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Mage Chronicles Volume 3[Download] ➼ Mage Chronicles Volume 3 By Chris Hind – The End Is NighThe fate of the world hands by a thread Samuel Haight arch enemy of Garou and Verbena has learned a secret that could trigger the end Meanwhile San Francisco teeters on destruction Only The End Is NighThe fate of the world hands by a thread Samuel Haight arch enemy of Garou and Verbena has learned a secret that could trigger the end Meanwhile San Francisco teeters on destruction Only a gifted girl can save it and the Mauraders and Technocracy both want her Can the mages save us allFree Will or FateMage Chronciles Mage Chronicles eBook ì Volume featuers Loom of Fate and The Chaos Factor two of the earliest sourcebooks released for Mage The Ascension that have long been out of print Now they're back under an all new cover Mage Chronciles Volume Features· Two of the original Mage supplements made available again in one volume· Two complete stories for Mage with crossover application to other Storyteller games· Informaiton on locales across the World of Darkness San Francisco Mexico City and Jordan.


Mage Chronicles Volume 3 Epub ¸ Mage Chronicles
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Mage Chronicles Volume 3
  • Chris Hind
  • English
  • 17 January 2015
  • 9781565044449

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  1. Charles says:

    Chaos Factor 15This was a bad book It might well be the worst Mage book I've heard rumors that it was written over the course of three days and it shows It shows badly In addition to a few structural reasons it was terrible such as the soft racism displayed towards Mexico City I'm just going to focus on individual localized failingsFor one the book needed some basic fact checking and editing It couldn't even be consistent within paragraphs For example if Mexico City lies in a valley of 600 suare miles and has 20000000 people then it's population density is 33333 people per suare mile The book says 250 in the same paragraph as the other numbers Note none of the numbers are actually correct for Mexico City either now or in 1993 Also on page 7 it states a rough number of werewolves in the city and then says no one knows for certain just how many werewolves live in the city The book simply cannot even manage internal consistencyThe roles of the Aztec gods are uite confusing and frankly pointless particularly uetzalcoatl The story would have been substantially stronger without being tied to Aztec mythology as tightlyThe NPCs are WAAAY too strong There is no way that the PCs are active players int he plot when the book thinks that a normal Mage with a few years of experience has Arete 5 6 and a powerful one has Arete 8 numbers which players are likely to never come close to seeing But then there are also Generation 4 Vampires and Black Spiral Dancers of Rank 6Marauders are added in just because they are not really thematically appropriate and the ones that are included are pretty much joke characters with names like Raspberry Popart Salad maybe it should be Poptart it's not clear that that isn't a typo who is Charles Manson on a bad hair day but replace the swastika with a smiley face Another one of the Marauders has Arete 9The backgrounds are perfunctory and unhelpful for NPCs All of them are first person descriptions not really BACKGROUNDS The worst is for Wanderer who just has My name is Mary Taylor My father's name was Robert May Gaia forgive me I am a Skin Dancer That's it THAT DEMANDS SOME EXPLANATION especially given that she's hanging out with Gaian Werewolves in the text of the story easy to miss is that she cleansed her Wyrm taint from the rite that made her a Skin Dancer in the appropriate Umbral Realm In fact Wanderer's very existence as a Gaian Skin Dancer brings up the uestion of why the Garou don't use Black Spiral Dancer pelts to make kinfolk into werewolves and then send them to the cleansing realm to get rid of the taint This is of a problem it introduces into Werewolf than anything else thoughVampires mostly feeltacked on honestly Thematically Sam Haight is a functional Mage and Werewolf antagonist he just doesn't fit the themes of Vampires or at least Haight as presented here doesn'tThe story itself is mediocre at best but has a random sideuest that happens in Petra Jordan for no reason It has no bearing on the plot and should have been cut as pointless The Jordan sideuest does bring up a few other issues though For one there's the Mage part of it which refers to the Israeli faith uite possibly the most awkward euphemism for Judaism which is not mentioned explicitly at all Though I suppose some credit for being one of the few places in the World of Darkness to mention Jewish mages and actually have Kabbalah belong to Jews A second issue is that Petra Jordan is treated like a place that is top secret and only known to exist to some It in fact has a Wikipedia page on which there are photographs of tourists Going on Google Maps I found hotels there This is a bizarre inclusionThe ending seems unsatisfying which it must be with such powerful NPCs around The amount of player input into how things go is limitedThe most frustrating thing is that I can see all sorts of potential in this story and other Sam Haight things but it has been badly suandered yielding the most hated NPC in the entire World of Darkness Not by characters but by players and STs And it didn't have to be this wayOverall The Chaos Factor was a disappointing end to a story full of suandered potential and in a sense a fitting end to all of this nonsense Loom of Fate 35While it is common to find good stories told poorly this is the opposite a mediocre story that is told well in many respects It structured in a very mutable way that in some sense proves that you CAN write a canned story for Mage On the other hand the story itself is lackluster at best with Marauders treated as a generic group and in this case with a motorcycle gang of identical marauders who have no trouble working together and seem to be motivated by pursuing the Wyld than by their mental illness whatever it may be a strange plot involving turning an Orphan into a Pattern Spider and a random piece at the end indicating that it crosses over with WerewolfOverall it's not the worst Mage book and there's something charming about the sheer unsubtlety of names like Norna Weaver for someone with a big Destiny who will become a Spider However it also faces a lot of traditional early Mage book problems the Technocracy doesn't make particular sense why is the Syndicate described as Spirit specialists when the Void Engineers are there Why would they all show up to a meeting in a relatively normal building in weird clothing Why does the world of darkness always sacrifice logic for aesthetic for exampleSo it's a so so story not one I would be interested in ever running but it gives hints about structure for the writing of stories in the future though unfortunately it was the last stand alone story for Mage and arguably the only one as Chaos Factor was cross line

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