Prom Kings and Drama ueens

Prom Kings and Drama ueens✭ [PDF] ✪ Prom Kings and Drama ueens By Dorian Cirrone ✺ – That summer Hurricane Emily was in the news The headlines shouted things like Emily Rocks South Florida I wanted to be like that Emily in the headlines I wanted to take the world by stormNot that I wa That summer Hurricane Emily was in the and Drama Epub Û news The headlines shouted things like Emily Rocks South Florida I wanted to be like that Emily in the headlines I wanted to take the world by stormNot that I wanted to knock over mango trees or whip power lines across the sky like spaghetti But I wanted to rock in my own wayEmily Bennet has some impossible projects Prom Kings eBook ✓ on her To Do list like landing her longtime crush Brian Harrington and winning the job of editor in chief of the school newspaper over her arch nemesis Daniel Cummings And on top of that she's determined to do something special Something important Something goodSuddenly Emily's checking things off her list left and right She's kissing Brian on a semiregular basis and she's raising money for a Kings and Drama Epub µ good cause by planning an Alternative Prom but she would secretly rather go to the real one The only item that remains is knocking Daniel Cummings off his pedestal But when did he start to look well cuteEmily's finding it harder and harder to stick to her list And she still needs to conuer the most important item of all Can she find her inner prom ueen and figure out how to rock.


Prom Kings and Drama ueens Kindle ↠ and Drama  Epub
  • Hardcover
  • 200 pages
  • Prom Kings and Drama ueens
  • Dorian Cirrone
  • English
  • 13 April 2014
  • 9780061143724

10 thoughts on “Prom Kings and Drama ueens

  1. Artemis says:

    If you're looking for a deep mind etching novel to read do yourself a favour and not pick thisIt's great if you're looking for light summer reading or just an airy romance novel but it's not good if you're looking for something substantialThis book strikes me as corny and banal I could tell what the ending was going to be even beyond the sixth chapter Why sixth? Daniel Cummings appeared in the fifth and you'd think she'd be unfriendly to her 'arch nemesis'The redeeming feature the only one I have is that it respects journalism and that it actually makes it seem meaningful purposeful rather than a job for entertainment to the public Take for example good journalists tell their readers how to change things otherwise what good are the words? The characters didn't strike me as sixteen going on seventeen Besides the fact that they could drive I'd have assumed that they were eleven or twelve if they hadn't mentioned their ages in the books The language is pretty simple no tricky vocabulary so I think a twelve thirteen year old could have easily handled thus book The relationships were simple plot clichéd — a girl gets the guy of her dreams only to realise that maybe he isn't the right one after all when they disagree on something that's pretty important the thing that keeps the story goingAnd the school Don't even get me started The school actually covers up the crime to keep it's basketball record and school's name clean? Unbelievable I thought schools were supposed to promote healthy learning and educate the people to be good judge of characters and to be morally upright If the principal's ready to overlook something big enough to get you arrested what hopes can you have for the school? And to be swayed to get the 'Golden Sword Award' just being shown an application form and the prospect of a golden sword?Can this principal even make proper decisions?I was fed up with this book Fed up but I didn't give it up so I think that would count for than one star don't you?Just between you and me though I don't recommend it

  2. Maria Paz Avila says:


  3. Kiera says:

    Veni Vidi Vixi That means I came I saw I conuered Emily struggles with this Latin phrase throughout the book along with ways for her to take the world by storm Her main goals were to date the boy next door Brian Harrington and to get the editor in chief position of her school newspaper Goal #1 doesn't get accomplished until Emily agrees to play matchmaker for Brian's grandmother Lily To achieve goal #2 she has to write an article about the upcoming prom with her nemesis Daniel Cummings They eventually decide to throw a prom for the senior citizens they met during community serviceBut Emily has to choose between doing what she wants or what is right She either goes to the real prom with Brian or do the alternate prom with Daniel

  4. McKinlay Dennis says:

    Very light very fluffy It was fine I won't remember it next week but it was fine

  5. Juniper Shore says:

    This book belongs to an odd subgenre the newspaper rivalry The basic story goes like this two people are vying for power within the heady confines of a newspaper office Each seeks to outdo the other by finding or staging the best stories And hijinks ensueRachel Hawkins told this story in Rebel Belle For the older crowd Donald E Westlake did it in Trust Me On This and Arnold Sawislak covered it in Dwarf Rapes Nun; Flees in Ufo a Novel of Journalism Cary Grant did it better than anyone in His Girl Friday I suspect this is a byproduct of the fact that so many novelists have worked as journalists but it starts to get old after a while Prom Kings and Drama ueens grafts the newspaper plot onto a fairly dull story about a girl next door who finally catches the attention of the boy of her dreams Our heroine Emily doesn't really do much and all the high school characters are straight out of stock casting The most interesting people in the novel are Captain Miguel and Lily both of whom are in their seventies and give the book what little depth it possesses The book is too clean to be challenging and not clean enough to be funny More than anything it reminds me of long slow humid Florida afternoons

