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I'll Tell You a Tale: Anthology[Epub] ➚ I'll Tell You a Tale: Anthology By J. Frank Dobie – Bluevapours.co.uk 'll Tell You a Tale is a garland of some of Frank Dobie's best writing put together by Isabel Gaddis one of his former students at the University of Texas The tales included are those the author himse 'll Tell You a Tale is a garland You a eBook ´ of some of Frank Dobie's I'll Tell PDF/EPUB or best writing put together by Isabel Gaddis one of his former students at the Tell You a eBook ´ University of Texas The tales included are those the author himself liked best and he even rewrote some of them especially for this anthology Ben Carlton Mead has contributed original line drawings to illustrate the stories These tales spring from the soil and folklore of our land; but than this they make the readers contemporary with the times filling us with the wonder of something past and yet still with us They are arranged topically into sections whose titles speak for them The Longhorn Breed Mustangs and Mustangers The Saga of the Saddle Characters and Happenings of Long Ago Animals of the Wild In Realms of Gold and Ironies.

Called the Storyteller of the Southwest James Frank You a eBook ´ Dobie was born in I'll Tell PDF/EPUB or on his family's cattle ranch in Live Oak County During his long life J Tell You a eBook ´ Frank Dobie would live astride two worlds a rugged life on a Texas cattle ranch and the state's modern centers of scholarly learningDobie came to Austin in to teach at the University of Texas In time he pioneered an influential course on th.

I'll Tell You a Tale: Anthology PDF/EPUB Ã Tell You a
  • Paperback
  • 378 pages
  • I'll Tell You a Tale: Anthology
  • J. Frank Dobie
  • English
  • 02 March 2016
  • 9780292738218

10 thoughts on “I'll Tell You a Tale: Anthology

  1. carl theaker says:

    A thoroughly entertaining collection of Tales of TexasFrank Dobie became one of the fathers of modern Texas literatureby collecting stories from those who did the ranching roundupsand generally made a living in Texas in the late 1800s though someof the tales go back even further all of them are under the categoryof folklore Some of the tales are realistic how things were donestories others are Tall tales some a lot Taller than others Most of the stories are short about 5 pages and full of incidentalinformation on the ways of driving the cattle running a mustangor just making do in the 'good old days' that none of us would want togo through well except maybe for a weekend The anthology is divided into topics each having about8 stories in them A few arelonghorn breedmustangs mustangerssaga of the saddlecharacters and happenings of long agoanimals of the wild Frank Dobie is one of those famous enough at least in Central Texasto have buildings and scholarships named after him but no one reallyknows who he is or has read one of his books I'm glad I caught upon this sampling of American literature on the Old West

  2. Bonnie Staughton says:

    I'll Tell You a Tale An Anthology is a series of short concise stories of the SouthWest part of the US There are stories about cattle rustling mustangs outlaws Longhorns gold mining etc J Frank Dobie is a really good story teller and all of the stories are colorful and keep your interest There is a glossary at the end of Spanish Mexican words which are used freely throughout the stories Of the several books written by Mr Dobie this book is apparently made up of the stories that were his personal favorites

  3. Tom says:

    One of the pleasures of exploring a new town is visiting the local independent bookstore provided of course they're fortunate enough to have one still I was in Fredericksburg Texas in early June and spotted a sign advertising Texana Texas Maps and Used Books in the window of Berkman Books on Main Street I made a beeline In the global age of BN and Borders when every bookstore stocks the same inventory it seems rarer and rarer to find a shop that might tell you something about the localeIn the Texana section I zeroed in on the shelf of books by J Frank Dobie The titles were simple and descriptive Cow People The Longhorns The Mustangs Coronado's Children I'd never heard of Dobie a Texas native who wrote his first book in 1929 and died in ’64 He collected stories he heard over the years some of them folktakes some reminiscences by old timers some plain old tall tales This volume is an anthology of his work More details to come when I get further into it

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