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Disenchanted Princess[PDF] ✑ Disenchanted Princess Author Julie Linker – Bluevapours.co.uk I may be in the middle of nowhere but I still have standards Like it's not bad enough Daddy's in jail for embezzlement he's a super successful Hollywood agent btw and totally innocent but since my fas I may be in the middle of nowhere but I still have standards Like it's not bad enough Daddy's in jail for embezzlement he's a super successful Hollywood agent btw and totally innocent but since my fashion model mom died when I was a baby I'm sure you've seen the E True Hollywood Story I've been shipped off to Possum Grape Arkansas to live with relatives I've never even met You read that right Possum Grape Not only is there no Starbucks in this town but I'm sharing a room with a six year old and I'm about to miss the biggest social event of the year back in LA I'm not sure how yet but I will get back to civilization Until then I may be stuck on a farm but no one's gonna keep me from ruling the roost.

When Julie was little she had two dreams to become a librarian and to own a pink canopy bed like the one in the JC Penney catalog Apparently getting her “L” words confused Julie became a lawyer instead of a librarian at which time she promptly forgot all about the pink canopy bed and start lusting after a Coach briefcaseShe started writing when her daughter was a toddler thinking it would be.

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  1. Matthew Hendricks says:

    Disenchanted Princess is so different from most everything I’ve ever read The book does some things very well that I don’t normally seeMost of what I write and read is action based The physical actions of the story far outweigh the talk and musings of the characters Disenchanted Princess however is a story of who West Deschanel is and so a lot of the story is transacted through her thoughts Her thoughts transition you from one event to another And the events are much smaller and less significant than the events of a Sanderson novelThere are no monsters slain No magic used No one gets killed No world are destroyed It's mostly pretty low key high school stuffBut despite that it’s been a very interesting read And I’ve really enjoyed it I very rarely read books by female authors actually I mostly read books written by White American Men – though that just sorta happened it was never a conscious choice So it’s interesting to see a female character written by a female author And a feminine girly sort of female character at that In fantasy pretty much all the females are manly They kill things and do magic and wield swords and go on adventures They don’t brush their hair or think about fashion So Disenchanted Princess feels much genuine and real than a fantasy novelThis is also the first book I’ve read that talks much about fashion at all As a dude I’ve spent relatively little time thinking about fashion – I didn’t even truly realize that there’s to clothes than comfort and covering until I watched a video of Sanderson teaching his writing class where he talks about how he has specific fashion guidelines that he follows that his sister wrote out for himBut whereas fashion is unfamiliar and delightfully new to me the descriptions of Arkansas are delightfully familiar Possum Grape Arkansas Though it sounds like it could be the name of a place in Arkanas I was not familiar with it so I figured it must be made up – but then I looked it upHere’s the entire Wikipedia page on Possum Grape“Possum Grape is an unincorporated community in Jackson County Arkansas United States The town was named in 1954 For nearly two decades residents were split on whether the name should be Possum or Grape Eventually after much conflict and turmoil a compromise was reached and the town name officially became Possum Grape”You could say that they have a rich cultural historyArkansas as presented in the book felt pretty genuine to me From the people to the milieu The dogs The chickens The Walmarts Cars on cinder blocks Falling down houses in the middle of nowhere Although the physically run down school might be a thing of the past with all the school consolidation stuff that happened back before my time My school was pretty small but it was in pretty good condition – except for when students would flood the bathrooms or smear poop on the bathroom wallsHigh School from a girl perspective looks very different In the beginning of the book when West is harassed by the man on the airplane looking at her breasts I was like “huh Well I have literally never had that problem before”In fact all the candid talk about being ogled and looked at and whatnot was new to me both