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Sinnerman Warder #4[Read] ➭ Sinnerman Warder #4 By Mary Calmes – As a warder Jackson Tybalt is one of the good guys until he sees the man he loves kissing another Betrayed and angry Jackson tempts danger and death ignoring the pleas of other warders to be careful I As a warder Jackson Tybalt is one of the good guys until he sees the man he loves kissing another Betrayed and angry Jackson tempts danger and death ignoring the pleas of other warders to be careful It's a vile mood in which to start a romance but that doesn't stop the kyrie Raphael who than anything wants Jackson for his very own Jackson doesn't want a hearth he doesn't want a lover he just wants dark and painful and Raphael Sinnerman Warder eBook ½ will give him what he wants But sometimes the sins of the flesh are just what a body needs to bandage the wounds of the heart and Raphael will hide the tenderness he feels for Jackson for as long as the warder wears the guise of the Sinnerman.

Mary Calmes believes in romance happily ever afters and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee thinks chocolate should be its own food group and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds spiders and the neighbor’s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja.

Sinnerman Warder #4 eBook ↠ Sinnerman Warder  eBook
  • ebook
  • 150 pages
  • Sinnerman Warder #4
  • Mary Calmes
  • English
  • 08 July 2016
  • 9781615819218

10 thoughts on “Sinnerman Warder #4

  1. Meags says:

    4 StarsThe bond between a warder and his hearth is meant to be unbreakable so it’s no surprise when Jackson Tybalt’s heart shatters into a thousand pieces when he witnesses his beloved hearth cheating on him with another Heartbroken and alone Jackson spends the months that follow isolating himself from his friends and exhibiting reckless behaviour where his warder duties are concerned It’s in Jackson’s increasingly intense exchanges with kyrie Raphael which eventually mends his once fractured spirit and jolts his heart back to life full force What begins as a purely physical relationship aimed to get out all the anger and self loathing Jackson has stored up in the wake of his breakup – slowly turns into something much tender and profound than he could ever have imagined There were a lot of dark and moody moments early on in this one Although we never really witnessed Jackson and Frank his hearth together as a couple Jackson’s loss and heartbreak was keenly felt so much so that I was a little worried about how this would successfully turn itself into a romance Thankfully I enjoyed the progression of Jackson and Raph’s tumultuous relationship and was absolutely smitten by the two of them by the time Jackson realised how deep his feelings for the kyrie truly ran I daresay this might just be my favourite story of the series to this point I went in already really excited to get Raphael’s story – I felt like this guy stole the show in the previous two books with his dark and dangerous bad guy vibe continually popping in to save our warders and their hearths even though he was largely considered an enemy He was truly a fun character to follow and it was great to dig a bit deeper into the whole kyrie thing too although I’m still a little unclear on all the hows and whys of it all I also enjoyed seeing all the other warders and their hearths playing a much greater secondary role in this one with everyone appearing on page at least once I believe this was also the first time all the characters shared a scene together and what a scene it was I had a lot of fun watching them all interact – it was fun and playful lightening the mood a bit from all the heavier stuff felt earlier on in the storyThere is nowhere to go now but onward to the next instalment

  2. Amy Lane says:

    I love the amusement park ride that Mary Calmes takes you on you know there's going to be parts when you scream parts when you sueal and parts when you laugh You know your stomach's going to drop and you're going to be a little bit afraid but then at the end it will all come out okay and that's why you sign o for a Mary Calmes ride and that's why she always delivers In Sinnerman she gives us perhaps her most flawed hero Jackson is a warder who has lost his hearth and although we don't see how the connection worked when they were together we see that Jackson isn't functioning well with the break up His exchanges with his ex are raw and painful and Jackson is both pathetic and frightening as he tries to figure out how this part of his life has gone wrong Jackson believes it's gone wrong because he is a bad person and his exchanges with Raphael reflect this Their relationship is dark and twisted at the beginning and although like Jackson we crave something meaningful like Jackson we're at a loss for how to climb out of that hole of self loathing that a break up will throw us into so we can make it better There is a happy ending and a glorious one and a revisiting of all of the previous warders and their hearths which was nice as well The dialog was sparkling and pretty andRaphael's aching faith as well as Jackson's bluntness and his ability to kill a mood were showcased in some lovely totally enjoyable prose I love urban fantasy and I do love this novella cycle and this could be my favorite installment yet

