Idriels Sin

Idriels Sin[Reading] ➽ Idriels Sin By Jay Di Meo – Idriel a second class angel accused of murdering his comrades in arms is sent to bootcamp on Earth where angels and demons train for the heavenly battles The last thing he expects is Eligor a first cl Idriel a second class angel accused of murdering his comrades in arms is sent to bootcamp on Earth where angels and demons train for the heavenly battles The last thing he expects is Eligor a first class demon with his own ethics and handsome than any angel who grudgingly takes Idriel under his protectionWhile waiting for his sentence to be passed Idriel trains with Eligor and finds himself falling hard for said demon Despite his innocence he begins to accept his fate that he is on his way to becoming a demon himself and gives in to his body's demands when it comes to EligorBut Idriel's days on Earth are numbered Soon he will be sent to the Pit according to Heaven's Law and nothing can stop it from happening until all Hell uite literally breaks loose and what Idriel once considered a sin may now be his only salvation.

Jay Di Meo followed elves angels and trickster demons around as a child As an adult she started documenting all the paranormal activity – especially the skin on skin sort As an author she gives you fair warning all her stories are true – especially the one about the handsome merman – and she keeps the cutest hottest guys in her closet.

Idriels Sin ePUB ✓ Ebook
  • ebook
  • 228 pages
  • Idriels Sin
  • Jay Di Meo
  • English
  • 10 December 2014

10 thoughts on “Idriels Sin

  1. Td says:

    Stories where angels demons are the focus are foreign to me one maybe two tops I went in blind into this read mostly being drawn by the cover without any reviews to go by and not being familiar with this author And what did I get? I got the story of Adriel an angel framed for murder sent to a boot camp of sorts on Earth in preparation for being sent to Hell I got the story of Eligor a fallen angeldemon who has risen from Hell and is now stationed at the same boot camp where he has earned a privilege due to certain actions Things don't go well understatement when these two first meet See? Adriel is considered a traitor and that seems to be the lowest of the low no matter where you are The treatment he initially receives from everyone including Eligor is not pretty another understatement But of course things happen and Eligor uses his privilege to take responsibility for Adriel and his training As they spend time together and some other suspicious things happen Eligor begins to doubt Adriel's guiltI must admit the beginning of this book threw me off The modern language and expressions used didn't seem to fit until I realized these were angels demons of our day and age and I uickly got used to it They still used swords and daggers but there were guns and a computer was mentioned as well I don't remember the last time I had to make so many rapid fire mental switches in order to adjust There was cruelty there was action there was mystery there was humor there was smut they were inappropriately horny at times D there was passion there was love These guys went to Hell bad pun and back in this torturous action filled thrilling ride of a book It is a dark fantasy Please keep this in mind

  2. Simsala says:

    425 starsTd`s review hereWhat a Hellride literallylike a sexually chargedfast and furiousangels vs demonsfull Technicolor B action movie where the popcorn should be blackFasten seat beltsplease

  3. Tristan says:

    35 What started out like a wonderful flight ended in a horrendous crashed This book had a great premise to which it actually delivered However at 80% the seemingly smooth ride started to shake with view spoilerEligored being raped by the bullhead hide spoiler

  4. Lia says:

    got really boring for me maybe cuz I just finished another angel book and I'm still hungover that Primal Sin

  5. leigh says:

    Well what a happy surprise this one wasAngels and demons are woefully thin on the ground in the MM genre and this one has both excellently drawn and fleshed out The heavenly world building became so complicated at times that it overwhelmed the plot but otherwise this was an engrossing read with thought provoking themes and charactersIdriel is a fallen angel and Eligor a temporarily reprieved demon who was himself fallen from heaven centuries ago They meet in a military training camp on Earth where Idriel is scorned and shunned as a traitor Initially disgusted by Idriel's alleged crimes Eligor nevertheless desires his physical beauty and after an incident in which Idriel saves him from injury Eligor takes the pariah angel under his protective wingPolitical machinations and violent mysterious threats against the characters form the plot which intrudes and into the developing relationship between angel and demon Their association is sexual and oddly tender but trust is a long time coming on both sides until the danger becomes so imminent that they must rely on each other to discover what's going onSecondary characters add much and the intricate and detailed levels of Heaven and Hell classifications of angels and concepts such as angelic glory and grace flesh out the world and expand the story beyond the heavily sexual romp between angel and demon There is a great deal of sex some of it magical well written and integrated into the narrativeEngrossing entertaining and romantic Four stars

  6. Stacey Jo says:

    Great plot Angels and demons at war Excellent world building The descriptions of the different levels of Hell were really cool

  7. Rellik says:

    Interesting worlds but I just can't stop the mental eye roll at the whole sex is the answer to every problem in the story

  8. Wendy❤Ann says:

    I ended up loving this than expected not sure why that was surprising to me and really got immersed in the world building I was intrigued with the different levels of Hell angels fighting against demons corrupt angels decent demons and never uite knowing who to trust Existence in this world is pretty harsh so it’s even rewarding to root for the MC’s Great story

  9. Zane Kage says:

    375 stars

  10. Val says:

    I'd rate this a 35 I didn't really the book until Idriel becomes blamf My thoughtsfeelings while readingI hate Eligor I hate the type that just beliefs everything they're told and Eligor fits the bill I mean shouldn't he have some experience about not being believed being a demon? Mistreated? Thought lesser of? He also gratuitously swears in almost every line he speaks This holds true for me until about 65% of the book I still can't stand him in the earlier portions of the bookIriel's plight is interestingThe story is just not for me This holds true for me until Idriel goes to hell I enjoyed the story after Idriel became bamf He deserved it after being a punching bag the almost entire book Found his orgasm mid flight amusing I save you with sex Seriously the reliance on sex to get anything done is a bit annoying Don't they want anything else? Other favors riches teachings knowledge etc It's just always dickassmouth Meh I felt annoyed that all the angels and demons had viagra running through their veins instead of blood It felt like all of the sex come ons etc were just getting in the way of the plot Seriously right before we get to the end if they can stay together if he can be healedthere's about 25 pages of getting it on This is one of a few books that I was actually annoyed by the sexual content I started skimming passed it Like I don't care they're fuckingsuckingtouching I want to know if they can be together or if he'll die or not D I think the 25 pages of smutromance would be better had AFTER we get the ending Oh yeah BTWs here's your soul Had to come a few times before we could move the plot along kthanx

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