your marriagerelationship better but she does dish the fights annoyances and frustrations of her own marriage in a rather conversational hilarious manner It was nice to know that I'm not the only woman out there frustrated with this or that while still loving their husband dearly

  9. Bernadette says:

    Laugh out loud funny Jenna McCarthy writes this memoir in such an easy breezy way that you would swear you were sitting around with your girlfriends listening to them bitch and moan about their husbands You are guaranteed to smile at the description of how utterly useless and needy her husband becomes at the first sign of a cold or the classic in the car fight where you yell for him to pull overand then he actually does As an added bonus there are in the inclusions of the At least I'm not married to him sections of the book See Jenna is apparently a pretty avid blogger and had asked her followers to share with her the most annoying thing their husbands whom they love dearly does that drives them insane These tiny stories within the stories are always funny often relatable and often then not will make you appreciate that your hubbysignificant does not do and what women are willing to endure in the name of love Jenna does not come off as angel in this book by any means she points out a lot of the crazy annoying things she does and really owns that she talks to much even though this clearly the thing she does that drives her hubby bananas It's a light read it's a funny read and it's a book you'll definitely end up recommending to your friend or sisterif for no other reason to chat about over a big glass of wine or vodka

  10. Melissa Guimont says:

    A laugh out loud account of what it's like to live with your other half and supress the urge not kill each other over the most ridiculous things in life Even if you aren't married you can relate to many of these stories It's refreshing to read about Jenna and her husband slinging hilarious exchanges that are common occurrences in every household It's part of a normal healthy relationship to want to smash your partner with a bag of ice in the face every now and then or fight over the temperature in the bedroom every night I love the author's description of the subtle kick under the table becoming a well known event and the famous last words by her husband Read it Read it Read it

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