Defiant❴Read❵ ➭ Defiant Author Millie Criswell – Popular PDF Epub Defiant author Millie Criswell There are many interesting things in this book 368 pages isbn 9780446604987 format Mass Market Paperback and others and has a text language like English Popular PDF Epub, Defiant author Millie Criswell There are many interesting things in this book pages isbn format Mass Market Paperback and others and has a text language like English.

National bestselling author Millie Criswell didn't start out to be a writer Instead she had aspirations of joining the Rockettes as a toe tapping member of their dancetroop or tapping her heart away in one of those big corny MGM musicals Of course she was only ten at the time had absolutely no talent as a dancer and cannot be blamed for her failure to succeedTo date Ms Criswell has writt.

Defiant Epub ✓ Mass Market Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Defiant
  • Millie Criswell
  • English
  • 02 May 2015
  • 9780446604987

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  1. Shirlene says:

    Hannah Louise Barkley had been raised in Misery and had been gone for 5 years She left after an argument with her fiancee Travis Bodine She was daughter to Judge Thaddeus Barkley and Fiona Her parents separated after her mother had supported a woman who had killed her abusive husband Thaddeus had sentenced her to hang even after there was evidence of the woman being abused Fiona moved to New York and it was to her that Hannah went to She had argued with Travis after he returned from spending 5 years earning a law degree at Harvard Hannah had been bored while he was gone and had earned a law degree of her own Travis was furious and refused the idea of working with her He felt a woman's place was at home raising children Hannah came back home when her father had written her about his health problems She found out that Travis' brother Rafe was in jail waiting to be tried for murder of the man who had killed his first wife who was pregnant with his child Hannah had experience with criminal law while Travis had none She offered her help and Travis refused at first saying that the idea was a stupid ridiculous idea It was a couple hours later that he apologized and accepted her help This caused a lot of gossip in town Her choice of a career over a family was not well accepted by the townspeople Travis and Hannah had grown up together and had been best friends all their lives Travis older brothers Ethan and Rafe had become Texas Rangers They knew that Travis wasn't cut out to be a rancher and put their money together and sent Travis to Harvard Law School It took him 5 years to earn his degree He was leery about being Rafe's lawyer but his family was determined that he should defend Rafe Will McGrath also grew up with Hannah and Travis He had always shown his jealousy of the Bodine's He was also angry that Hannah chose Travis over him He had a law degree but discovered that the law could be bought and manipulated He used the law to suit his purpose Hannah was invited to attend Travis' stepmother's 47th birthday party where she announced that she was pregnant Travis' father was 62 and furious and embarrassed that Lavinia had gotten pregnant He didn't want to become a father at his age She had always wanted her own child and was thrilled Hannah had written to her mother and mentioned Thaddeus poor health and that she was going to be staying in Misery to work with Travis defending Rafe Fiona decided it was time to come home and returned to Misery Travis and Hannah still loved each other Travis told himself it was just lust and refused to admit to love Hannah knew that she was still in love with Travis It was the same with Fiona and Thaddeus She knew she was still in love with Thaddeus but he refused to admit how much he had missed her and that he still loved herThey worked closely throughout the trial and Travis realized that he was in love with Hannah and didn't want her to leave after the trial was over Hannah became and important to him as time went on Will began hanging out with Olive after an auction was held to raise money for charity Hannah felt sorry for Olive because she noticed how Will still looked at her Will had determined to have Hannah even though he knew that she was now sleeping with Travis Lavinia was working hard at home regardless of her pregnancy She passed out while hanging clothes one day and it scared Ben From that time on Ben accepted the pregnancy that she wanted so much He and his grandchildren started doing of the housework to allow her time to rest Fiona and Thaddeus were back together again and Thaddeus was back in good health Hannah's parents decided to renew their wedding vows after being separated for almost ten years Hannah convinced Travis to put both Rafe and his wife on the witness stand in his defense Travis did this and the trial was soon over Ben was the last to testify on his son's behalf The jury didn't take too long to decide that Rafe was innocent of murder As soon as the verdict was read Will grabbed Hannah and held a gun to her head telling Travis that she was now his Ethan snuck up behind Will and knocked the gun from his hands Will was arrested and disbarred This all took place on Travis' birthday and Hannah had decided to confront Travis and ask him his intentions toward her She told him she loved him and asked him to marry her He accepted while his entire family was hiding to surprise him with a birthday party They had a lot to celebrate with Travis' birthday and Rafe being freed At Christmas that year Willy and Ethan Rafe and Emmy both had new sons Hannah told Travis that she was now pregnant too Lavinia was due just after the first of the year

  2. Amy Gideon says:

    The first two books in this trilogy are not very good but the ending is well done

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