to read and to even think about Very rarely do dudes ogle me But when they do it always makes me uncomfortable so I guess I can sorta relate?But the talk about “Versace” whatever that is “wash and wearing” your hair what does that mean??? makeup and the various fashion stuff? It was like reading technobabble – or maybe a hardcore science fiction novel Apparently there is to makeup and fashion than I ever knew I mean it’s clothes how hard is it to just put something on? It’s like this whole alien world that I only vaguely knew existed I’m starting to think that maybe it just isn’t possible for men to understand womenMy little sister tells me that I just wouldn’t be able to handle life as a girl I have absolutely no doubt that she’s correctThe revival at the church was utterly hilarious – and I hear stuff like that happens down at the Methodist and Pentecostal churches speaking in tongues being touched by the Holy Spirit stuff like that I’ve never been to those churches though so I don’t know for sure“This isn’t a reality show; its totally real I’m standing in front of an entire church while a sweaty minister gives me forehead zits while praying about leading me to Holy Salvation” “You can’t just bail when somebody’s saving your soul; that would be totally rude right?” Although I have to say that West’s helpless city girl thing started to irritate me a little bit by the end of the novel It was too real I have known too many people exactly like her I was basically raised on a hobby farm and people consistently disappoint me There was a little boy who came to our house once and he stood by the fire we had going in our back yard and he asked in utter wonder “is that a real fire?”Stick your hand in and find out There were a couple moments that felt a little rushed to me Like all of the relationship with Steven That moved WAY fast But maybe that’s just how the Los Angeles girls do things? I wouldn’t knowOr when Sophie went from being West’s friend to suddenly hating her just because she agreed to design a dress for Sophie’s enemy Jaci? Lol what? Is this a real thing for girls? Once again I have literally no idea I would like to say that there’s no drama like this with guys but it’s absolutely not true Guy drama is a little different thoughThere were some pretty classic uotes in there – West’s voice is very strong distinct and funnyOf the lawyer“He should be back from murdering innocent turkeys”LolLater talking with Steven West tells him all her woes and plans Steven “So let me get this straight” he says furrowing his brow “You’re trying to get some guy to sleep with you by making him a bunch of clothes?”I roll my eyes I KNEW he wouldn’t understand I mean I’m not saying that he’s dense or anything It’s just that feminine wiles are way beyond the comprehension of most guys“I’m trying to get him to give me a job by making a bunch of clothes If I did happen to sleep with him that’s just extra”I am also confused More confused than Steven actually Why would you tell a guy this? Especially one you are interested in romantically? That seems really weird and not coolAnd then later West comments “In addition to being an addict Rachel is also a total slut”Waaaaaiit a minute here You literally talked to Steven once when he was bare butt naked then you smoked a joint with him and almost slept with him then you were trying to sleep with Zane crossing the country and going through all sorts of stuff for basically that express purposeAnd last was my favorite “I’m throwing high end footwear at a moving vehicle”That’s how you know you’ve gone off the deep end alrightI had a specific complaint with the ending though West ends up with Steven? I hated him And in what way was he a good prospect? He tried to sleep with you first chance he got and you hardly knew him at all That’s creepy and weird He’s poor and has no family – which doesn’t matter so much – but he's a complete jerkI was just not seeing it

  2. lillian says:

    The disenchanted princess was way different that I thought it would be about I didn't uite understand at first but then I started to realize the meaning of the book It's not my favourite book I've ever read but it sure it on the list The meaning of the book has so much meaning and is what I love about the book A girl from LA who was raised spoiled has to go to live with her aunt living a whole different way of life I loved that there was a little bit of romance but not at the same time In some of the books I read the romance gets caught up in the book with so much happening then I don't know what I'm reading but even though there is still stuff going on the romance doesn't get caught up within the book I definitely recommend this book