  3. mwana says:

    Things in a Calmes novel Tall men Technicolour blue eyes uicksilver eyes bronze skin A female friend who is a platonic soulmate Gorgeous men who are multilingual Food Angst MCs who have cavemany singleminded devotion to each otherMe when I get that Calmes crack comfort crack for the horny soulPS Author once said that Jackson and Raphael would get a seuel so I'm always hoping for that

  4. Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    I wasn't sure about this one at first but then I realized I loved it anywayI will admit to being really confused by what I thought the relationship would be even though it seemed it wasn't and well that was a little uncomfortableat first Then well then it was what I thought what I wanted and what I have loved about this series and I just smiled and was and am still happyI do wish that view spoilerFrank would have been the one to move to Boston I am not interested in whatever breakdown he is having and it was than one Fuck off asshole hide spoiler

  5. ~Volha~ says:

    While the story was a bit chaotic and slightly all over the place with alternating time frames I enjoyed it simply because I have had a soft spot for kyrie Raphael since he first appeared in the series Their relationship is tumultuous and a bit unconventional but they mesh so well together and I think Raphael is better hearth for Jackson than Frank Sullivan ever was There were couple of moments that made me howl with laughter I liked that all the warders were on page as well as their Sentinel Jael whose private life was on display as well I had fun reading this book

  6. Beatrice says:

    Not sure about the uality of this review so this serves as a fair warning to all my review might contain small servings of spoilers here and thereI read Heart in Hand and Sinnerman back to back and it must be uite obvious that I prefer one over the other That is not to say that I have problems with Leith and Simon However I just found Jackson and Raphael's story much powerful and meaningful This book simply isn't about the power of love; it's about the power of love and the redemption it provides the many opportunities that love opens once you accept itThere are so many dark elements in this book that made me wary of it first To start the protagonists were not exactly the biggest teddy bears we've seen Perhaps Malic may have been even less sinister and threatening than Jackson Raphael and their crazy actions Despite the seemingly lack of redeeming ualities within these two Jackson and Raphael were close to my heart Not that I have even remotely experienced what they've experienced But there is something about these two crazily flawed characters that pulled me in as a reader Jackson's hurt is understandable as we ourselves became witnesses to Frank's betrayal And while Raphael's rough edges are somewhat blurred and can be misread until perhaps you hit the 75% mark of the book you learn to love himAnother thing that makes this so dark and different from the first three books in the series was the palpable pain that both protagonists felt It isn't just the pain of having the roughest sex you can imagine It was also the pain of being left behind the pain of knowing this new guy can fit the hole in your heart but doesn't seem to be turned the right way And for a while I honestly thought that the pain would last until the end that Raphael would remain as a last puzzle piece that wasn't uite fit in properlyExcept you know there is a happy ending A most wonderful one even amongst all the angst that surrounded Jackson and Raphael throughout most of the book Raphael did what he could for Jackson gave the warder all that Jackson thought he needed deserved And from here on the power of love worked its magic and gave us redemption and acceptance and so much As a whole this book is emotional and flawed I loved it for its flaws though because Mary Calmes didn't try to hide them Jackson and Raphael weren't hidden behind smiling marionettes it wouldn't have been them Not all of the loose ends were tied; this is after all a series But in the end the story touched me and took me through different ranges of emotions My heart was tugged Yours would most likely be tugged too

