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Delivered from Evil❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Delivered from Evil Author Robert Leckie – A first class popular history of the war lively entertaining and continuously informative Publishers Weekly His ability to recreate the emotions of war makes this monumental work a living history Book A first class popular history of the war lively entertaining and continuously Delivered from PDF or informative Publishers Weekly His ability to recreate the emotions of war makes this monumental work a living history Booklist His ability to recreate the emotions of war makes this monumental work a living history Booklist This one volume library manages to include everything a reader could possibly want to know about the events of World War II and the people who shaped them Bill MauldinA.

Leckie was born on December in Philadelphia Pennsylvania He grew Delivered from PDF or up in Rutherford New Jersey He began his career as a writer in high school as a sports writer for ''The Bergen Evening Record'' in Hackensack New JerseyOn January Leckie enlisted in the United States Marine CorpsHe served in combat in the Pacific theater as a scout and a machine gunner in H Company nd B.

Delivered from Evil PDF/EPUB ✓ Delivered from  PDF
  • Hardcover
  • 998 pages
  • Delivered from Evil
  • Robert Leckie
  • English
  • 01 March 2014
  • 9780060158125

10 thoughts on “Delivered from Evil

  1. Mike (the Paladin) says:

    Another of my favorite books and writers Of the many one volume histories of WWII this is one of the best A concise account of the events of the war along with interesting mini bios of some of the major participantsMr Leckie was a Marine in WW2 serving in the Pacific Theater Here he lays out the history of said war in a series of chapters from before the war until it's end As historical figures are introduced in the narrative the author gives a short biographical chapter on that personThis is an extremely interesting way to relate a history and at least in my case holds the interest wellI can recommend this one

  2. Ralph says:

    A very good far ranging survey of WW 2 Limited by author's US based perspective and occasional painful if amusing writing to wit Hideki Tojo was born on Dec 30 1884 the son of an army officer and the daughter of a Buddhist priest If one is to take the time to read it on the up side the books limitations make one want to investigate further On the down side since that task is daunting one is left taking some content with a grain of salt eg information in the biographical chapter on Stalin is presented as authoritative when there is still much debate about many of the facts should I do I have the time or enough interest to read a New Historian biography of Stalin as counterpoint?

  3. Craig says:

    Perhaps this isn't one of the best one volume histories of World War II but if you have several months to spare and want a chronological look at the main theaters of the war written by someone who was there Leckie's book is an okay place to start He was a strong story teller who may not please the true historians with his lack of scholarly research but this book remains readable and gave me some information and many stories I certainly wasn't aware of

  4. Jared Ball says:

    One of my favorite single volume accounts of WWII Leckie is an entertaining author that adds flavor to every account on both sides of the war I will say that it he does have a skewered view when it comes to the pacific theater himself being a marine for most of it And I would definitely look to other focused books on single operations to get the fine detail of operations and the smaller battles within When anyone asks me what would be the first book to read about WWII I would point them to this first

  5. Matthew Cerrato says:

    If there was ever a time to tackle one of the most comprehensive books written about world war II now would be the time As thoughtful as it is insightful this narrative brings the reader every single piece of the puzzle

  6. Brian Allen says:

    Well written Robert Leckie writes a sobering and extensive history on World War II A good book for military historians and history lovers in general

  7. Tychos Elk says:

    Probably the best 1 volume history of WW II I keep it for reference

  8. Edward Benyas says:

    Great history of WWII especially as an introduction for a young reader

  9. Murray says:

    I bought this book about 10 years ago and was intimidated by its size 946 pages and tiny print didn't measure it but smallest ever So it sat But after watching the Winds of War and War and Remembrance mini series on DVD I was both curious and eager to tackle Delivered From EvilWhat I appreciated most was how Leckie chronologically lays out the events that lead up to the war and concludes spoiler alert with the Allies victory I've read many WWII books and have had a layman's understanding of the chronology of events but this book really made the seuence clear to meAlthough dry and bogged down at times Delivered does an excellent job at times building suspense I especially liked his sidebar mini biographies of the major players where I learned a lot about Mussolini Stalin Churchill et al Getting through the book was challenging and if I was able to knock off 30 40 pages in a day I felt like I had captured a hill or sunk a submarine While the writing is sometimes dry and factual Leckie also does a good job livening up parts of it and even interjecting some of his own editorial criticism about the playersSidebar note Leckie fought in Guadalcanal and was even one of the 'characters' in the HBO mini series The Pacific

  10. Matt Mishkoff says:

    It's difficult to cover an event like WW2 in a single volume and make it both interesting and historically complete but Leckie does probably as good of a job with the task as can be done The book starts at the end of WW1 with the impact of Treaty of Versailles on Germany and how it gave Hitler an opening to rise to power It ends with the bombing of Nagasaki and Japan's surrender In between it leads the reader through a chronological account of the war in it's many theaters with brief diversions devoted to short biographies of the major players In a flourish reminiscent of Ken Burns' documentaries the action is presented from a straightforward factual overview that occasionally switches to the perspective of average soldiers involved in the conflict taken from diaries and letters While it sometimes gets too bogged down in the details of specific battles for my taste I'm interested in the politicalcultural history of the war than the mechanical specifics it mostly moves forward at a fast clip and is just as concerned with telling an interesting narrative as it is in getting the facts across

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