The Road To Excellence the Acuisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences Sports and Games

The Road To Excellence the Acuisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences Sports and Games➽ [Reading] ➿ The Road To Excellence the Acuisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences Sports and Games By K. Anders Ericsson ➲ – Excellence and the highest levels of performance in the arts and sciences sports and games have always been an object of fascination to both scientists and lay people Only during the last 20 years hav Excellence and the highest levels of performance in To Excellence Kindle Ø the arts and sciences sports and games have always been an object of fascination to both scientists and lay people Only during the last The Road PDF/EPUB ² years have scientists studied these levels of performance in the laboratory in order to identify their mediating mechanisms Contrary to the common belief that innate talents are the critical factors for exceptional performance investigators Road To Excellence Epub ß have found that acuired skills knowledge and physiological adaptations in response to intense practice are the primary mechanisms mediating the highest levels of performanceThis is the first and only book to examine how elite Road To Excellence the Acuisition Kindle - performers effect their exceptional accomplishments The world's leading researchers on expert performance and creative achievement review theories and recent findings from many different domains of expertise on how experts optimize improvement in their performance and eventually attain excellence Elite performers are shown to have engaged in deliberate practice activities specifically designed to improve their performance from an early age By age they have often accumulated over hours of practice The essential elements of deliberate practice such as specific goals to improve performance successive refinement through repetition feedback and instruction are explicated for different domains Although the content of practice tasks will necessarily differ from domain to domain investigators have found invariant characteristics for the optimal duration of practice sessions maximal amounts of daily practice the length of intense preparation around years and ages of peak performance Some of the book's chapters extend the review to the acuisition of everyday life skills such as reading to the performance of teams of experts and to the development of creative achievement geniuses and artistic child prodigies The book concludes with commentaries by several outstanding scientists in psychology education and Road To Excellence the Acuisition Kindle - history of science who discuss the generalizability of presented ideas and raise issues for future issuesEXTRA COPYIt could be said that striving for excellence is what characterizes humanity or perhaps what characterizes humanity at its best Why do so few individuals ever reach the highest levels when so many start out on the Road to Excellence In this book the world's foremost researchers of expert performance in domains as diverse as sports medicine chess and the arts explore the similarities and differences in the extended and strenuous Road to Excellence taken by the successful individuals in each domain Their findings will intrigue and inspire readers who are themselves driven to achieve or who simply want to better understand the processes involved.

K Anders Ericsson born is a Swedish To Excellence Kindle Ø psychologist and Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology at Florida State University who is internationally recognized as a researcher in the psychological nature of The Road PDF/EPUB ² expertise and human performanceCurrently Ericsson studies expert performance in domains such as medicine music chess and sports focusing exclusively on extended deliberate.

The Road To Excellence the Acuisition of Expert
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Road To Excellence the Acuisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences Sports and Games
  • K. Anders Ericsson
  • English
  • 28 March 2016
  • 9780805822328

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  1. Phil Sykora says:

