Ginger Geezer the Life of Vivian Stanshall

Ginger Geezer the Life of Vivian Stanshall❮Download❯ ➽ Ginger Geezer the Life of Vivian Stanshall ➸ Author Chris Welch – The extraordinary story of Vivian Stanshall lead singer of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band true British eccentricCharismatic and flamboyant Vivian Stanshall was a natural frontman for The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah the Life PDF/EPUB ¿ The extraordinary story of Vivian Stanshall lead singer of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band true British eccentricCharismatic and flamboyant Vivian Stanshall was a natural frontman for The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band The eccentric group who satirised trad jazz pop and rock reached Number five Ginger Geezer PDF \ with ‘I’m The Urban Spaceman’ in A punishing schedule of tours and television followed including Geezer the Life of Vivian ePUB ✓ work with the future Monty Python team The following year broke and burned out the Bonzos split up leaving behind a loyal cult followingVivian launched into myriad solo projects in music Geezer the Life PDF ↠ film and theatre giving himself several nervous breakdowns in the process His comic masterpiece ‘Sir Henry at Rawlinson End’ was heard in radio on an album and then hit the big screen Vivian wrote the musical ‘Stinkfoot’ was narrator on ‘Tubular Bells’ and provided lyrics for Steve Geezer the Life of Vivian ePUB ✓ Winwood In person he was just as multi faceted by turns the erudite artist and the truculent Teddy Boy breathtakingly rude A powerful figure tall red haired and never less than extravagant in his fashion Vivian Stanshall was a hell raiser of legendary reputation – ably assisted through much of the s by Who drummer Keith Moon Vivian drove the many who loved him to the limit struggling with terrible tranuilliser and alcohol dependency He died at home in a house fire in The story of his turbulent life is utterly compelling.

the Life PDF/EPUB ¿ .

Ginger Geezer the Life of Vivian Stanshall ePUB Ì the
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Ginger Geezer the Life of Vivian Stanshall
  • Chris Welch
  • English
  • 13 September 2016
  • 9781841156798

10 thoughts on “Ginger Geezer the Life of Vivian Stanshall

  1. Pete daPixie says:

    I found this book extremely difficult to read It was hard going all the way through but particularly the parts covering Viv's youth and throughout the Bonzo daysWhy? Well it's so hard to read a book whilst convulsing with laughter and with tears streaming down your face There were so many occasions when I had to regain some composure to continue the readI may be biased here The Bonzo Dog Band remain in my memory as the best concert I've attended in my life I saw them twice in 1969Of course this book is also tragic and sad as well as hilariously funny Steven Fry reviews the book on the back sleeve 'One of the most talentedprofligatebizarreabsurdinfuriatingunfathomable and magnificent Englishmen ever to have drawn breath'

  2. Andy says:

    The Bonzo Dog Band were a British group that performed during the Psychedelic Sixties and were a mad amalgamation of old English Music Hall trad jazz psych pop with heavy Dada and Surrealism influences At its heart was a die hard eccentric named Vivian Stanshall a sort of rock version of Gully Jimson who lived on a houseboat and feverishly created an endless stream of outrageous songs plays poetry and graphics “Ginger Geezer” is his story and reads like some great unknown Alec Guinness comedy Now if I can only find his version of the Elvis Presley song “There’s No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car” RIP Vivian

  3. Libby says:

    I'll give it another go but why oh why is this such a boring read? I imagined just the opposite and am a huge fan Fascinating guy Vivian must have been painful being that much of a genius I know there is a story there and I really hope somebody else tackles the subject

  4. Geoff says:

    I agree with those here who say this is a man of real genius awaiting his real biographer Ginger Geezer is a pop bio not much It has its moments but someone so astonishing as Vivian Stanshall so obviously was needs a biographer of deep sensitivity and insightful intelligence This book doesn't even come close but it's better than nothing

  5. Mikael Matthis says:

    This man was a honest to badness genius His real bio awaits his real biographer This is your basic pop bio imposed on someone who deserves so much better it's painful

  6. Robert Simpson says:

    Ginger Geezer frames the late Vivian Stanshall as a tortured genius a brilliant creative fraught with self doubt insecurity and addiction While it serves to provide a fair summary of Stanshall's creative output this is also the sad tragic tale of alcholism and the effects it has not just on the individual but the wider circle of friends relatives and professional contactsI've come away with a craving to explore the work that has previously passed me by but also a frustration and an anger at the individual

  7. Peter Humphreys says:

    I read it in a few days and enjoyed it but agree that another biography needs to be written on him by maybe his second wife who it would seem has written a few novels

  8. Paul Cowdell says:

    'I fear that a single one of Viv's thoughts would blow my damn brains out' John PeelThe English often don't deal well with their geniuses 'Genius' triggers the English resistance to theory so it's much easier to marginalise and belittle by smearing them as 'eccentric' It's wonderful therefore to read a biography of a bona fide genius which strains hard against any such tendency right from the offOthers have complained here that it's 'just a rock bio' which seems a little harsh The authors whatever their shortcomings are sensitive and sympathetic without being idolatrous or hagiographic and determined to accept Vivian on his own terms which involves embracing his own driving vision and convictions as far as they are able Of course the other side of the English dismissal of its geniuses is that they don't get asked about such things often enough so there's often only a partial record which seems to have been a bit the case hereSo probably a 4 for the book but at least a 6 for the life itself'Do have an unusual day toodle oo' Vivian Stanshall

  9. dale says:

    Echoing other reviews for this book it is almost remarkable how ambling a journey through Stanshall's exotic life this transpired to be The anecdotes are funny but suffer from a bloated repetition where a punchier distillation would better sufficeIn all I enjoyed the novel because it is the sole book about Stanshall at present I hope to read a fitting tribute in the future One that does not read like Robert Sellers' patchwork pub talk biogs 'Hellraisers' great for a light read but ultimately thin on the ground and slim on factHowever it was somewhat enjoyable enough to follow Stanshalls' life through a muddy lens if only due to his force of personality carrying the book He deserves a little better than this

  10. Michael says:

    I am an enthusiast of the Bonzo's the Rutles and Sir Henry until this book I was largely unaware of Vivian's later work his collaborations with Steve Winwood and the propdigious kaleidoscope of creativity that marked his life The scope and range of his work makes fascinating and comes to an abrupt end with his unfortunate death

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