Terrier❮Read❯ ➪ Terrier Author Tamora Pierce – Bluevapours.co.uk Hundreds of years before Alanna first drew her sword in Tamora Pierce's memorable debut Alanna The First Adventure Tortall had a heroine named Beka Cooper a fierce young woman who fights crime in a wo Hundreds of years before Alanna first drew her sword in Tamora Pierce's memorable debut Alanna The First Adventure Tortall had a heroine named Beka Cooper a fierce young woman who fights crime in a world of magic This is the beginning of her story her legend and her legacyBeka Cooper is a rookie with the law enforcing Provost's Guard commonly known as the Provost's Dogs in Corus the capital city of Tortall To the surprise of both the veteran Dogs and her fellow puppies Beka reuests duty in the Lower City The Lower City is a tough beat But it's also where Beka was born and she's comfortable thereBeka gets her wish She's assigned to work with Mattes and Clary famed veterans among the Provost's Dogs They're tough they're capable and they're none too happy about the indignity of being saddled with a puppy for the first time in years What they don't know is that Beka has something uniue to offer Never much of a talker Beka is a good listener So good in fact that she hears things that Mattes and Clary never could information that is passed in murmurs when flocks of pigeons gather murmurs that are the words of the deadIn this way Beka learns of someone in the Lower City who has overturned the power structure of the underworld and is terrorizing its citizens into submission and silence Beka's magical listening talent is the only way for the Provost's Dogs to find out the identity of this brutal new underlord for the dead are beyond fear And the ranks of the dead will be growing if the Dogs can't stop a crime wave the likes of which has never been seen Luckily for the people of the Lower City the new puppy is a true Terrier.

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Terrier eBook ✓ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 581 pages
  • Terrier
  • Tamora Pierce
  • English
  • 12 March 2015
  • 9780375814686

10 thoughts on “Terrier

  1. Gail Carriger says:

    Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper series Book One Terrier I'm beginning to finally recognize patterns in Tamora Pierce's heroines When I was a kid I identified with her books so strongly I couldn't possibly step back as a writer to see her tricks Now with the benefit of age and distance I read this book with new eyes Her main characters always have some kind of fatal flaw in Beka's case it's fear of public speaking and chronic shyness for Alana it was cold and spiders for Kel it was heights and so forth At some point in each series the heroine will be made to face her fear On the other hand she also has an eually strong good trait or two for Alanna this was stubbornness and whit for Kel a stoically strong leadership for Beka it's dogged determination For all of them it's surrounding themselves with supportive friends There is always one major issue or problem in each book for each girl that only she sees and proverbially must be responsible for the solution In Beka's case it's a problem of people disappearing and since these people are her people the poor and destitute she undertakes their protectionI like Pierce best when she's writing YA with a warrior girl main character The Wild Mage series are my least favorite Tortall books and I gave up on her non Tortall Circle series early But with Beka we're back to my favorite kind of read I can't believe it took me so long to pick up this book Pierce successfully weaves almost Noir police procedural with gritty crime and punishment in a fantasy setting It reminded me ever so slightly of Vimes and the Night Watch of Ankh Morpork Pierce is also using Beka to explore for what feels like the first time the commoners of Tortall the neglected layfolk and the street people So often fantasy novels are about nobles and uests it was delightful to see what the underlings thought of the nobles The use of Lower City slang and lingo pervades the book but not so much I was uncomfortable with it Like peopling her books with excess characters Pierce has such a light touch you hardly notice the overload And her editors let her get away with it they might not with a less seasoned YA author Her wide cast of characters includes animals and the return of one of my favorites of all time the Wanderer the Cat AKA spoiler alert Faithful Yay I remember crying so hard in the last Alanna book when he returned to the Goddess So to have him back in all his cheeky glory is truly wonderful I would have bought this book on that fact alone if I had known So what are my final thoughts?If you have a pre teen girl in your life you owe it to the world to put Tamora Pierce in front of her Beka is an excellent way to start although Alanna will always be my favorite Pierce is a master of strong tough young women Women who know what they want stand up for what they believe hold a moral compass made of personal integrity and still can love and be kind and surround themselves with friends With the gruesome specter of reality TV looming over us someone has to fight the good fight We should all be so lucky as to have a little Tamora Pierce in our lives and in our spirits Read it

