The Wars of America

The Wars of America[Read] ➮ The Wars of America Author Robert Leckie – Leckie treats not the causes of our wars nor the controversies that have always attended them nor their results so often euivocal debatable or flatly disappointing but the manner in which they were fo Leckie treats not the causes of our wars nor the controversies that have always attended them nor their results so often euivocal debatable or flatly disappointing but the manner in which they were fought their leadership their pages of glory and of shame Allan Nevins Saturday Review.

Leckie was born on December in Philadelphia Pennsylvania He grew up in Rutherford New Jersey He began his career as a writer in high school as a sports writer for ''The Bergen Evening Record'' in Hackensack New JerseyOn January Leckie enlisted in the United States Marine CorpsHe served in combat in the Pacific theater as a scout and a machine gunner in H Company nd B.

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10 thoughts on “The Wars of America

  1. Alec says:

    This book is awesome if you like history especially warfare Robert Leckie had a purpose for writing The Wars of America Throughout the book Leckie informs as well as explains the actions of the people in charge instead of just describing the battles themselves In doing so he shows his purpose which is to inform the readers of the wars of our forefathers to provide a look at the thoughts behind the decisions made by America’s leaders and to show American patriotism militarism and independence The wars of the past gave our nation its personal stamp on the world We say we love peace as well as exercise disciplined warfare when necessary Leckie touches on the backbone of our nation The struggle for independence and democracy for those who wish to have it The book explores the different conflicts in America’s history giving a chronological reference of the wars of that timeThe theme of this book is that America is a country bred for war America has no ualms about fighting for what is considered right and that is shown by this book As Leckie shows the battles of our first wars to Vietnam he paints a clear picture of America’s purpose to defend the rights of its citizens ideas and assets through war or peace We know what we want and fight to get it if we have to If freedom is part of all Americans then so is war Without it our nation would have never come to be Leckie uses his theme to illustrate how dependent on troops we really are We are a military oriented country yet we only use it for the defense of ourselves and othersThe style of The Wars of America is descriptive The book describes the events and whyhow they happened including a back story to show the full circle He uses his opinions rarely slipping in adjectives such as “brilliant” or “unwise” to show agreement or disagreement For the most part he just gives the facts I think the book could also be considered an exposition The book analyzes our battles and breaks them down into understandable pieces of information Leckie criticizes some of the wars giving reasons for why they failed or succeeded as well as backing other wars showing why they happened and how America won or lost He states something then supports it attacks it or just explains it The research is well done not many holes appear in the explanations I think this book is a good read for anyone who is a history or war buff but I do not recommend it for anyone else It is a tough read due to the large amount of facts and raw historical information If you do decide to read it the book will answer most uestions about the main wars of America as well as provide descriptions about vague wars or ones most often forgotten or not covered in depth in history classes I thought this book was awesome; I love history maps and wars so this book was right up my alley The descriptions are amazing and keep you reading There are dry parts however as in any historical book and the information is provided as just facts I would give it four stars for me but probably two for other people I would have to say it is uniue since it is the first book I have read that spans a country’s whole lifetime of wars up to its publication shortly after the close of the Vietnam conflict

  2. Aaron says:

    A nice overview of well the wars of America the US between 1600 and 1900 It's a bit dated and doesn't go into a lot of detail or analysis but it's a fun read to follow up with in depth works

  3. E. Paul Whetten says:

    An outstanding synopsis of every war we have been involved in as a nation from Champlain's campaign against the Iriouis to Gulf War IWritten by a WWII veteran who is one of my all time favorite authors

  4. Steve says:

    Another outstanding Leckie book great narrative detailed facts on all levels Enjoyable yet educational and insightful

