Fire Maiden

Fire Maiden❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Fire Maiden By Tina Gerow ➟ – With her pregnant sister due to give birth at any moment Kefira Knight takes charge of controlling the beasties that come calling in an effort to thwart prophecy She's got her hands full Seems the sup With her pregnant sister due to give birth at any moment Kefira Knight takes charge of controlling the beasties that come calling in an effort to thwart prophecy She's got her hands full Seems the supernatural population isn't finished with the gargoyle sisters and this time Kefira has her own trouble with an ex lover that dumped her centuries ago Dagan knows Kefira holds a grudge but trying to kill him is just her way of letting him know she still cares Be prepared for another wild and whacky time in this seuel as a Succubus ueen plots with a wicked Vampire to substitute their child for the child of the Blood.

As far back as I can remember I've had a love affair with books I loved to live vicariously through each character and dreamed of the day when I'd write my own books I loved to write and make up stories a talent which was both loved and hated by many of my English teachers As I got older I had teachers encourage me to write but they admonished me to ‘stop writing the weird stuff and tone d.

Fire Maiden PDF/EPUB ✓ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Fire Maiden
  • Tina Gerow
  • English
  • 21 November 2014
  • 9781933874371

10 thoughts on “Fire Maiden

  1. Barbara ★ says:

    The classic struggle between good and evil is given a new and exciting twist by Tina Gerow The good gals are a family of four gargoyle shifters how cool is that? One sister is recently married and pregnant with a gargoylevampire cross breed The Stone Maiden book 1Of course a life and death prophesy is the crux of this tale Each person in the prophesy gets to know only the part that pertains to them and no sharing until the right time Kefira will walk on the dark side and need to be brought back into the fold by Dagan teh gargoyle protector and on again off again love interest of KefiraAn interesting collection of creatures in this series the succubus ueen evil vampires good werewolves evil angels and fairies good prophesy speakers and mixed breed children succubusvampire evil of courseAll in all a terrific yarn I understand that Dara's story is next can't wait though I don't have a clue when or what it's even titled

  2. Antoinette Lewis says:

    It was an ok read but what about the other 2 Gargoyles where is their books or story

  3. Netha says:

    Kefira Knight setelah ditinggal oleh dagan kehilangan bayi dalam kandungannya membuat kefira mjd keras sangat gampang tersulut emosidagan pria yg dicintainya yg harusnya mjd pelindung bagi klan terakhir gargoyle pergi meninggalkan mereka century agotapi tiba2 saja dagan muncul dipeternakan logan dlm kondisi terlukasegala sakit hati kefira kembalialonna sepupu kecil mereka si cantik sexy seukuran barbie kembali membawa prophecy bagi kefirakurang lebih sih kefira akan mengalami ujian yg mengharuskannya memilih jalan yg dpt membawanya pd kegelapan ataukah terang hanya sang pelindunglah yg dpt menolongnyayah pelindungnya ya tak lain tak bukan si dagantp gimana dagan mau melindungi kefira kalo satu2nya hal yg ingin dilakukan kefira yg berhubungan dgn dagan adl menancapkan pedangnya pd dada dagangabriel kembali bertitah dagan harus menjadi pelindung bagi bayi turunan bayi ariel gargoyle dengan logan gargolyevampirejames pun mendapat titah untuk melindungi bayi dalam kandungan tersebutsementara akan hadir bayi terang si ratu succubus yg a lupa namanya mempersiapkan bayi kegelapan bayi dari pria yg dicintainya yg telah mati ternyata si ratu succubus mengincar kefiranah di novel ini ada si kefira saking marahnya dia pergi sendirikena panah segitu banyaknya eh tengah2nya mo berubah jadi batu dia disruduk sapixixixixixixixi ada ga ya cerita ttg heroine yg mati karna disruduk sapi????kagak elite banget yahhhhhhhh lagi2 terjemahannya ga bisa diharapkanini novelnya yg aneh ato terjemahannya yg kacau menurutku sih 2 2nya sama ajaterjemahannya kaku abis anehceritanya juga aneh bangeta ga simpati sama sekali dgn kefira dagantrus ada lagi pas ariel mo lahiran tuh pedang menancap dengan enaknya diperut dia apa ga mati ya???trus bayi yg dilahirkan berubah jadi batuidihterlalu tinggi daya imajinasinya berhubung kekuatanku ga segedhe itu jd nyerah aja deh baca buku inikagak lagi2

  4. Lindsay says:

    Great second book in the series Cannot wait to see what the next one has in store

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