  6. Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Katie Hayes for TeensReadToocomEmily Bennet has all kinds of goals for her junior year of high school She wants to beat out obnoxious Daniel Cummings for editor in chief of the school newspaper She wants Brian Harrington the gorgeous boy next door literally to notice her She wants revenge on the Mean Girls who ditched her in eighth grade And after reading a newspaper headline about a hurricane that shares her name she wants “Emily Rocks South Florida” to describe her own lifeOf course nothing is that simple and on the way to achieving her goals she ends up in handcuffs while chasing down a headline She facilitates a secret romance between a boat captain and a dancing grandmother She starts to realize that there's to Daniel the rival she's been so intent on beating than she knew And she ends up becoming passionate about a good deed she never intended to do Despite some overly cutesy elements her snobby ex friends are twins named Brandy and Randy this is a light fun read that keeps getting better as it continues Ms Cirrone keeps the book from getting weighted down with high school stereotypes and adds some interest with a subplot about Brian's grandmother and the captain of the junior class cruise In the end Emily figures out how to rock not by beating someone at something or by getting revenge but by doing something good and loving it In a world driven by competition that's a message we could all use

  7. Kerry Cerra says:

    List making Emily Bennett wishes she could rock South Florida the way Hurricane Emily did two years prior The storm is set in motion when ex best friends Brandy and Randy start an I Hate Emily Club the summer after eighth grade As Emily trudges forward over the warm tropical waters of freshman and sopho year the winds pick up as she decides she wants to be than just a feature writer for the school paper She has her eye set on the position of editor in chief Emily jumps from a Category Two directly to a Category Four Hurricane when she is swept away by hottie and boy next door Brian A dream come true for sure until her newspaper story on alternative proms that is sure to land her the editor in chief position for senior year—coincides with the school’s junior prom where she is supposed to be Brian’s date Surely he’ll give up the Hummer limo fancy tuxedo and all that hoopla to go to the alternative prom so long as he can be with her right? Just as the hurricane hits land Emily discovers her inner prom ueen when she realizes that taking the world by storm has to do with doing good than being liked Dorian Cirrone’s writing is fast paced and will make you laugh out loud all the while rooting for Emily to find her crown This is a must read book for all middle school girls

  8. Rachael says:

    Veni vidiOr in English I came I saw I read Prom Kings and Drama ueens And it was fantasticTo tell the truth I had my doubts about this book when I first saw it just because of the title I thought it was going to be another one of those girly and overdramatic stories But I was pleasantly surprisedThis is the story of Emily Bennet a junior in high school who aspires to be the editor in chief of her school newspaper and the girlfriend of the Boy Next Door and to do something great The chapter titles as newspaper headlines about Hurricane Emily are cute and help compare Emily’s life with a natural storm meaning sometimes she knows where she’s going and sometimes things are just unpredictableI think the ending was a bit too cutesy and perfect for my taste but it does wrap the story up well as the novel leaves Emily with a sense of self accomplishment I would recommend this book for younger teens and middle schoolers I found this book an easy and short read so I don't think older teens would get to much into itreposted from

  9. Becky says:

    Junior year was supposed to be all about Brian Harrington the prom and becoming editor in chief of the Crestview Courier Instead it was all about handcuffs hormones and headlines But in a good way Not in a skanky wayEmily our heroine is genuinely likable She's a typical heroine in a way a girl who wants the guy she can never have because he's out of her league socially A girl who is smart A girl who has goals and a purpose A list maker A planner and thinker The book itself is a bit predictable But predictable doesn't mean its bad Especially in this case Predictable can be satisfying Predictable would settling in with a nice heap of mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese I think this one has appeal especially for younger teens And I think it can be a very satisfying and enjoyable read What I enjoyed most about this one were the characters© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews

  10. Jennifer says:

    This book took me 6 months to read That should really be the end of the review but I won't leave it there I took this book from our YA section in order to have something to peruse at lunch This is a normal thing for me to do However I was so uninspired by this novel that I read 45 pages put it down and didn't come back to it until I was DESPERATE for something else to do And I needed to make space on my shelves Oh and I forgot about it Man The ending wasn't as bad as the beginning thank goodness Of course the main character finds love and happiness and of course it's not with the person she adores at the beginning of the novel Isn't that how YA lit goes? Nothing too original or shocking but sorta sweet esue I suppose this is a good beach read I mean it's set in Florida That's beachy

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