Kingyo: The Artistry of the Japanese Goldfish

      Kingyo: The Artistry of the Japanese Goldfish
DISCOVER THE CULT OF THE GOLDFISH THROUGH JAPANESE ART, DESIGN AND LITERATUREGoldfish were originally brought to Japan from China in 1502, to be raised exclusively by aristocrats as highly prized pets In the 1800s, however, they became popular among the general public, and ultimately a unique culture of breeders, collectors, and connoisseurs came into being Packed with photographs, Kingyo The Artistry of Japanese Goldfish offers a delightful visual tour of goldfish in Japanese art and design, together with a description of the goldfish breeds that have developed in Japan over hundreds of years of meticulous cultivation.Included in the volume is a novella written in the 1930s titled A Riot of Goldfish which tells of the impossible love of a breeder s son for the daughter of a wealthy patron As his love grows into an obsession, he attempts to create a goldfish that will capture and reflect her beauty The story charmingly evokes life in Japan in the early twentieth century and sheds light on the aesthetics of goldfish appreciation.The stunning visual materials presented here reveal the vast iconography of goldfish in the graphic and decorative arts of Japan, extending to textiles, ceramics, paintings, lacquer ware, toys, and even household items This book will be an inspiration for designers, collectors, and anyone interested in Japanese art. Free Download Kingyo: The Artistry of the Japanese Goldfish by Kanoko Okamoto For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Kanoko Okamoto Okamoto Kanoko , 1 March 1889 18 February 1939 was the pen name of a Japanese author, tanka poet, and Buddhist scholar active during the Taish and early Sh wa periods of Japan from Wikipedia

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      Kingyo: The Artistry of the Japanese Goldfish
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  • 390 pages
  • Kingyo: The Artistry of the Japanese Goldfish
  • Kanoko Okamoto
  • English
  • 04 February 2019
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10 thoughts on “ Kingyo: The Artistry of the Japanese Goldfish

  1. Kathy says:

    This book presents stunning, clear pictures of japanese goldfish and art pertaining to goldfish It is really a visual feast for goldfish collectors or possibly fans of Japanese culture being the former I can t really speak for the latter There is not much information, but there are interesting notes on each breed and some gene...

  2. Sheri says:

    This was really quite a quietly phenomenal work I thought it was a graphically enhanced novella, but it s not The novella by Kanoko Okamoto serves as just one of many illustrations a verbal one of a c...

  3. Fishface says:

    TOTAL goldfish porn A big, thick compendium of gorgeous photos of my personal power animal Nestled in the center of it all is a fine old Japanese novella about a goldfish breeder seeking the perfect hybrid Not to be missed if you love the noble goldfish.

  4. Clinton Sheppard says:

    Contains photos of some amazing looking goldfish In the middle is the life story of a man born into a family of goldfish breeders in Japan Also contains a genealogy chart of goldfish breeds and an index describing their characteristics.

  5. Alyse says:

    This book is a visual dream Beautifully composed and contains a translation of A Riot of Goldfish within its center.

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