Hondo (Demon Warriors #1)

Hondo (Demon Warriors #1)[PDF / Epub] ★ Hondo (Demon Warriors #1) By Lynn Hagen – Bluevapours.co.uk Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance MM demons public exhibition spanking Chris has hung around the Demon Warriors trying to emulate them for one hundred years He's in Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance MM demons public exhibition spanking Chris has hung around the Demon Warriors trying to emulate them for one hundred years He's in awe of these magnificent warriors but has eyes for only one of them Hondo is as thickheaded as they come Everyone around him can see how Chris feels about the big bad warrior everyone except Hondo When bizarre occurrences keep taking place in the demon realm Chris is ready for action rushing in where wise men fear to tread Can Hondo keep Chris from running into a battle he may not survive and can Hondo set aside their friendship and become a lover to the little demon who worships the very ground he walks on Note Each book in Lynn Hagen's Demon Warriors collection features a different romantic couple Each title stands alone and can be read in any order However we recommend reading the series in seuential order.

Lynn Hagen loves writing about the somewhat flawed but lovable She also loves a hero who can see past all the rough edges to find the shining diamond of a beautiful heartYou can find her on any given day curled up with her laptop and a cup of hot java letting the next set of characters tell their story.

Hondo Epub ✓ Ebook
  • ebook
  • 127 pages
  • Hondo (Demon Warriors #1)
  • Lynn Hagen
  • English
  • 07 May 2014
  • 9781610346337

10 thoughts on “Hondo (Demon Warriors #1)

  1. Mark says:

    Good Grief Did the woman actually get paid for this tripe Never having read any demon books or anything like this before a friend said I should give it a go and lent me his copy Indeed he gave me the first two in the series Having read them bothyes honestlyI can promise you two things FirstlyI won't be reading any and secondly having read them I am fairly sure I could construct number three through 47 Muscular Demon encounters wimpy demon He falls for aforementioned wimpy demon in a way he had neevr fallen before His whole life is turned upside down and whereas before he lived forwell I am not actually sure what he lived or died or existed for It keeps being implied that they are immortal or at least live for a jolly long time but why Hagen has hit upon them being demons is of no significance at all It is a tawdry cashing in on this vampire werewolf craze with huge amounts of explicit sex thrown in There is no attempt to draw out any plot or story development other than the wimpy demon keeps getting placed in difficult situations and the muscular demon gives his all literally to save aforementioned wimpy demon I give no names for the simple reason that they all mould into an amorphous mass No individuality or sense of character at all Maybe I was being ridiculously naive but this is presented as a series Surely that suggests development and a growing interest a plot unfolding and mystery deepening If that is the case there is absolutley no inkling that anything is coming anytime soonwell muscular or wimpy demon excepted obviouslyNumber three I am absolutely certain would involve the muscular demon who has just started featuring in number two book and had fleeting aspects in number one book falling for the human friend of the two wimpy demons Oh and what an extraordinary coincidencehe is uite wimpy Absolute crap That this ranks as worth a series of books is amazing I uite understand that people might want to read explicit sex accoiunts but surely there is normally something linking the story or an attempt at development of character certainly as this is claimed to be a storyline which has a common thread Well it doesn;t It is just an excuse to write total toshThe fact of the demonic world being the central issue here is totally without merit or reason; this could just as easily be set in any town or city or brothel across the world and nothing would be gained or lost The 'heroes' can move fast can set fire to things and have red eyes but apart from that it is just a rather aggressive and rapacious gathering of the village people

  2. Susan says:

    I thought it would be a nice change for me demon warriors instead of shifters I was on board with both of these men being demons nu human that needed rescuing And I did like Chris and his clumsiness But their relationship was extremely underdeveloped They went from friends to lovers to mates in 4 pages and the rest of the book was bickering and a terrible sub plotI did like the lube shooting cock how convenientBut I had some trouble with Hondo stabbing Chris with his cock OuchI do like a fluffy terribly written book every now and again but Hondo and Chris were fighting too much for me to enjoy it I don’t do angst within the relationship well