  2. Fran says:

    The first time I read Terrier I thought it was some of Tammy's best writing in years and it uickly became one of my favourite Tortall books I still feel that way after my latest re read in preparation for Bloodhound Terrier feels fresh and I attribute this reinvigoration of the Tortall world to several factors Firstly Terrier is written in first person which is the first of Tammy's novels to be written thus Note Tammy has written short stories in first person Secondly it is written in a diaryjournal style which is again a first this time a total first for Tammy Tammy writes the diary style well giving a valid reason for it to be so detailed to aid Beka’s Dog reports and memory retention yet still retaining the realism of a diary days when you skip writing longer writings some days and less on others and days where you play catch up and fill in the events of several days Thirdly it is set 200 years before any of the other Tortall stories have taken place which allows for a certain freedom of expression than in other recent Tortall books A book set some time in the future of Tortall could also have this result or in a different country – like the ‘Elder Brother’ and ‘Hidden Girl’ short stories Fourthly Tammy creates in Beka a character who is different from those leads that have come before yet one who is still tied to the Tortall universe And fifthly Terrier covers new ground with the exploration of an organisation that has been mentioned but never explained in detail and spending time with the every day folk of Tortall These people are a reflection of the people we are todayThe combination of these first two points was I feel a challenge to Tammy’s writing which help prevent things from possibly become formulaic And all of these points combined allow for a totally new experience in a familiar worldBeka is a salt of the earth character She’s another stylistic change as she’s a commoner who was born and lives in the slums and works and socialises with other common folk unlike Daine who starts out common but uickly rises in status by association This is a breath of fresh air even though I’m sure the stench of the lower city is not so fresh and allows Tammy to create a whole new linguistic style and a fantastic array of slang and curse words The vocab is uite easy to pick up as you go along especially if you’ve read other Tortall universe books as it builds on the cant of those common born supporting folk we’ve met in other books eg Coram from ‘Song of the Lioness’ or Lalasa from ‘Protector of the Small’ The meanings of words are sometimes obvious pox clear from the inflection motcove clear in context scummer or an actual word that has just fallen out of everyday use hobble If you really need to know the meaning of something or need a reminder there is a handy little glossary in the back of the book a useful feature in Tammy’s books for a long time now I don’t find the language a hindrance at all it enriches the text and makes it real and textured as this is Beka’s own diary and she is writing with her language I love the language and some of it has fallen into my everyday vocab sarden while other words were already there poxyThe detectivemystery feel to the book also provide a new frame work for Tammy’s writing The plot moves along at a steady pace giving us clues here and there as Beka slowly pieces the case together through her work with her partners her friends and her unusual informants The resolution of the mystery the ‘whodunit’ when it all falls into place is marvellous It’s a bit of a surprise a bit of a shock and a bit of a ‘oh but I didn’t want it to be that person’ which Tammy proved she can pull off fantastically in ‘Cold Fire’ making one empathise with the ‘baddie’ and showing that the world isn’t just blacks and whites goodies and baddies heroes and villains Along with Beka we get to meet and grow to love a varied cast of supporting players There are her partners Goodwin and Tunstall; fellow Dogs Ersken Verene and Phelan; and friends in Tansy Kora and Aniki There is also Rosto the lovable rat who is clearly on a path to become the Rouge Yes Tammy once again makes us fall in love with the Rouge and Beka too just a little bit There is also one familiar and well loved character back – Pounce also known as ‘Faithful’ in ‘Song of the Lioness’ He was always a favourite of mine and I was filled with glee to know he’d be back in this new trilogy As Tammy’s books are now considerably longer and fleshed out than when ‘Alanna The First Adventure’ was published Pounce has lots of room to become a actualised character Just what and who Pounce is becomes clearer in Terrier as things are alluded to In other places of the narrative you find familiar family names popping up which is fun to watch out forTerrier also builds on established mythology – George’s excellent memory that he inherited from his father Beka’s side of the family is shown here with her recall and observational skills George’s peculiar magic referred to as ‘the Sight’ in ‘Song of the Lioness’ is also explained somewhat although not fully as Beka has her own magic that proves invaluable for her Dog work although her magic is apparently different to George’s However Beka’s magic is not explained fully either although it is noted that it is a family gift that her father had too These are nice touches that show the depth of thought that went into creating Beka and tie Terrier tidily into the larger Tortallan universeI’m so thankful that the world of children’s and young adult publishing has changed since ‘Song of the Lioness’ as it now gives us these complex and rewarding books Terrier is both a self contained adventure story and a solid foundation for the following two books in the trilogy The presentation of the book is beautiful – the cover photography by Jonathan Barkat the Terrier stamped on the front board of the hardback edition and the little touches and flourishes inside the book that personalise Beka’s diary A must read for any Tammy fan and an excellent introductory book for anyone new to Tammy’s works

