Rapcore: The Nu-Metal Rap Fusion

Rapcore: The Nu-Metal Rap Fusion[Reading] ➷ Rapcore: The Nu-Metal Rap Fusion By Dick Porter – Bluevapours.co.uk Rapcore explores the evolution of the 21st century’s preeminent genre of heavy rock Nu Metal Author Dick Porter defines the origins of the fusion of hip hop punk reggae and rock that drives this pop Rapcore explores the evolution of Nu-Metal Rap PDF/EPUB ã the st century’s preeminent genre of heavy rock Nu Metal Author Dick Porter defines the origins of the fusion of hip hop punk reggae and rock that drives this popular sound He discusses early innovators such as George Clinton and Run DMC contemporary masters Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit and peripheral but influential figures such as Ice T Eminem and Rob Zombie The contributions of Slipknot Linkin Park Papa Roach and others are also covered.


Rapcore: The Nu-Metal Rap Fusion MOBI Ý Rapcore: The
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Rapcore: The Nu-Metal Rap Fusion
  • Dick Porter
  • English
  • 20 October 2016
  • 9780859653213

10 thoughts on “Rapcore: The Nu-Metal Rap Fusion

  1. Timmy says:

    The book that I'd review is calledRapcore The Nu Metal Rap Fusion” by Dick Porter The book contains the genre of informational book The point of the book is to show the overall history of to large diverse music coming to one that would soon come to a new type of music Overall the book contains of the history of the two genres of rap and heavy metal fusing these two genres which gives a different sound and category into the music genre The book starts with an introduction of the earliest of bands of rock and rap how they’d use some elements from each other going down to the eighties The trigger of this “new genre” was triggered by Anthrax and Public Enemies song “Bring The Noise” The song became a hit and people loved it then Another band was formed by a legend in the west coast rap industry “Ice T”he and a fellow friends started a band called Body Count which fuses hardcore rap with guitar riffs and heavy drums with the vocals of rap Along with rise of the fusion genre “Nu Metal” other genres came along like “Industrial Metal” and a similar genre “Rapcore” rapcore has elements of rap with slow beats and riffs and rapping vocals The nineties was the birth of “Nu Metal” their creator was KoRn which had heavy dark funky hip hop beats and riffs into their songs with lounging vocals The band started the genre among bands like Linkin Park Slipknot LimpBizkit Papa Roach etc The popularity of the music rise highly in the nineties and reached mainstream in the early two thousands but other new genres rose and took Nu Metal’s place in the mainstream later onNew genres like New School Hip HopMetal Core Emo music New Pop etc What Nu Metal had was a really diverse genre and would still be heard I though the book was interesting on how the author had give a lot of information on how the genre was formed and it’s elements in the past that would created this genre known as “Nu Metal” Nu Metal bands sings songs relating to today’s issues in some songs like for example “Politics” by KoRn which talks about the politicans and the government how welled turned out that there are some parts of corruption in the government Overall the book took into my liking how the author was so specific in his book explaining how each elements were brought into the genre and would soon create it This book I would recommend to fans who are fans of the genre and fans of bands that plays with that genre I would mostly recommend it for teens that are interested in bands that would relate to genre and would like to learn from it

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