  3. Phaney says:

    2011 ReviewPfft am I glad I have the next two books in this new series because it doesn’t just end on a cliff hanger it pretty much is a continuous story with probably only the viewpoints shifting with each book So to have to stop at this point would be incredibly annoying I guess in retrospect the romance of this volume did end a chapter or so before the end but I kinda missed it because it was just another sex scene with a fresh batch of love exchangeWith that said I really enjoyed this book I know it’s weird This is a spin off of the Brac Pack series too so go figure But I enjoyed these demons and their realm with their very normal clothes and lives and slight but sharp differences For example the way they walk through shadows appealed to me as well as the variety that comes with the special talents of eachOf course the time scale was way out of whack yet again especially considering the names and all but it’s okay I am completely used to that much 3 It just makes me wonder how the warriors handled things before modern day inventions like cell phones I mean even just Chris has been hanging out with the guys for a hundred years at this point so things must have changed drastically since then Except I dimly remember now although I am not sure Wasn’t there a time difference between the realms? Really not sure That would help a lot Especially if time moved much faster in the demon realmAnyway I obviously enjoy the setting which engenders hope for my continued enjoyment of the seriesBut just as much I really enjoyed the characters hereOkay some of the side characters seemed very suspicious and only knowing that they will be the protagonists of the next volume kept me from thinking the worst of them And even that just barelyBut Panahasi so far than cashes in on the impression he left with his appearance in the Brac Pack He’s interesting and definitely top er demon and one gets to feel for him even with the remote way he is portrayed Very well so far Also a good choice to not start the series with pairing off the head honcho XDNow the actual protagonists here were good All right Hondo was neat enough and worked as a character but Chris? Was amazing I’ve started to really enjoy those uirky small guys And I loved how he kept zipping around with his super speed and how his mind worked similarly easily distracted slightly dopey at times and accidentally believing his own exaggerations This was not a perfect guy but he was hugely likeable nonetheless DEven the sex worked out for them Sure I did not need that many of those scenes but they did not take over the plot and that’s all I’m asking for these days Then there’s the oh so convenient auto lubing Gotta admit I kinda like this version better than the one from some other series but it’s still awfully opportuneMostly though I am happy that while this series also follows the “fated mate” path it’s a lot interesting courtesy of only being able to recognize the bond during sex That actually allows romance to take place first might even throw a few obstacles in the way emotionally I very much approve It also allowed for this story about long time friends and one sided love DYeah maybe it’s obvious by my amount of rambling here but I enjoyed the hell out of this one Very entertaining and amusing and interesting and just all around satisfyingMaybe I should note that I was a lot less impressed during the re read a year later2012 Re read ProjectI went and did it I re read all the connected series by Lynn Hagen this time in order of publication date as recommended which sadly does not ensure actual chronologicality That’s twenty nine books of moderate length spanning three series with to spin offI’ll put my thoughts in spoiler tags since I plan to paste this into the end of each review covered here There are no actual spoilers so feel free to read this for a general idea of the seriesview spoilerNutter Nero remains my favourite followed by Nicholas's Wolf After those Joshua's Law Knox and HunterIn between and around these volumes bunched a lot of boring books annoying ones and just okay onesLet’s not talk about realism or anything making sense in these series And continuity is a lie Structural inconsistencies are the norm and let’s not even get started on maintaining a logical timelineSince the chronological reading list goes by publication date the first Zeus’s Pack book actually goes back about six years from the Brac Pack book I’d read before And since a lot of these books follow closely one upon the other what with the increasingly freuent semi cliff hanger endings this once again means that the timescale is thrown entirely out of whack That much I’ve come to expect with these books More disturbingly the cliff hangers make series switching all the confusingMind you there’s a definite advantage in consuming only bite sized bits of the depressing Demon Warriors series by having it interspersed with the lighter Brac Pack and the agony riddled but still silly Zeus’s PackAfter the first twenty nine books the depressing atmosphere of the Demon Warriors series has begun to drip over into the others big time At this point all the series seem to converge although it’s still messy at best and the only way to accept how the timelines add up now is by closing my eyes tightly and pretending the issue does not existA verdict on the whole mess so far? No wayAs I’ve said this jumble of series has its high points and its tedium Pretty much my previous reviews still apply That means yes after a few volumes it became necessary to start skimming through the copious sex scenes to locate occasional character bits among the repetitive superlatives Well to be fair the repetitive nature lies in the sheer mass of those scenes and the fact that sex tends to come down to the same number of things naturally I’ve certainly read other books or series where the phrases themselves were grating with their sameness and although this might be the case here too I did not notice such a thing Mind you that could be aided by my skimming but who cares at this point?Overall the series got better then intermittently worse then depressing but also a little varied sexually How sad is it that the threesomes tend to have a refreshing feel to them due to the greater versatility present? That’s only for the sex though hide spoiler

  4. Serena Yates says:

    This is such a cute book I didn't expect demons to be cute but that's what these guys are There is also enough serious warrior business some mysterious goings on and a few ominous threats to keep the tension up I found the mix between humor and beginning of series plotline really appealing And the way demons find their mates? I laughed my head off That is a great conceptChris is small for a demon but thinks himself a warrior Needless to say he manages to overestimate his abilities significantly which almost gets him into trouble than can fit between two book covers so to speak He is cute full of energy and the 'typical' smaller mate that needs protection mostly from his own antics in this caseHondo is a big bad demon warrior except where Chris is concerned They've been the best of friends for 100 years so getting used to being mates will take some doing In typical alpha maledominant fashion he growls a lot but he's got his heart in the right placeI really liked these first two characters and am looking forward to finding out about this demon world including the hinted at links to the underworld and the mysterious crystal