    To anyone without a serious personal or professional interest in the study of the development of expertise Don’t read this book at least not in full Pick up something else something reader friendly I recommend K Anders Ericsson’s Peak Geoff Colvin’s Talent is Overrated or even Robert Greene’s Mastery In this volume you’re going to be sifting through detailed explanations of research protocols and experiment models to find the occasional golden egg of applicable or interesting advice which really boils down to these main principles anyway1 Deliberate practice is focused and effortful and I should add not necessarily incompatible with Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi’s “flow” concept something that Ericsson’s certainly back tracked on since the publication of The Road to Excellence2 A professional authority provides you with guided feedback on your performanceThat’s it really That’s the main gist of it Regardless if you insist on reading it anyway I’m going to provide you with a uick guideFirst some background When I was a sopho in high school I emailed K Anders Ericsson asking for research on how to use deliberate practice to improve my writing skills and to my surprise he actually emailed me back with a couple early drafts of studies that were mentioned in this book I talk about my experience here in my review for PeakIf you’re an athlete coach doctor chess player or “creative” looking to improve your craft then this is how I – a writer and avid reader – went about “reading” this volume I skipped most of it There’s a good chunk of the book that you could consider universally applicable; the rest is pretty domain specific You can’t really go wrong if you read these sectionsPrefaceThe Acuisition of Expert Performance An Introduction to Some of the Issues by K Anders EricssonThe Childhoods and Early Lives of GeniusesChanging the Agency for Learning Acuiring Expert PerformanceCosts of ExpertiseBonus Perceptual and Memory Processes in the Acuisition of Expert Performance Beyond that pick and choose the other sections that are relevant to your domain of expertise For me that was “Expertise in Reading” and “Creative Expertise A Life Span Developmental Perspective”On to the actual reviewThe main issue I had with The Road to Excellence is the price tag It costs 60 on and maybe that’s to be expected for a highly technical book designed for masters students PhD candidates and field experts who are already so used to college textbook inflation that they would only be mildly surprised to find that a professor wanted him to sacrifice a puppy dog in exchange for the latest edition of his autobiography Still it's 60 and that’s a lot of money for me I could’ve taken me and all my friends literally all of them; I’m not very popular for a nice dinner at Olive Garden for 60 but instead I chose to buy this book That’s dedication ladies and gentlemen That’s the real road to excellenceThe second biggest issue I had with it is the fact that almost none of the authors rewrote their section introduction for the volume Instead they compiled their notes from the “The Acuisition of Expert Performance” conference in Wakulla Springs The only exception is the chapter on creative expertise which was specifically written for The Road to ExcellenceWith that said you’ll probably walk away with different observations than me Maybe for you a doctor this book would prove helpful than for me a writer It’s like one of those choose your own adventure booksSome interesting things I noticedFrom the study on reading there are people who freuently read whether for their job or for leisure who score in the 49th percentile of comprehension while some non readers score well into the 90th percentile I think that’s absolutely fascinating People who read millions of words a year are being outperformed by people who claim to not read at all “alliterates” It speaks to the truly complex nature of written communication – and perhaps introduces some problems in applying deliberate practice to the skill One thing’s for sure Most of the authors in this volume will NOT attribute that difference to hereditary factors or talent even though it seems to be a shining example of it Regardless I think the freuent readers who scored low in their comprehension tests didn’t have all the guidance they could have and that it really suggests they didn’t have proper instruction growing up Beyond speed reading courses that don’t work there aren’t very many if any advanced reading courses that will give them the tools they need to remember of what they read There’s an opening in the market for the man who can get people to realize they’re poor readers AND offer a solution that doesn’t involve reading War and Peace in six seconds flatSternberg’s dissenting opinion “The Costs of Expertise” at the end of the volume is perhaps purposely awful – not because his piece doesn’t raise good counterarguments; it does Rather his counterarguments contain weak reasoning that beg the same uestions that the researchers purport to answer in the volume For instance here’s what Sternberg had to say about Mozart “Why was Mozart so damn good?” “Damn” apparently forgetting this is a staunch academic work “Did Einstein practice thinking a lot? What made Picasso so good so young? The practice view cannot begin to account for the success of extraordinary achievers in the creative domains and as far as I can tell its exponents have not made a serious effort to do so What Mozart did as a child most musical experts will never do nor be able to do in their lifetimes even after they have passed many times over the amount of time Mozart possibly could have had for deliberate practice as a child” The problem is that’s exactly what Ericsson set out to do and he provides evidence in the first chapter of the volume for modern musical prodigies who have not only “done what Mozart did” but also with the help of modern instruction objectively surpassed his technical skill a finding that’s summarized on page 32 If you’re going to attack a person’s arguments attack the evidence; don’t just say “it doesn’t make sense” Science isn’t a big fan of common sense Ask the people who still think the earth is flat because their “eyes and ears” seemingly confirm itAgain that’s not to say that I’m claiming any of these studies are objectively right or that I even agree with the premise that deliberate practice is the main factor in skill acuisition I just think that if you’re going to write a dissenting opinion you should take the time to stay up to date on the literatureWith that said this volume’s twenty years old and probably hilariously outdatedThere are other things like the eual odds rule that in essence groundbreaking creative works are most closely positively correlated with productivity but Simonton seemed to barely be convinced by his own data so I'm not even going to talk about itAltogether interesting but not worth the money

  2. Vyvyan says:

    An academic book collecting a series of articles about the nature of the acuisition of expert performance and good as long as that's what you're expecting Doesn't really have strategies to translate that into deliberate practice in your field which is what I was hoping for

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