Mitzi Magee: A Nip in Time

      Mitzi Magee: A Nip in Time
In the third of the VAMPIRE POODLE MYSTERY SERIES, Mitzi Magee the Vampire Poodle and her long suffering owner and partner Ed Magee find themselves stranded in merry old England, along with Ed s girlfriend Clancy, who soon disappears into the night after an argument with Ed.Unable to leave with Mitzi because of the British quarantine on pets, Ed takes a job as secretary to Colonel Cushing, patriarch of an old and proud clan and owner of a famous estate, Hargrove Hall, complete with stable and kennels Ed soon becomes good friends with Cushing s grandson Lester, a brilliant computer game creator under the iron rule of Cushing tradition But Ed discovers that Lester s father hold a dark blood secret and that Clancy is under the spell of Able House, a men s club nearby which may or may not be a brothelAnd the gentlemen who make up the upper class of Cushing s closed society seem to be hunting than just foxes.Spine chilling, thrilling, and mysterious, MITZI MAGEE A NIP IN TIME continues the story of everyone s favorite vampire poodle with a mystery that will leave you dumbfounded Be sure to look for the first in the series, MITZI MAGEE VAMPIRE POODLE and its follow up, MITZI MAGEE BLOOD SCENT for of Mitzi s amazing adventures Download Mitzi Magee: A Nip in Time –

April Campbell Jones has been a singer, a model, an actress, a photographer, an editor, a comic book model and writer posing for the character of Somerset Holmes in the graphic novel of the same name , as well as making a living as a screenwriter for most of her adult life She has also written comic books and graphic novels under the name April Campbell She is partners with writer artist Bruce Jones and together they have turned out scores of comic books, screenplays and novels They also collaborated on three brilliant, talented children The Joneses spend their time divided between the Midwest and Los Angeles, California.

      Mitzi Magee: A Nip in Time
  • Kindle Edition
  • 210 pages
  • Mitzi Magee: A Nip in Time
  • Campbell Jones
  • English
  • 18 October 2018

10 thoughts on “ Mitzi Magee: A Nip in Time

  1. Kimberly says:

    This is the third in the Mitzi series It is a fun series with laughable characters and a lively little poodle, Mitzi, who often saves the day The ending leaves the reader wondering if another book is on the way.The editing on the ebook is awful it is distracting.

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