  3. Olivia says:

    Disenchanted PrincessJulie Linker 2007FictionWest Deschanel is a spoiled rich LA chick Her mom died when she was young and her dad was just sentenced 5 years in prison Now she is forced to go live in Possum Grape Arkansas with her moms sister West’s aunt whom she never met Everyone at Possum Grape high school treats her like royalty because of her famous dad But at home her relatives treat her like one of them She is not used to having to clean the chicken coops and getting attacked by dogs but West finds her way to fit in She is planning an escape to get back to LA in time for her party When she gets back to Arkansas she realizes that this is home The theme of the story is that home is wherever your family is It doesn’t matter if your real home is than 100000 miles away in LA or on a farm in Possum Grape Where your family is is where you should want to be Not in a big empty house by yourself It in a small farm house filled with 6 people and one bathroom is where you should want to beWest is 16 and cares a lot about her shape She has a least 3 fitness trainers She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up She already has her own line of cloths and makes dresses for people She is love with a guy named Zane who lives in LA who is too old for her He 21 She only wants to impress him because he is a designer too Also she likes a guy named Steven lives in Possum Grape he is a foster kid of Sherri It is awkward because he lives in the house too so she never wants to look bad in front of him“You have to drive a stake through their heart or shoot them with a silver bullet to get rid of them” Page 165I am related to this book because sometimes I have to go places I don’t want to go too Also I try to find an excuse to not go like West does with her lawyer It has affected me because now I will wear water proof mascara when I read because A lot of times when I was reading this I laughed so hard that I cried and then my mascara would smear I enjoyed this book because it was really funny I liked when she found out that she had to share a bunk bed with a 7 year old The funniest part when she thought she was getting attacked by wolves it was just two of their dogs It was a good book

  4. Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToocomJulie Linker's debut novel DISENCHANTED PRINCESS is sure to be a success A combination of high fashion and down home charm will make it a fun read for teen girls West Deschanel's life is turned upside down when her father is sentenced to five years in prison Since her mother's death years ago she has lived with her father and her caretaker Maria Now her mother's estranged sister has surfaced and wants to take her to some out of the way farm in Arkansas Living in LA West was accustomed to lavish surroundings She attended a posh high school drove a cool car and was designing her own line of clothes about to be revealed at her very own fashion show Now she's in Possum Grape Arkansas She's gathering eggs pulling weeds battling chiggers and riding the school bus Dear Aunt Sherrie is all excited about taking her school shopping at WalMart feeding her good home cooking and dragging her to church every Sunday The only saving graces are meeting Sophie who loves to design and sew as much as West and having an amazingly cute foster brother named Steve living right under the same roof Can Sophie and Steve offer enough to make West feel at home or will West be driven totally crazy by the country life? Linker's uirky characters and great humor had me giggling in every chapter The lighthearted tone and easy style made this a pleasant and relaxing read Girls are going to enjoy it and will probably hope that West's adventures continue in a seuel some day

  5. Irene says:

    Her dad sentenced to prison for five whole years Her mom has been dead ever since she was really young And now this LA city girl is being sent to live in Possum Grape Arkansas with the aunt she never even knew existed till just now And this is just the beginning of the story of West Caroline Deschanel in Disenchanted Princess by Julie LinkerBack in LA West had her own room with a laptop designer cloths and everything else she could ever want She attended a posh high school drive and owned 3 cars and basically had the perfect life Now she's in Possum Grape and she has to share a room with her six year old cousin who wakes her up at 6am every single morning And as if that wasn’t challenging enough she's gathering eggs pulling weeds battling vicious roosters and riding the school bus Oh and Aunt Sherrie apparently doesn’t even own a computer How will West ever survive? This was a very interesting book It really made me laugh a lot Normally when I’m reading a book I’ll occasionally giggle a little but this book just made me laugh non stop Especially Linker’s character Aunt Sherrie It makes me wonder weather or not there really are people out there who are like her and if so I would definitely want to meet someone like that But this book wasn’t all full of fun and humor there were definitely moments where things became serious like with Clint and his hatred against West or Kate and her dark past This book was such an enjoyable read that I really wish they had a seuel The only moment that it will disappoint you is when the book ends and there’s no But don’t worry you won’t regret buying this book at all

