Pork Pie Hat (The Isis Crime Lost Casebooks)

Pork Pie Hat (The Isis Crime Lost Casebooks)❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Pork Pie Hat (The Isis Crime Lost Casebooks) Author Peter Straub – Bluevapours.co.uk When a graduate student with a passion for jazz arrived in New York to discover that a legendary saxophonist he had assumed long dead is not only still alive but playing in an East Village club he spe When a graduate student with a passion for jazz arrived in New York to discover that a legendary saxophonist he had assumed long dead is not only still alive but playing in an East Village club he spends night after night in awe struck attendanceAnd when the legend grants him an interview on Halloween Pork Pie Epub / he jumps at the opportunity What unfolds is an endless night filled with an extraordinary story told by a dying master a story centered upon the Halloween night of his eleventh year a white woman screaming in a shanty town a killer and an unidentified man fleeing with a strange bundle in his arms.

Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin on March the first of three sons of a salesman and a nurse The salesman wanted him to become an athlete the nurse thought he would do well as either a doctor or a Lutheran minister but all he wanted to do was to learn Pork Pie Epub / to readWhen kindergarten turned out to be a stupefyingly banal disappointment devoted to cutting animal shapes out of heavy.

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  • Pork Pie Hat (The Isis Crime Lost Casebooks)
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  • 09 December 2015
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10 thoughts on “Pork Pie Hat (The Isis Crime Lost Casebooks)

  1. Baba says:

    This novella which I read in a single immersive setting proved to be disarmingly compelling A jazz loving student comes across one of his idols Pork Pie Hat performing at a local bar The student takes the opportunity to interview the living legend and then goes along to share the creepy unsettling Halloween story that Pork Pie Hat told him A story set in the deep South a story of 2 boys looking for some real scares and finding a lot The novella works well because even as you read the chiller tale you know the original narrator is a very unreliable source and have to take everything with a pinch of salt Nice read 8 out of 12

  2. Ashley Daviau says:

    I wasn't uite sure what to expect going into this one since it's such a short book but I ended up devouring it and I really couldn't have enjoyed it And I don't think I could find one single negative thing to say about it It was short so I was worried I'd be left wanting but it really was the perfect length for the story that needed to be told And the story had me drawn in from the very first page it's extremely captivating and incredibly well written It was dark and actually gave me shivers and just thoroughly creeped me out I almost wish I had read it towards Halloween because it's really THE perfect Halloween story especially since it's set at that time of year This was my first read by Straub other than Black House one of his collaborations with King And I'm kind of kicking myself for not reading of his work sooner his writing is absolutely phenomenal and I'll definitely be rectifying the situation and picking up of his work

  3. Abbie | ab_reads says:

    35 stars an interesting little book that toys with the boundaries between perceived childish horror and real adult fears prejudices

  4. Marianna Neal says:

    25 out of 5 starsA pretty average enjoyable Halloween novellaJust OK for me—it's not bad but nothing about it really stood out or blew my mind

  5. Donald says:

    I had read this uite some time ago though I couldn't tell you how It might have been in Cemetery Dance Magazine—hell it might have been an audio title But I remember itStraub tells a story of a man who plays tenor sax like it's playing him and drinks gin as casually as breathing airThe voice for the story is a man who discovers Hat this musician and in looking into him discovers there isn't much out there about the man So he sets out to interview HatDuring the interview he realizes that Hat functions on a higher level He cleans up the interview of all the Hat isms vernacular and other colorful language and it plays well in the leading publications with excerpts cited regularlyBut part of the interview never gets any play It is Hat's own childhood Halloween story One that has haunted him into adulthoodThat part of the interview is a story of childhood friendships local history perceptions and reality and how a man deals with the truth of a thingIn the final pages the story that has been told by the narrator is stood on end Another layer is revealed which changes the things you thought you knew This is Psych 101 with Hat as a case study

  6. Lars (theatretenor) Skaar says:

    I enjoyed it don't get me wrong It was just a LOT of exposition Being broken up by actual conversation would have made it flow easier for me The ending was fine I drew some conclusions I think the author wanted me to Just was kind so so for me overall