  7. Serena Yates says:

    What a series this is turning out to be The one thing I hadn’t expected is for one of the pairs to break up – yet when I read the blurb for this book it became clear that the warder Jackson would lose his hearth What a traumatic experience and one which normally doesn’t end well at all or so we are told With the strength of the bond seen between warder and hearth in the first three books it surprised me it was even possibleJackson as the warder tries to stay strong The problem is that he tells the story so his pain became really clear I was truly pulled into his pain and it was so well written that I suffered with him even though I didn’t know him that well at the beginning of the story His journey is amazing and even thought he is still a gruff bear on the outside at the end of it I really came to like himRaphael the kyrie follows a logic all his own and I loved that In a sense that makes him the true eual of Jackson and that is new in this series Exhausting because it takes him a while to adapt but good and somewhat refreshing There is a lot to Raphael than meets the eye and he gradual unveiling of his secrets as Jackson gets to know him is nicely doneThis is a powerful story of supernatural forces and what happens when they collide The cast of characters is great and it was wonderful to see some old friends from the first three books reappear At the same time there are new people as well and it will be interesting to see what happens to this group in the next few books I love that there is lots of room to maneuver since that will keep the tension up and the surprises coming A great book if you’re looking for a touch of the supernatural combined with some great emotions and a true journey of discovery for the main charactersNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on ueer Magazine Online

  8. ⚣Michaelle⚣ says:

    34 StarsArgh this one pains me to rate It's the installment I was most looking forward to as the way the other Warders reacted so negatively to Rafael seemed entirely out of proportionover the topwhich made me think he was a misunderstood pseudo demonish character judged for his origins rather than his actionsAnd that IS who Rafael turned out to bebut man it didn't feel like it The summary mentions a hidden tenderness and maybe it was the narration but that did NOT come through at ALL I mean he's not the evil entity most of the Warders assumed he wasbut those sex scenes and other interactions didn't really hint at any kind of tenderness Could also be that the story was told from Jackson's POV and he didn't really experience that aspect of Rafael much eitherAlso this one was all over the place with the drama; and what's with a gay man falling in love with his words a straight pregnant married woman? That was so confusing I couldn't tell if we were gonna veer off into MMF territory or something elsebut no just weirdnessSo disappointedOf course I'll still listen to restbecause I'm a completist and I have to see how it all ends

  9. Elaine White says:

    Review will be included in a full Volume review of Warders Volume 2This was one of my favourite stories in this series so farI loved Jackson and how he embraced the sweeping darkness and the meltdown from Frank's cheating He didn't let his Warder brothers try to tell him that he couldn't be angry or hurt though I was surprised that the whole 'cheating boyfriend' theme was being revisited again This is the third story where it plays a big part in the overall story arcI was intrigued by Hayden who I hope to see in future stories Despite being a spoiled rich kid making wrong choices he was just looking to be loved and would make a great Warder's hearthHowever once again the 1st person POV meant that the only way I knew it was Jackson's POV was from the mention of Frank within the first page because without that Jackson's name didn't appear until 4 pages inI loved the way that the hearths stood up for Raph later in the story Raphael was the best minor character from all the other stories and the one I wanted to see the most His chemistry with Jackson was off the charts and I loved the way he gave Jackson what he needed even when it wasn't what he wanted or neededAgain we had a side storyline of an ex boyfriend causing trouble for the warder This time it had a advanced storyline in Frank's antics but again it wasn't properly explored or explained It's the only problem I've found with the series; the theme of ex boyfriends and the fact that certain side plots are used but never really explainedFavourite uote““I guess I shouldn't have worried” Raphael said beside meI turned to look at him“It's like a damn frat house around here How do you people inspire any fear at all?””

  10. S.K. says:

    Goddamn I loved this book I adored Jackson from the beginning and finding out in the book before that Raph did too made my mouth water for this book And Mary Calmes did not disappoint There was passion trauma emotions God this book had just about everything I look for in a keeper I always feel guilty at how uickly I devour any Mary Calmes book in case I miss anything but I make myself feel better by reading and re reading it several times just to be sure I pick up all of the nuances An absolutely excellent addition to the Warder and Hearth series to simply say this surpasses all the others should give you an inkling as to the joy awaiting you Loved it absolutely loved it

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