Please Louise

Please Louise[BOOKS] ✯ Please Louise Author Frieda Wishinsky – Winner of the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book AwardLouise refuses to leave her big brother Jake alone Jake tries everything to make her go away but Louise is an irresistible force determined to be as clo Winner of the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book AwardLouise refuses to leave her big brother Jake alone Jake tries everything to make her go away but Louise is an irresistible force determined to be as close to her brother as she possibly canWhen Jake in desperation wishes Louise were a dog he is suddenly faced with a terrifying possibility Louise is gone and a little dog seems to be in her place Can his wish have come true.


Please Louise PDF ✓ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Please Louise
  • Frieda Wishinsky
  • English
  • 02 November 2014
  • 9780888997968

10 thoughts on “Please Louise

  1. Karla Winick-Ford says:

    CuteDoesn’t have all the components I’d like for a great recommendation But it’s length and word usage are engaging for young children and illustrations are adeuate as well With there were a reason to recommend adding this to my library but I’d recommend borrowing from local library One read is enough

  2. Molly says:

    I'm an only child There were times in my life that I created imaginary siblings always older I always thought the best part of having a sibling would be annoying them You know holding your finger so close to them but not actually touching so that your mom couldn't yell at you for touching them but they were still really annoyed This book reminds me of that wish Louise loves her older brother Jake She loves him so much that she doesn't want to be away from himever When he goes in his room and shuts the door she bangs on it When he goes outside to read she pesters him He is so annoyed that he wishes she would turn into a dog When all of a sudden a small dog appears and Louise is no where to be found Jake fearing what he's done wishes that Louise would just come back From an outsider's perspective this seems to sum up the sibling relationship uite nicely

  3. Jeanna says:

    Relatively okay but I still would prefer books that have nicer sibling relationships This relationship isn't terrible poor Jake just wants some space but the characters only really value it in the end The way I see things my kids are going to naturally have a hard enough time being kind to one another most of the time They don't need to see meanness constantly modeled in the books they read They'll see it plenty of other places whether I like it or notStill fairly decent relationships not awful like Clarice Bean And at least one very cute page where Louise is snuggling up to Jake

  4. Ishta Mercurio says:

    This is a really super book and what's my son adores it so much that he refused to return it to the libraryThe thing I like most about this book is the way it portrays the older brother's emotions so truthfully It really captures the nuances of the relationship between two siblings even though Louise invades his space and drives him nuts it's clear that he still loves her And I really like the way Louise grows as a character at the end

  5. Julie says:

    Anyone who has a younger sibling will identify with this cute story of a boy who wishes his pesky sister away when he cannot get time away from her The bright watercolor illustrations are detailed and add humor to the sibling rivalry This will make a great read aloud as well as a fantastic book to share one on one with children experiencing sibling rivalry

  6. Sharai says:

    A young girl named Louise who is reminiscent of Kay Thompson's spunky 6 year old Eloise character is striving to connect with her older brother Jake She bothers him messes up his room and speaks loudly Finally when Jake is actually looking for Louise he finds that Louise has found a new friend

  7. Liz says:

    I just loved this book Maybe because I can completely relate to the brother just wanting his sister to leave him alone Maybe because I see the same thing happening with my own three children In any case it is a sweet story with darling illustrations which I am a sucker for

  8. Jamie Forrest says:

    This book is a Shining Willow Award Nominee This is a cute book of the relationship between a brother and a sister The illustrations by Marie Louise Gay are absolutely amazing The details of the illustrations are so interesting I had to re read the book by just looking at the illustrations

  9. LoriAnn Kocialski says:

    VERY VERY CUTE BOOK If you have a child that has a sibling you must read this book Or if you were the little sister that terrorized your older brother This reminds me of me and my brother a long time ago

  10. Naomi says:

    A cute story about a troublesome sister and a big brother who wishes she'd disappear Does he get his wish? Most kids with baby siblings will be able to relate to this story and it would help them to process those feelings

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