  3. Jennifer says:

    Okay I really have no idea how anyone made it through this book And why anyone would give it such amazing reviewsI have not read any of the authors other books and now I don't know that I will This book was painful for me to try and get through and honestly I did not make it I gave it to the halfway point which took a month for me to get to that point it was so bad normally I will get through a book in a day or two if it is good and then I couldn't take it any There are very few books that I do not finish once I start them I don't know why but once I start something I finish it even if I don't really like it This I just could not Some of my issues with it1 How many times do I have to read that she is a Puppy training to be a Dog I get it the police type people are called Dogs and you are a trainee so you are a Puppy Got it You don't have to keep beating me over the head with it 2 It is written like a diary which great I have read other things where that has worked but it is not really written like a diary Well maybe a diary of someone who has perfect memory and unlimited time So she is busy all day before going and training and then walking her rounds then somehow she has enough time to write out a billion pages in her diary and sleep? Sure It just does not really read like a diary so the whole that is what it is annoyed me since I didn't buy it I mean really who remembers word for word conversations they have had? 3 How much flippin detail do you need? Not nearly as much as the main character can remember about every tiny little thing I don't care that when so and so came to visit you she knocked on the door 3 times then you opened it saw her standing there with a basket with roll you let her in she walked 6 steps to the blue chair then sat down in said chair and this is the exact conversation about nothing that we had and on and on and who really cares? I don't It is not important to the story and most of this diary is just insignificant details that don't matter to anything that is going on or further the plot at all A simple so and so came to visit we chatted for a while and at the rolls she brought whatever is fine WAY too much details that bored me to death4 The main character is supposed to be soooo shy I mean she keeps repeating it over and over and over and over and over again Yep I get it you are shy Then why don't you act shy 90% of the time? I mean yes you are oh soooo shy when you complain about how you are sooo shy cannot talk to anyone because you are oohhhh soooooo shy Then 2 seconds later you have no issues talking to the people and doing whatever Sure I buy that you are soooo shy when you do not act like it I mean if you are going to keep shoving something in my face at least make your character actually act that way I really do not understand the appeal to this book I thought it was way too bogged down in stupid details that didn't matter and was incredibly boring I just could not make it through the book no matter how hard I tried It was painful just getting halfway through it

  4. Rusty& says:

    Review and athttpsedwardsghostenginewordpressI still can’t believe I have to rate this one star A Tamora Pierce book too But I found this book so slow with a lot of unnecessary details and not enough necessary details I mean a lot of this was just ramble about the MC’s everyday life and like who came to visit her and what they talked about etcSo basically the whole of this book is about the everyday life and line of duty of “Puppy” Beka Cooper and don’t get me wrong I actually liked her as she was very well developed and strong yet flawed I must say that’s one of the things I really like about Tamora Pierce’s heroines as they all are strong and believe in good but they’re not overly perfect that they stop feeling like real people But so far that’s where the good ends in this series as I couldn’t really connect with the other characters and found the whole plot tediously slow and boringThis book was supposed to be about the mystery of who was stealing the missing children and killing them and that sounds real exciting doesn’t it? Only it wasn’t at all somehow the author managed to dull down what could have been an interesting mystery and don’t get me wrong I love a good mystery and instead focus on mundane things in Beka’s everyday life such as who come to visit her what time and what they spoke about I mean honestly who cares?? And not only that but I felt this book on a whole was rather light for a book that was about dealing with criminals I’m not saying this because I prefer darker books but because it really would have added excitement and atmosphere to the whole book and world if things had been gruesome cause come on she is patrolling the rougher parts of the cityAnother thing I will mention is despite this book’s size and length there’s zero world building I don’t know why this was the case as there were plenty of opportunities to put in some world history but still we practically got none So on the whole I would say this book would need action and just a exciting faster pacing where you don’t know what’s around the corner and you’re always in suspenseThis just had so much potential to be thrilling and dark with plenty of twists and turns heck even when we do find out who is killing all the children it isn’t that much of a shock just like eh okay then I had high hopes for this but was let down mostly by the slow pace and lack of suspense in the plot and writing Despite all these negativities I still would like to find out what becomes of Beka AND others have said these books get better I just don’t understand why so many on GR have rated this one so highly though