  5. Karel says:

    I'm glad to see that the writing seem to have improve since the Brac Pack day somewhat I'm tempted to call Lynn Hagen a clone of Stormy Glenn but I feel that will be insulting to the latterAnyhow usual Lynn Hagen simplistic plot characters with the emotional maturity of a five year old sexsexsex a musclebound tiny guy dynamic and lots of jealousy and a plot so 2D you can see things coming from ten miles awayCharacters are either flat uninteresting crybabies OR flat uninteresting jealousy possessive musclebound freaks Doesn't matter if she calls them Tom and Jerry or Chris and Hondo they're essentially the same peopleUnless you're masochistic like me throw your money elsewhere Better yet just donate it to someone who needs it

  6. JoAnn says:

    Why oh why was I cursed with an obsession for mediocre paranormal and sci fi smut I will say that I loved Chris’s character a small demon that seems to move fast nonstop around his much bigger and burlier friends Cute The rest was the usually garbage with lack of plot and development Again it’s my fault for reading these type of stories I always ask myself “who in the hell reads this crap??” My my inner self replies “you bitch you read this crap all the time” sigh I’m reality I am just dying to find an awesome series or author that has many books under 200 pages so I can fit books into my schedule

  7. Tj says:

    It was fun reading about Chris and Hondo This first book in the series is very typical of Lynn Hagen books A forever mate that tends to be the weaker one and the bigger protective mate that takes care of the weaker mate I still like the book it's a fun lite read that is a feel good read

  8. Sev says:

    UPDATED ON MAY 9 2014Call me a glutton for punishment but I just went back to this one First though I tracked down and read the books in the Brac Pack and Zeus Pack series that must be read before it in hopes of making the story make sense There are about 19 or 20 that come before Demon Warriors #1; therefore I cannot honestly call this an independent series It really will confuse the heck out of anyone coming to it without prior knowledge of the Brac Zeus Universe Would've been nice to have been told this first but oh well I am now somewhere around page 189 according to my reader and I am still not certain of finishing the book let alone the entire Demon Warriors arc no matter how important it is to the rest of the Brac Universe which I rather like btw True I am no longer muddled up with who's who but the writing is how shall I say it? Somewhat less than spectacular? Uh no That would imply the only things nit pick worthy about it were the usual spelling grammar and typos often found in the author's books at least the ones I've read so far And I like this author I really do It's just that in this case she's surpassed what reads like bad porno flick scenes and dialogue and gone straight to the jaw dropping stuff Jaw dropping because as a writer myself it makes me cringe Which I am 100% certain is NOT the reaction she had in mind No I will not give examples shudder But there are plenty to be found if you care to have a look Shelving this title maybe the whole series as WTF Dear Author wtf?Sexy Demon Warrior looking for his elusive One True Love Sounds exactly the sort of book I'd happily dive into and devour in a single setting Alas it was not to be The characters were so so the plot wait what was that anyway? I felt like I'd been thrown into the middle of a long established series not starting the first page of the first chapter of the first book in a brand new one It confused me to the point I gave up on it and admitted defeat at around 29 percent Sorry but it's just too much effort to track down references to characters and incidents from all the other series by the author then try to figure out where this one fits in Romance novels are supposed to be a pleasure unfortunately reading this one felt like a very tedious chore one I was all too relieved to finally uit

  9. Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    15 starsHere are my notes rewritten to at least be complete understandable sentences because I hated this too much to write a proper reviewI'm hoping this would make sense if I'd read the other series' because as it is I feel like I'm reading the readers digest condensed versionThey treat and talk to Chris like he's a child Of course he acts like one Like Hindi and the other warriors couldn't protect hem selves against or demon and like Chris could do anything So poorly written like a high school writing assignment This is so all over the place no real connection no real explanationsThe sex is really boring as usualChris's skills are only as a sex object? Hondo is a great warrior but Chris should be proud his skills are as a bed mate? So he's basically a whore?So this is really a serial as absolutely nothing but the mating was resolved but it wasn't the first in the story even though it's the first in the series I guess I have to read the rest of the other series first But even looking at reading order that means I have to read a couple of dozen books before I catch up I've realized that's a pet peeve of mine reuiring someone to read other series in order to understand what's going on in the current series Pretty sure I'm not going to do that I might read the first in the Brac Pack but if it's anything like this nope Too bad because I liked another long series of hers which looks like she's done withYuck

  10. Iris says:

    Wow A cliffhanger Didn't expect to find one in Lynn Hagen's stories She usually ends it but this time she chose a different option And I like it very much ; Although it's hard to wait till the next book comes out The story itself is nice We're thrown in a new kind of demon world The way to find a demon's mate is also uite nice ; Story itself was OK at the beginning but at the end there was speed to it She had to explain a lot in the beginning at least that's how it occurred to me and therefore the story was a little bit slow At the end of the story she made then up to it for me Therefore 4 out of 5 stars

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