Small Boat (Iowa Poetry Prize)

Small Boat (Iowa Poetry Prize)➺ [Reading] ➼ Small Boat (Iowa Poetry Prize) By Lesle Lewis ➯ – IN Small Boat Lesle Lewis's craft rides the waves of the New England landscape both internal and external If her world is a collage as she says then her poems provide the glue that anchors everything IN Small Boat Lesle Lewis's craft rides the waves of the New England landscape both internal and external If her world is a collage as she says then her poems provide the glue that anchors everything from shifts in the weather to world events to a cacophony of thoughts When two sentences collide a new relationship begins and Lewis's poems bring sense to these complex and disparate juxtapositions Small Boat in other words both creates an exciting chaos and provides a soothing faith The Menders And The Breakers The rain does not cool and is a sticky one to the present and the place Is it a weakness yours for narcotics The trees levitate and become mountains You stand in the water inside a melancholy boulder Now you're a flying sandwich.

Lesle Lewis collections include Small Boat winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize Landscapes I II Alice James Books lie down too Alice James Books and A Boots a Boot Cleveland State University Poetry Center Her chapbook Its Rothko in Winter or Belgium was published by Factory Hollow Press in She has had poems appear in American Letters and Commentary Northe.

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  • 07 July 2016
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10 thoughts on “Small Boat (Iowa Poetry Prize)

  1. Peycho Kanev says:

    In Cricket SeasonOur bodies are flowers our legs the double stems our chests the petals smoothed down and back like feathersour heads the emerging seedcases so smooth we can’t get in or out Nothing is graspablenothing is perfect nothing is ever finished for certainIf we let go of our seeds bronze paper fanned air daughters olives knees an ivy framed window reincarnation spiders male from female an old man’s young male nurse we will be empty If we have to we’d like to at least give them up grandly like two million happy people like young salmon released like the number of notes sung to one syllable multiplied and multiplied the melody most “spiritual”We wobble forward on our stems our leaves the hands to make stews cheeses our own arrangements a campfire The fire finally cracks our heads open and our seeds sprinkle around our feet SurrenderWe breathe in the flames smoky and wildIt’s very gentle and uiet and our skulls are left wide and completely easedOur flower bodies take their thousand year napsThere’s heaven after heavenWe have our own fields to moonbatheWe love every starA Baby Crying on the Train Your mind knows a lot that it doesn’t share with itself and the ignorant part wakes up and goes exploring drawn to the open for goldThere was a she dream about it and she spoke irrepressibly ambitions secret to be the most beautiful girl you knowBut you are sick of beginner’s mind the way of powerlines running by the yes the pretty riverThe air moves rawly believing that feeling the dark is this hard boulder dropped into an otherwise unbouldered woodsSo in the end the end hangs

  2. Ben Niespodziany says:

    Small Boat is my proper introduction into the work of Lesle Lewis Poet Rick Bursky posted two of her recent poems and I figured why not start at the beginning Here we have whirlwinds of poetics dancing between narrative and lyric and dream To spend time with Lewis' work is to slowly float Lines like All night I waited for you to saw off my head and Why does only the head need a pillow and It is the horses in the trees and It is the moon over the hat

  3. Dawn says:

    Lewis's imagery is subtle and strangeWe are four humans in the woods watching a porcupineWe live in a fortunate dayBetween us and the laurel bush a fire and lots of smoke and snow behind the bushWe don't have to noticeThe ache pours down our backsAND she's got a thing for birdsBut the birds are uite clear in what they are saying You live and when you remember living

  4. Tonia Harris says:

    Warm visceral kind and honest this collection of poetry by Lewis stretches the being and made me long for oceans and forgotten memories

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