  5. Paige Bookdragon says:

    I love stories about the Tortall Realm I really really do Cross my heart Hope to die Stick a needle in my eye You know I never knew the reason why kids on our country say these things when they want to convince people they're telling the truthThis sounds painfulMaybe that explains the phrase the truth hurts? But anyway por favor This book almost bored me to death The only reason why I finished this one was because I have a high respect for Pounce I think it tells a great deal about a book when the only interesting character is the main heroine's cat

  6. Lata says:

    I am late to the Tortall party and though this book had a bit of a slow start I found it grew on me as I became familiar with the characters and the essentially England analogue worldBeka Cooper is a Puppy training to be a guardsman known as a Dog Once trained a Puppy becomes a Terrier Beka's very shy but competent at her training She's also able to hear ghosts who hitch rides on pigeons and a cat who seems to be so much has moved into her lodgings and follows her everywhereGuardsman are paired with Puppies so they can mentor the young trainees; Beka is assigned to a pair of very competent Dogs and the story covers how the three work together and how Beka's relationships and abilities are useful as they investigate someone kidnapping children and someone killing several peopleI enjoyed this much than I as expecting to; I'm not generally a fan any longer of the standard fantasy set in a European like setting Beka Cooper was a terrific character and I really liked her growing relationship with Clary and several other female characters I also liked the way Tamora Pierce told the story through Beka's diary entries I am definitely reading book 2 in this series

  7. Brittany says:

    I think this may have been a HORRIBLE place to start in the universe I don't know if all of the books are written in this same format but the jumping around with constant referral to terms and things that had no explanation to a new reader were really annoying and made it not a very enjoyable read I found a list of chronological order and wanted to start there and I guess that was a bad choice This book was also written for a fairly young audience on the young adult spectrum so I really never got connected to any of the characters With that being said it wasn't a BAD book just probably better to start after you already know the universe Probably NOT my best introduction to Tamora Pierce based on the love I see from others haha Another one of those books I would probably love if I read it when I was younger

  8. AziaMinor says:

    Take this reading slump I was able to finish this with time to spareWas tossing between a 3 or 4 stars and then decided that Mrs Pierce DESERVES a 4 because she is just that goodI'll give a thorough review when I've got the time but I just wanted to put down a uick thought about this book and her authorTamora Pierce's world building is so fluid and concise that it's like you're trying to immerse yourself into an actual country It's hard going at first learning the dialect and the way the people think and act and feel but by the end of it you feel like a mot yourself going about your day ;Beka Cooper was a great character with great supporting cast Two thumbs way up

  9. Emily says:

    I wish this had been written as a third person novel rather than as a journal I have many logistical and stylistic issues with journals as a medium I suppose I'm willing to accept that Beka is coming back after a night of grueling exercise and writing thousands of words about her day but I'm less willing to accept the grating writing style Beka's voice is stilted and matter of fact which made it read like low grade YA fantasy from a debut writer instead of a novel written by an accomplished and interesting writer whom I otherwise very much enjoy It also involves 450% too much made up cant where everyone is a mot or a cove and they might have peaches shudder and the running metaphors around the Dogs particularly the growl?? border on too much And it's hard to get a sense of Beka when she's writing about herself Her key character trait is shyness and she tends to underestimate herself so as a reader it's less clear why people like Aniki Kora and especially Rosto take to her so uickly when Beka is spending most of her time downplaying her own attractions All of that is to say this would have been soooo much better as a novel DITCH THE JOURNAL AS A DEVICE ASPIRING WRITERSI did like many aspects of the book but due to the writing it never really sang to me The plot was fine if you've ever read an Agatha Christie novel you know the murderer is view spoilerthe otherwise demure old lady who's taken a turn to evil hide spoiler

  10. Cara says:

    What is one word I can use to sum up the book hmm probably AWESOME Seriously there isn't a lot of books that can do that at least for me Beka Cooper is the most kick butt cool heroine I've encountered in all my reading daysThe book was just as good the second time around At first I was wary of reading it again thinking it might not be as enjoyable this time around Obviously I was wrong I even caught myself looking ahead to see what happened and then I would remind myself that I already knew what happenedPierce does an excellent of job of letting you in on who the villains are a little bit at a time The worlds she create are so intricate you start thinking this could be an actual place I'm glad she did this series in first person even though it is unbelievable that someone would go through all that trouble and be so detailed as Beka is in her journalThe whole concept of Dogs and police work was really interesting and made this book even originalI'm simply itching to get my hands of the second book Bloodhound Again highly recommended Note to self This needs a better review

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