Major Transitions In Evolution

      Major Transitions In Evolution
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      Major Transitions In Evolution
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  • Major Transitions In Evolution
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  • 11 February 2018
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10 thoughts on “ Major Transitions In Evolution

  1. Jim says:

    I ve read several books about evolution recently this lecture was a great addition Anthony Martin is a paleontologist and geologist He did the bulk of it first 17 of 23 he s a great speaker John Hawks, a biological anthropologist, did the next 6 about the rise of hominids The final one was a discussion between the two Martin discusses major transitions in deep time The earth is about 4.6 billion years old our first evidence of prokaryotes appear at about 4.1 billion during the Had...

  2. Roo Phillips says:

    Evolution is often scoffed at because of the lack of evidence for macro evolution This lecture analyzes many of the quite recent discoveries in these questionable phases of evolution from one species to another The professors are a bit dry, but the content is great They show evidence for biological evolution from single cell to multi cell, from fish to land, from eggs to live birth,...

  3. Jim says:

    DVD versionThis was my second time through these lecturesthe first being a little over four years ago Since then I have spent time with Drs Sutherland, Hazen, Wysession and others who have dealt with the natural world, trying to answer the age old question s of how and why we are where and how we are that makes sense, trust me No one set of lectures can address these questions, but taken together they can shed light on no...

  4. Chris Aldrich says:

    Overall a great introduction to evolution and many of its interdisciplinary subfields I particularly enjoyed seeing the perspective of a geologist paleontologist to start things off and then the tag team to cover human evolution from primates I especially loved the philosophical conceptualization of deep time in analogy with deep space particularly as one considers the even broader idea of Big History Though the professors here don t delve into Big History directly, they re covering a Overall a great introduction to evolution and many of its interdisciplina...

  5. Sally says:

    An overview that hits several of the evolutionary highlights, with discussion and sometimes showing of the fossil evidence, some fossils containing amazing detail The last few lectures concentrate on the human line of evolutio...

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