  6. Noemi claudine says:

    This book is about a girl named west She lives in LA she is very very rich Her dad was put in jail for embezzlement so she had to go live in possum grape Arkansas with her aunt who she has never met She goes crazy There are no shops no internet and no way to get back to LA she goes on cray adventures to try to get back to the most elite party she is hosting Will she be back in LA on time?This book reminds me of the private series Except its the opposite Reed I in the private series livd in the c country didn't have much money Then she got accepted to the most amazing rich school This is like Disenchanted princess except their role is switched West goes I the middle of no where and Reed goes Somewhere Its like they switched placesI would rate this book 5 stars It was a fun and easy read It had a good balance of humor love and drama in it It was really funny and I love funny books ☺ I would recommend this book to any girl who likes funny romantic easy reads I hope to read book by this author

  7. Natalie Sullivan says:

    Disenchanted princess was a great book about a girl that was used to getting pampered in Beverly Hills but then gets sent to live with her terrible aunt in the little town of possum grape She plans a getaway and on the way she makes interesting friends takes care of her little cousin and helps a friend redo her look Just when she thinks she's never going to get back to her old life and idea comes out of nowhere She decides to run away get on a plane and fly back to LA This plan works but when she gets back into her perfect life Everything goes into turmoil The whole reason that she came back was ruined Her dreams to be a famous fashion designer were destroyed and she realizes that Possum Grape was better after all She returns and starts her fashion career in a little boutiue With her friends and her little cousin she becomes the disenchanted princess of Possum Grape This book reminds me of another book I read that had a girl that had everything and then lost it all In both of these books they realize that the place they thought was the worst became the best

  8. Sharon says:

    355 starsDisenchanted Princess is sort of a reverse The Princess Diaries with a rich beautiful girl sent to live with her hick relatives in a small Arkansas town The protagonist West aspires to be a fashion designer and is accustomed to a life of incredible luxury She is of course thoroughly disgusted by her small town family membersThe book reminded me far too much of my own high school days in a small town to be honest The cliues who was cool and who wasn't the whole shebangOf course it all works out just perfectly for West in the end all the way around because that's how these sorts of YA books tend to go Honestly I doubt I would have picked this book up if it hadn't turned up on the swap shelf at work It was reasonably entertaining and well written but not really my cup of tea in terms of plot etc

  9. Nancy says:

    West is a Hollywood kind of girl Born into a rich family designer clothes and having multiple therapists is her thing But when her father gets thrown in jail for embezzlement she’s taken custody by her aunt Sherri who not only lives on a farm but is set on making West become the best Catholic there is To repent her sins and all that It’s a cute book with cute characters and a cute storyline That kind of stuff—you know not very deep but still kind of entertaining I don’t often read stories about rich girls—okay so maybe there’s Gossip Girls and The A List—but at least they’re those beach types of reading I just wouldn’t want to flip through an entire book of constant bitchiness and whining not getting their way because they’re beautiful and rich la di la la It’s a funny book Especially the main character So for those who enjoy a fluffy read about a determined girl set on getting back to her LA life mixed with lots of humorous activities this is for you

  10. Librariann says:

    Ages 13 language casual pot smoking After her father is sentenced to jail time for fraud LA girl West DesChanel becomes an effective orphan her model mom died when she was a baby and is sent to Possum Grape Alabama er Arkansas to live with her conservative maternal aunt and family who she has never met At first all West can think about is whether she can get back to LA for her fashion show and planned devirginization in two weeks she designs and has a mad crush on a young up and coming designer They TEXT But West soon learns that living in the country isn't so bad and there are men there too Ending wraps up FAR FAR too uickly and the lack of connect between mysterious foster hottie and the rest of West's adoptive family grates but most of the book is fluffy fun the cover is a fair reflection n'est ce pas? Good for a one read and never again think about it The Simple Life twisted and novelized

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