  7. Melissa Chung says:

    I got this book in my Nocturnal Readers Box This book is very short at 148 pages I’m on the fence on how to rate it This book wasn’t offensive so it can’t get a 2 but it was a pretty slow mostly boring and not at all scary read The writing wasn’t spectacular but the story was slightly intriguing I kept trying to figure out what Hat saw on Halloween I’m giving this book 3 stars and a unhaul for keeping me interested enough to keep readingThis book is written in first person and we never really meet our narrator He is a young man in college when the story begins He is obsessed with Jazz music and is highly fascinated by a Jazz musician by the name of Hat He is usually seen with a Pork Pie Hat always dressed nice and carrying his saxophone When our narrator was working on his Masters he learned that the Hat was still alive and was playing in town He never missed a single set Toward the end of Hats run in town our narrator convinces Hat to allow him an interview Hat agrees Our narrator comes well prepared with pads of paper and pens and many rolls of extra film for his recorder Hats story of his last Halloween at age 11 beginsThat is the entire book Did Hat tell the truth about his childhood? Why did he choose to tell that story? Why did it take so long for our narrator to fact check what he heard? Why did he not continue with school and become a jazz writer? There are things I want to know It was just okay Do I recommend reading it? Not really You won’t be missing out on anything

  8. Ian says:

    35 stars rounded to 4This book was a surprised I received it in the June 2017 box of The Nocturnal Reader which was Stephen King themed Having no prior experience with Peter Straub's books I thought I would perhaps enjoyed King's better since I was familiar with his work and style Turns out Pork Pie Hat was in my humble opinion the better of the twoI started this book with the impression that it was going to be a ghost story This story is indeed about ghosts but of a different much scarier kind It's about the ghosts from the past but also about systemic antiblackness and colorism which are still very much alive today And so the book gave me shivers because the horrors it ponders there's no doubt they actually happened to people differently namedI hesitate to comment on the themes of the story They are important and I can't say I didn't like the story but Peter Straub and I are both white or so I assume I understand that I must not be too eager to pat people on the back for writing stories of marginalized folks' sufferings I'm sure this novella won't come accross as new or shocking to any Black reader out there and perhaps it'll just feel a bit too bitter in the end In fact I'll say that while I was engrossed with the story and the character of Hat perhaps presenting Hat's past as sort of a mystery to solve was not the best route Once I got to the mystery part I predicted what was happening On top of that our narrator doesn't seem to necessarily have learned anything While antiblackness is presented as the horror element it might feels a bit removed a bit too safe for white readers because it is presented as something that happened in the past and no link seems to be made with the present There's also something involving the main character's family that didn't completely sit right with me Basically white folks can afford to gasp in horror reading Pork Pie Hat while distancing themselvesOtherwise the writing is pretty good It was easy to capture each scene in my mind I also liked the integration of Jazz as something coming from Black people as a great but often devalued outlet and how people like Hat often fade from memory I liked how things like surpersticiousness and ghost stories are depicted as a way to cope with greater horrors

  9. Helen says:

    An eerily simply written novel about a jazz musician's mysterious past that is gripping and fascinating The simple almost journalistic style somehow heightened the chilling nature of the story but also served to rivet one's attention it's a real hair raising page turner as simply put the reader wants to find out what happens next what new insights will be revealed I especially enjoyed the portrayal of and references to life in NY in around the 50s or 60s I could see what he was writing about instantly I recommend this book to anyone looking for an excellent scary story it's very well written and probably could be read in a day by most readers You will still be turning over aspects of the plot afterwards going back to review clues dropped in passing and so forth It is that interesting Here are a few uotesFrom Sheridan Suare radiated out an unimaginable wealth of cafes bars restaurants record shops bookstores and jazz clubs after my seminar the next day I went down to Sam Goody's and bought five of Hat's records all I could afford Now that I am the age he was then I see that most of what is called information is interpretation and interpretation is always partial Hat left school in the fourth grade and his language though precise was casual To add to these difficulties Hat employed a private language of his own a code to ensure that he could be understood only by the people he wished to understand him these days I'm as interested in classical music as in jazz

  10. Dave Boorn says:

    Received this is my Nocturnal Readers Box this month and my isn't it a pretty hardback? It's got nice black and white drawings on some pages and it's got musical borders round the edge of each page Thumbs up on the presentation Cemetary Dance This was a pleasant surprise I didn't expect it to be as good as it was It's not got huge amounts to do with Jazz Which in my eyes is a good thing I absolutely love music it's probably the other thing I do when I'm not reading or exacerbating my drinking problem but I dislike stories focused around music Dunno why just doesn't appeal to me I put off reading Stephen King's Revival for ages because I thought it was about music and absolutely loved it when it turned out to be about 10 15% of the story I've shaved a star off and maybe would shave another half star off because it's got a bit of an ambiguous ending and a few unanswered uestions by design that again I don't really go for There are many short books I wish were longer This is not one of them That's not a dig it's genuinely the perfect length for the story it tells You could do a lot worse than to waste a couple of hours with this If it's at all indicative of the rest of Straub's work I'll be sure to pick some up sharpish Free point fife stahz

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