Broken Open

Broken Open[EPUB] ✺ Broken Open By Craig Hamilton – In a tale of personal triumph ABC broadcaster Craig Hamilton tells what it is like to go mad in public and survive to tell the tale With inspiring candour Hamilton explores how his breakdown impacted In a tale of personal triumph ABC broadcaster Craig Hamilton tells what it is like to go mad in public and survive to tell the tale With inspiring candour Hamilton explores how his breakdown impacted on him his family work colleagues and friends In doing so he lifts the covers on the taboo subject of mental health.

Craig started his career as a broadcaster with ABC Radio in Since then he has covered Rugby League Rugby Union and cricket at international level as a commentatorCraig is probably best known as a member of the Grandstand Rugby League commentary and has worked on the past Grand Finals State of Origin series and a number of Test MatchesCraig was born and raised in the Hunter Valley tow.

Broken Open Kindle ✓
  • Broken Open
  • Craig Hamilton
  • 02 July 2016
  • 9781863255158

10 thoughts on “Broken Open

  1. Sue Gerhardt Griffiths says:

    Although I don’t follow football or any other sports I am familiar with the name Craig Hamilton ABC broadcaster commentator for Rugby League Rugby Union and Cricket also now one of Australia’s leading MotivationalMental Health SpeakersJust prior to the Sydney Olympic Games where he had been chosen to work as a broadcaster he suffered a psychotic episode at Broadmeadow Railway Station in Newcastle he was transported to the James Fletcher Hospital maximum security lock down ward where days later he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Sadly he never made it to the Olympics In this book Craig Hamilton gives an amazingly detailed description of living with bipolar disorderA touching read and fantastic story for anyone who wants to understand mental health disorders such as depression and Bipolar Also thoroughly enjoyed reading about his sporting and personal life Book #5172 of my 2019 coffee table to read challenge cont 2020

  2. Andrew Roberts says:

    An honest detailed and helpful story of the mental health challenges of a public figure I uite liked the perspectives of those close to him that were provided in the final chapters and there are practical tips for good mental health that are provided

  3. M.A. Thomas says:

    Powerful and raw this is a book all young men need to read Find strength and courage in connecting with people and understand that it helps to talk

  4. Maggie says:

    Two and a half starsCraig Hamilton had been a sportsman all his life leading to a career as an ABC sports commentator On the eve of attending the Sydney Olympics he experienced a major psychotic episode which resulted in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder The book covers the support he received from close friends most of whom he met via sport and ends with a few chapters written by a couple of those close friends Craig also mentions in passing the help he receives from massage therapy yoga relaxation therapy and removing caffeine from his dietA simple read I found it disappointing as there is too much concentration on his sporting life and not enough on his mental health experiences There are a couple of comments which I remember from the book though One which appealed to me is his realisation that putting Humpty Dumpty back together again is not just a matter of gluing the eggshell first you have to unscramble the eggAnd the second is the observation that diagnosing bipolar can be difficult for medical practitioners It is often seen as severe depression only Patients do not see their doctors when they are manic usually only during times of terrible depression Without seeing the manic side as well a misdiagnosis is freuently the case

  5. Ninja says:

    Is really good Gives a good insight into bipolar disorder and encourages people to seek help for their mental health issues and not to leave things in the dark Also to not be afraid to speak out about them to not keep the issues from friends and family I reccommend everyone to read it very inspirational It has something for everyone

  6. Bec says:

    Very relatable and inspirational not just for people with bipolar Craig shows that you can still be an effective and successful person even with a mental illness And illness is what it is it's not a personality flaw My dad bought me this book when Craig toured rural areas of LD recently It's signed 'best wishes' Best wishes to you too Craig

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