The Run to Chaos Keep (Quintara Marathon, #2)

The Run to Chaos Keep (Quintara Marathon, #2)[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Run to Chaos Keep (Quintara Marathon, #2) By Jack L. Chalker – Many different beings in the galaxy shared one legend demons When an expedition to an unexplored planet discovered two gigantic horned creatures in suspended animation they realized just before dying Many different beings in to Chaos eBook ↠ the galaxy shared one legend demons When an expedition to an unexplored planet discovered two gigantic horned creatures in suspended animation they realized just before dying horribly the truth The Run PDF/EPUB ² behind the legend Rescuers answering a bizarre distress call found what seemed to be an entrance into another dimension and had no choice but to pursue the demons into an insanely twisted space And Run to Chaos MOBI í the desperate pursuers would find that the legends of demons being a danger to one's soul was as much a reality as the demons themselves.

Midnight at the Well to Chaos eBook ↠ of Souls Well World .

The Run to Chaos Keep PDF ¶ to Chaos  eBook ↠
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Run to Chaos Keep (Quintara Marathon, #2)
  • Jack L. Chalker
  • English
  • 22 September 2014
  • 9780671577995

10 thoughts on “The Run to Chaos Keep (Quintara Marathon, #2)

  1. David H. says:

    Unlike the last book we're now in the realm of PLOT STORY ACTION sort of We finally get some movement but the end is cloudy I also like the Dante esue descent into Hell we've been getting as well as the weird geometryphysics of the place The different perspectives of the three teams at each obstacles also provided some amusing contrastThis is my first reread after I read this originally at least 12 years ago so I didn't remember anything about this book but I do remember what happens to one of these characters in the concluding volume as well as one weird freaking thing that's going to happen This book wasn't that weird comparatively speaking

  2. keikii Eats Books says:

    76 points100 4 stars5

  3. Grant says:

    Still a good re read I've probably read this series eight or ten times Always glad I bought this set as Jack Chalker has written some wonderful series'

  4. Java Joe says:

    This is the second book in the series so don't read it until you've read the first one In the last novel the three groups from the three empires have arrived on Rainbow Bridge and have discovered the horrible fate of the people that went to investigate what appear to be two large horned demons trapped in amber We learn about the characters the demons known as the uintara and what their plans are for each empire There's a lot in the way of plot action and drama that takes place in this novel and motives are discovered as the three groups lose members and come together as one for survival Characters are broken and need to come to terms with issues from their pasts as well as how they see themselves going forward in the future This continues the rather well thought out story from the first and introduces these horned demons as being than they appear and at the same time less than we expected There's a dose of Christian imagery in the whole thing but not enough to really make a huge difference Like the first one I found this to be a bit of a page turner and have come back to the entire series several times over the years Can't really say much without spoiling a lot

  5. Gareth says:

    Continues the story from Demons at Rainbow bridge well here as we get into 'weird' realms and a bit of a metaphysical view here We continue to see some good character growth here and certainly get to see of the demons than in the first book I felt a bit let down that the first part of the book repeated a bit of the first book and felt like a bit of a retcon in one part though I may have misunderstood parts from the first book The ending of the book was a bit of a cliffhanger meaning I will need to read the next book ASAP

  6. Lijadora del Prado says:

    guilt pleasure SF just like part 1 Still good but less of a page turner There's a lot of characters telling them apart let alone empathizing with them was hard sometimes

  7. Joe Jackson says:

    Pretty solid bridge book of a trilogy Lots of new character developments some battles explanation of what the demons are Looking forward to #3

  8. John Sorensen says:

    I was amazed at the complexity richness and depth and fun of the series This was the second book The trilogy is incredibly ambitious 3 different inter galactic cultures with 3 different core organizational paradigms for each culture create teams one team per culture of 5 7 people each This book covers how the teams are formed The sheer number of characters different paradigms and personalities was just amazing The plot is further enriched by different members of each team being able to communicate telepathically Absolutely loved the series this book and the creativity Chalker displayed

  9. Kate says:

    Well I'm half way through the third book as I write this and the heat makes my brain mushy so I'm not sure I have a lot to say It was really engaging and somewhat surprising in ways i really liked the was Chalker brings in religion and Dante It definitely makes me want to read Dante What can I say I'm so deep into the third one I don't think I can talk about the second one as a separate book Except of course to say it's awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it Couldn't wait to pick up the third book

  10. Rob Trevino says:

    Even as a kid I knew these seuels were a serious step back The first book is three star spanning empires discovering what appear to be actual demons Since most races have some kind of demon mythology there's an intriguing premise This book has three exploring teams from the three empires going basically through several circles of Hell as they go deeper into a multidimensional journey Beings die people talk a lot traumas that Chalker can't uite write get discussed and experienced again and again and the action feels very softOh but book 3 awaits

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