The Celebutantes: In the Club

The Celebutantes: In the Club[Reading] ➶ The Celebutantes: In the Club By Antonio Pagliarulo – The school year’s almost over and Madison Park and Lexington Hamilton are ready to trade in their Birkin bags for bikinis But before vacation comes work and the triplets have plenty of it Cleopatra The school year’s almost over and In the MOBI ó Madison Park and Lexington Hamilton are ready to trade in their Birkin bags for bikinis But before vacation comes work and the triplets have plenty of it Cleopatra the newest hottest and most expensive club in Manhattan is opening–and it just happens to also be Hamilton Holdings’ latest business venture The girls must throw the The Celebutantes: eBook ☆ party to end all parties But this is one opening the sisters won’t soon forget Before the night ends the body of a classmate is found with a bloody wound on the side of his head At first glance the case appears to be open and shut But the girls smell trouble They know the murderer is still out there and they’re Celebutantes: In the MOBI ô willing to bet their sizable inheritance that the police won’t be able to unravel the mystery Murder is so out but until this crime is solved it’s arrivederci Italia And the Hamilton sisters simply won’t accept that as an option.

Antonio Pagliarulo has written about crime In the MOBI ó entertainment and spirituality for numerous publications He lives in New York City.

The Celebutantes: In the Club PDF ✓ Celebutantes:
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Celebutantes: In the Club
  • Antonio Pagliarulo
  • English
  • 02 June 2015
  • 9780385734738

10 thoughts on “The Celebutantes: In the Club

  1. Jess Kerschbaumer says:

    This book definitely belonged on the sale table where I bought it from It was very shallow superficial and utterly ridiculous which was probably the point but interesting enough that I was able to finish it which surprised me I wouldn't have bothered buying it if not at a huge discount Might be good light reading for the beach or something otherwise I wouldn't waste your time

  2. Margaryta says:

    I had read this series in a huge scramble because I had started with the third book instead of the first simply because I couldn't find the first one in my public library so after that I read the first and second book this being the last book I read from this seriesTo kinda say I liked the third book best and my opinions on this one and the first one are tied The murder was confusing I found than in the third book where I think the killer had been in a way apparent But this book still managed to have elements that dazzled me and made me love this book so much despite its apparent flwasI think there a bit too many details regarding to the overall club and how there were drug dealings tied to this case I think if maybe that would have been taken out then the story would have flowed a bit easier but I can't say the author knows best Also this was the first detective mystery book where I had actually felt very sad for the person who had died Damien did SO NOT DESERVE TO DIE The way he told all of his jokes always laughed and had funah just heartbreakI wish for Antonio Pagliarulo to continue writing because I think he could easily become a well loved writer the way his stories are so reality based and grabby I had however heard rumours going around that after these three books he is uitting his writing career If he is that will leave me greately upset because like I had said I really loved this series and would have wished to either see it continued or have another similiar one started in its place but who knows

  3. Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToocomThe Hamilton sisters are back They thought their murder mystery days were over That is until one of their classmates dies at one of their parties at their own club It's up to them to solve the murder before another classmate gets the ax But can they solve this dilemma when they have their own problems to worry about Madison just can't believe what has happened and is torn apart After she had promised Mother Margaret that nothing wild would happen at their party one of her classmates gets murdered But its not just any classmate it's the one guy that she was beginning to like Finding out who the murderer is is the most important thing for Madison right now A director sees the perfect actress in Park; her boyfriend does too But Park just can't find it in herself to be this actress that everyone supposedly sees Park just wants to get her act together because her acting debut is one of the biggest movie productions yet and she stars opposite her boyfriend Lex needs to make sure that none of her friends go down the social ladder and that her family name isn't ruined She was able to save it the first time; Lex just needs to stay out of trouble to save their name one time With their perfection and a little sass the Hamilton sisters are on the case With even suspense action and style the second novel in THE CELEBUTANTES series does not disappoint Antonio Pagliarulo makes these crime solving sisters even lovable

  4. life& says:

    I picked this book up on clearance not expecting much It started off slowly and then suddenly it immediately picked up I really liked it In fact I couldn't put it down This is not your typical girly New York socialite book there's a murder and the killer is on the loose The Hamilton sisters are on it in the most fashionable way of course The book kept me guessing I loved the mystery and thought the characters were great

  5. Allyson (Belle) says:

    Not as good as the first one but still really great I felt that there was less perspective changes then in the first one I missed getting to see from like Theo's point of view and some of the other characters Still loved the plot and everything though

  6. Brianna says:

    Meh I really tried to get into this book but even the mystery wasn't enough to keep me going The characters I know are supposed to be really big into fashion and all but they just come across as whiny and shallow I'm glad it was a clearance priced book or I would be really upset

  7. Danielle says:

    Not nearly as good as the first one but still a fun read in the Gossip Girl vein

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Fabulous I couldn't get through it fast enough The Hamilton sisters RULE

  9. Celestasaurus says:

    Normally I'm not too fond of books about richie rich girls but I love mysteries Besides that the girls are spoiled and kind of annoying it is a good murder story

  10. Romie says:

    i loved the first one but this one didn't phase me

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