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Erotic Stories by Women, The Penguin Book of[Reading] ➽ Erotic Stories by Women, The Penguin Book of ➳ Richard Glyn Jones – The Penguin Book of Erotic Stories by Women brings together stories on erotic themes that have been written in the last hundred years by women from all over the world from Japan France Botswana Peru a The Penguin by Women, PDF/EPUB ¿ Book of Erotic Stories by Women brings together stories on erotic themes that have been written in the last hundred years by women from all over the world from Japan France Botswana Peru and Russia as well as Britain and the USA They have been chosen because they are underpinned by the sexual passion and love defined in the dictionary as erotic and also because they are written from a woman's point of view The authors have rejected the tired conventions and attitudes often associated with erotica and have developed new ways of Stories by Women, The Penguin PDF/EPUB or writing Erotic Stories PDF \ about desire while reflecting the values and s of their time Less than a decade ago the existence of women's erotica was not widely acknowledged; instead it was generally assumed that erotica was by and for men Now this anthology acknowledges and confirms a woman's right to shape and define her own sexuality rather than having it shaped and defined by men It does not simply celebrate desire and sex but shows that many sexual relationships are riddled with complex and difficult issues of power This is a collection that demands serious attention.


Erotic Stories by Women, The Penguin Book of Epub Ç
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Erotic Stories by Women, The Penguin Book of
  • Richard Glyn Jones
  • English
  • 07 October 2014
  • 9780140245318

10 thoughts on “Erotic Stories by Women, The Penguin Book of

  1. Caitlin says:

    so far i'm thinking where's the sex?

  2. Natasha Borton says:

    I was so glad when I found this in a charity shop I am one of those readers who likes to sample I don't mind spoilers because if I'm going to read 'Y' instead of 'Z' I would like a reason I'm new to reading erotica and I prefer classical erotica on the whole so this collection of extracts is a perfect taster for me The collection is well organised chronologically and includes some of the famous controversial raunchiest snippets from famous female erotica writers and some of their most famous works It's a brilliant little starter kit that I am sure will spin me in all sorts of reading directions Stay tuned for a in depth review of the books I am inspired to read as a result of this collection

  3. Erin Harper says:

    This was a nice collection of stories but I'm not sure what definition of erotic they were using I think it was one that involves women hating sex

  4. Alexander says:

    This is a series of short stories from the 1880 1995 with a variety of themes styles messages etc Some of the stories are near pornographic while others just hint at sexual elements I found it a really enjoyable and thought provoking read showing how we are or at least I am generally used to male focused stories on love or erotic subjects and in a lot of the stories you can really see the value of taking the time to focus on stories written by women dealing on the subject through a different lens The variety of stories is immense not just across time but across culture and sexuality While most of the stories are western US UK Europe there are many from African Asian and Middle Eastern cultures which have their own uniue framings One really interesting story deals with adultery but being written in traditional Muslim country at a time this can't be openly discussed does so purely through metaphor This is a common action in the book which has numerous same sex stories with those written in the earlier decades masking and coding their ueer nature by framing the romance as heterosexual or non sexual Finally there are pieces from well known authors like Isabel Allende Angela Carter and Simone de Beauvoir I found the book really valuable and thought provoking and it exposed me to a lot of writers and perspectives I wouldn't necessarily have encountered otherwisePS I picked this up second hand so if any friends are interested in borrowing it I can lend it out

