Open is broken

Open is broken[Ebook] ➠ Open is broken Author Betsy Warland – Best Ebook Open is broken by Betsy Warland This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780919285262 format Paperback and others 50 pages Best Ebook, Open is broken by Betsy Warland This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn : format: Paperback and others pages.


Open is broken MOBI ✓ Open is  ePUB ✓
  • Paperback
  • 50 pages
  • Open is broken
  • Betsy Warland
  • 02 December 2014
  • 9780919285262

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  1. mwpm mwpm says:

    untying the tonguewhat prompted me to write open is broken was the realization that the English language tongue ties me this restricted mobility was most apparent in my attempts to speak of my erotic life such speechlessness is not peculiar to me few erotic texts exist in north american women's writing is it taboo TABOO ta mark bu exceedingly are women afraid to mark the paper or as Hélène Cixous writes inscribe ourselves it is difficult women already feel are far too vulnerable in this society To write I am a woman is heavy with conseuencesNicole Brossard These Our MothersPatriarchal development of consciousness has an indisputable inner need to 'murder the mother' that is as far as possible to negate exclude devalue and repress the 'maternal feminine' world which represents the unconsciousErich Neumann Narcissism Normal Self Formation and the Primary Relation to the Motherimmediately surfaces the second intimidation fear of narcissism though few mirrors stand in which we can see our eroticism reflected we are terrorized by the thought of this accusation safer to have no marks no marks pornography is ignorance and romance we have been persuaded to believe eroticism is romance ROMANCE made in Rome so much for romance the world itself connotes fabricating an image outside ourselves compared to discovery of the erotic wellspring within The map is not the territory Alfred Korzybski for K Awhen did it happenwas there a moment of mutationwhere did we originateare we a displaced civilizationforeigners we are foreignerswe have not named this planetthis is a second language we speakforever fugitivewe carry small packs on our backsalert keepinghands freea daily manoeuver rehearsed instinctivelyour countryour bodiesedgeboundaries of viciousnesseach country's convictionto colonize us certain birds for CNyour legs lie sister mountain rangestheir true names known only to one anotheri migrates to this valley instinctivelyon a string of strangers' memoriesuntraceable as my irregular thumbnailswhich no one can explain to menow when i hold you in my mouthi sing musicknown onlywithin the chambers of our bodiessound before the warp of wordscertain birds are not taught their songknow itwithout having heard it sund is waterwe meet in water stay underas long as we can so sound vision waneinto darkreflection's origin want metwe meet in fluidrushes from sources unknown over our bodies hot and claimingwe provoke its pouring reuire territorial marking a wildernessremember the way wetin want encountered these holywaters current us downwhere sources are untraceable what isis waterwants fish tongueat the mouth of your riverfish tongue swims searches depthsfollows currents chases moans glimmeringin underwater shafts of light nibblescontours thickens with youdizzy from tastingeverything swelling reachestoward come your silky waters silkywaters fondling fish tongues pilot lightif it were to tell youthat i had entered that placethat possibility i had always imaginedkept a pilot light burningin my deepest chamberwould you believe mewould you even listeni am finding fulfillment a lonely landscapefew dare travelfindingwhen i had expected to speak most elouentlyi am uietfind i fathom the moon'sexuisite silence in the palm of your handi broke in the palm of your hand palm planet drawing mymenses to a new meteryou did not notice the blood desire shineing on hands guiding wheelsteering you home through sidereal timestartled in bathroom lightviolenceinjury clicked in mnidthis was not murder but midwifery

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