  5. Brice Fuqua says:

    The Wars of America is Robert Leckie's magnum Opus a survey of all the major US wars from the French and Indian to the Persian Gulf Written in a fast moving accessible style Leckie provides a general survey of each war without going into much detail as to the causes or the strategies involved The first half of the book is far superior to the second As he approaches the modern era Leckie's right wing political bias begins to distort the facts of what occurred He portrays the American people as basically pacifist and isolationist who are usually drawn into wars against their will by outside forces This view conveniently overlooks the broad support of blatantly imperialistic wars against Mexico Spain and of course the Native American tribes Lackie rarely mentions the near constant interference during the 20th Century of Latin American governments For example the 1954 CIA backed overthrow of the democratically elected Guamanian government which gained US support so that the United Fruit Company could maintain its monopoly on banana sales is not mentioned at allBut Lackie's greatest bias is in his account of the Vietnam War The author holds to the theory that Vietnam was lost due to a conspiracy of the liberal media hippie protesters and pacifists in Congress In fact we know from declassified documents that Johnson's military advisors warned him early on that the war was not winnable by force LBJ and McNamera's constant lying about the progress of the war was exposed by the Tet Offensive It was not media reporting or protests that turned Middle America against the war It was the gradual realization that defeat of the North Vietnamese if it were possible at all would take years or even decades Interviews with North Vietnamese officials after the war make it clear that they would have never accepted a divided Vietnam It's also clear that the Soviet Union and China would never stop support for the North Vietnamese They had too much prestige tied up in their assistance to their Communist brethren His recounting of the Persian Gulf war is essentially propaganda Granted the war was the most successful in American history accomplishing all of its goals with a minimum of casualties and with broad support internationally However Leckie fails to point out that the Bush administration allowed the repressive Kuwaiti royal family to reestablish power with out insisting on democratic reforms And of course Saddam Hussein was allowed to remain in power which would come back to haunt us later The Wars of America ends in 1991 with America triumphant Ira had been evicted from Kuwait the Soviet Union had collapsed and the Baltic states and Eastern Europe freed from the decades long oppression of the Russians President Bush spoke hopefully of a new world order in which countries would choose to accept democracy and capitalism Leckie had no way of knowing that ten years later the US would suffer the worst terrorist attack in its history and be drawn into its two longest wars The rise of Vladimir Putin would bring about a second Cold War and the descent of the Middle East into chaos and civil war would make a joke of Bush's vision All of these caveats aside The Wars of America is definitely worth reading albeit with a grain of salt

  6. Hank Hoeft says:

    The Wars of America is Robert Leckie's excellent survey of all wars and conflicts of American history from Colonial wars up through the first years of the Vietnam War the book was published in 1967 I personally found the histories of the colonial wars the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 to be the most enlightening because those are the wars of which I knew the least But besides chronicling all the battles and campaigns Leckie also discusses the whys and wherefores that brought about the conflicts in the first place I found Leckie's conclusions about causes and effects to be thoughtful and insightful I would have given the book a 5 star rating if Leckie's coverage of all American wars wasn't uneven In particular the discussion of the Indian wars in the post Civil War era is too brief and coverage of the Indian Wars prior to the Civil War almost non existent except for his excellent coverage of the Indian wars during the Colonial period Also I tripped over a couple of passages that contained outright and obvious errors The errors weren't major but they were startling because they were so unexpected The error that come to mind is his stating that Japanese Betty bombers participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor The Mitsubishi G4M was a land based twin engine medium bomber that was not assigned to aircraft carriers I assume what Leckie had in mind were the Nakajima B5N Kate torpedo bombers which were also used for level bombing It's perhaps a minor detail but it's an error I would not have expected a veteran of the Pacific War to makeA final note The edition I read was the first edition first printing of The Wars of America published in 1967 As such Leckie's discussion of the Vietnam War was incomplete but it was exactly that closeness that I found the most intriguing part of that final chapter

  7. Corban Ford says:

    This was a very objective breakdown of all the Wars that America had been involved in up to and including the Vietnam War It's obviously a bit dated but still reads very well Robert Leckie is very thorough bringing each and every reason that the US chose or chose not to engage in a particular conflict from analyzing where America was as a country both politically and socially as well as economically at the time of each war I enjoyed this holistic view immensely

  8. Dawn says:

    Tried it got bored even though narrative May have to try reading it again

  9. Donald Harwick says:

    The best military book I have EVER read

  10. Ralph says:

    Great book for an introduction to the various wars in the Americas

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