  5. A.M. says:

    A series of short stories written by women This is erotic in the less X rated sense of the word It starts with earlier dates and works its way through to 1995 when this edition was published It also has stories from non English speaking backgroundsTable of ContentsViolette 1882 La Maruise de Mannoury d'Ectot a frightened young housemaid seeks safety in another apartment to escape her master’s clutches She finds tenderness and affection and loses her virginityThe storm Kate Chopin a Louisiana storm allows a couple to be together much to his wife’s happiness; she has never much liked that side of marriageLeves as Katherine Mansfield watching a lover dress to leave is hardForbidden love Anna Elisabeth Weirauch German Olga and Myra are togetherMitsou Colette a French girl takes a new lover Robert to her apartmentDidn't Nelly and Lilly love you Gertrude Stein hangs head I didn’t read it I can’t do Stein It feels like bad Dr Seuss rhymes to meThe villa désirée May Sinclair Louis wants to marry her and arranges to meet her at his villa The same villa where his previous wife died on her honeymoon She gets there a day earlier along with something elseMiss Ogilvy finds herself Radclyffe Hall the war allows Miss Ogilvy to drive ambulances and be manly; returning home shoves her back into the female box she doesn’t want to be inMy little girl Edith Wharton a section from an unpublished novella by that Edith Wharton where a woman catches her husband seducing their daughterMarcelle Simone de Beauvoir Marcelle is turned on by brilliance and she tries seducing poets only to understand that she is brilliant enough for herselfSicily enough Claire Rabe an American woman in Sicily with her children has an affair with a local restaurant ownerA spaceship of tenderness to the moon Laila Baalabaki Lebanon a married couple argue about having a childI a woman Siv Holm Denmark a woman looks for a casual lover close to the docks and goes with an ‘unknown man with a song in his body’Sex andor Mr Morrison Carol Emshwiller a woman sneaks into her neighbours house so that she can observe him nakedMy world of the unknown Alifa Rifaat Egypt a woman looking for a house to rent finds the perfect one; she boots out the tenant and then discovers another inhabitant a djinn in snake form She makes a treaty with it and in return the snake pleasures herFlesh and the mirror Angela Carter a fantasy world through the mirror; like performance art with sets and an imagined costarAn old fashioned girl Joanna Russ a house of the future provides everything including Davy who serves drinks laughs at her jokes and provides extra services tooState of emergency Verena Stefan swiss wonders why women try to have relationships with men when they are better friends with women one of the best descriptions of having a period I have seen may be the only oneThe collector of treasures Bessie Head Botswana a deserted wife goes above and beyond for her childrenBlack and white Nicole Ward Jouve a woman with an injured leg goes on a rail journeyNew York City in 1979 Kathy Acker after describing much of the street life Janey takes Johnny back to her apartmentA lover's ear Yuan Ch'iung Ch'iung Taiwan cleaning out your lover’s earsKneel down and lick my feet Amy Yamada japan a worker in a bondage brothel gets an unusual reuest; so unusual that she asks for help from the older madamOur secret Isabel Allende Chile lovers reveal all their secrets and scars from tortureBillets doux Elizabeth Cook a woman having an affair with a married man finds marks on his body left as messages from his wife so she sends her own backTruck stop Iva Pekárková Czech the magic sperm and comforting feel of sex in a truck at a truck stopFetish night Evelyn Lau describes a trip out to the local BDsM clubRomances of the era of stagnation Svetlana Boym an expat Russian tries to track down some old lovers but she spends hours ueueing at the information kioskHarmonizing polarities LA Hall a middle aged magic user is sent a new option for apprentice He’s very pretty; too pretty and is known down at the docks as a catamite but her magic relies on sex to strengthen their relationship so she tries him out Oooh sex magic I’m inWishes Candas Jane Dorsey the writer thinks through what her perfect fantasy would be a room with books a bath a willing partner etc Then she runs through the possibilities and laughs at herself and themWhere the bee sucks Ann Oakley a woman has a hive in her chimney and she gets than she expected from the pest control officerI did like this passage from Claire Rabe Sicily enough p146I resent his trying to make real my flirtation with him I only like to watch him working to dream about his strength and simplicity I really wish he would not confuse his reality with my fantasy ‘Don’t speak’ I think ‘don’t let me hear your voice just be there and let me dream about you I don’t want to touch you I just want the idea of you’This story is sometimes published alone and has a GR listing here huge variety of stories and ideas that demonstrates the obvious; erotic means different things to different people even when all those people are female3 stars

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