I Can Barely Take Care of Myself

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself❮Read❯ ➲ I Can Barely Take Care of Myself Author Jen Kirkman – Bluevapours.co.uk You'll Change Your Mind That's what everyone says to Jen Kirkman—and countless women like her—when she confesses she doesn't plan to have children But you know what It's hard enough to be an adult You'll Change Your Mind That's Barely Take PDF/EPUB ë what everyone says to Jen Kirkman—and countless women like her—when she confesses she doesn't plan to have children But you know what It's hard enough to be an adult You have to dress yourself and pay bills and remember to I Can Epub / buy birthday gifts You have to drive and get annual physicals and tip for good service Some adults take on the added burden of caring for a tiny human being with no language skills or bladder control Parenthood can be very rewarding but let's face it Can Barely Take MOBI ð so are margaritas at the adults only pool Jen's stand up routine includes lots of jokes about not having kids and some about masturbation and Johnny Depp after which complete strangers constantly approach her and ask But who will take care of you when you're old Can Barely Take Care of eBook ↠ Servants Some insist You'd be such a great mom Really You know me so well Whether living rent free in her childhood bedroom while trying to break into comedy the best free birth control around she says or taking the stage at major clubs and joining a hit TV show—and along the way getting married divorced and attending excruciating afternoon Can Barely Take Care of eBook ↠ birthday parties for her parent friends—Jen is completely happy and fulfilled by her decision not to procreate I Can Barely Take Care of Myself is a beacon of hilarious hope for anyone whose major life decisions have been uestioned by friends family and strangers in a comedy club bathroom And it should satisfy everyone who wonders if Jen will ever know true love without looking into the eyes of her child.

Jennifer Ann Jen Kirkman is Barely Take PDF/EPUB ë an American stand up comedian television writer and actress She is known for her regular appearances as a round table panelist on Chelsea Lately as well as for her appearances on the Funny or Die sketch series Drunk History and I Can Epub / its continuation television series on Comedy Central.

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself PDF Ý Can Barely
  • Hardcover
  • 213 pages
  • I Can Barely Take Care of Myself
  • Jen Kirkman
  • English
  • 10 July 2014
  • 9781451667004

10 thoughts on “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself

  1. Melisa says:

    This woman could have saved herself a lot of trouble if she would just get up some gumption and tell people Children aren't for me and cultivate her eat shit and die look It works for me

  2. Ashley says:

    From my Cannonball Read V reviewFull disclosure when I first heard about this book I got annoyed for two reasons The first was jealousy – “Oh man why did she get to write this book? I so could have written this book Damn it” The second was annoyance at the title – saying “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself” seems to play right into the stereotypes so many of those with children have about us childfree folks I can take care of myself just fine and I STILL don’t want children But as the author so kindly reminded me herself on twitter when I made such a comment you really shouldn’t judge a book by its titleWell I’m no longer annoyed by the fact that she wrote this book before I could – because is it GOOD Ms Kirkman a writer for Chelsea Lately did a much better job with this material than I could have done The book feels honest self aware and not obnoxious Of course I’m probably her target audience happily committed to the childfree life and I’m not sure what the Eileens of the world Chapter 11 – man I’ve met many of them will think of it But screw that – who cares? It’s nice to read a book that doesn’t assume that every woman in her 30s without kids is just waiting to get pregnantI’m still annoyed at the title a bit to be honest just because even though she spends a lot of time explaining why she really wouldn’t be the best parent and even though this is cringe her truth it’s still sort of frustrating that such an awesome book’s first impression is “No you’re totally right people who don’t want children are a little broken and just recognize that we aren’t as good at life as you parents are” But that won’t keep me from recommending the content to all my friends the ones with kids and the ones withoutThe book gives us some of Ms Kirkman’s background although it doesn’t feel like a full on memoir I bought the book on Thursday and read about 40 pages I wasn’t able to pick it up again until today Sunday and I basically read through the last 160 pages in one sitting While the early chapters were interesting she really gets into the meat of the different ways childfree folks find themselves in uncomfortable situations So many people say sometimes in the comments of articles Ms Kirkman herself has written ‘why do you non reproducers feel the need to talk about your choice?’ We really really don’t But because some many a lot of people won’t accept no for an answer we’re repeatedly ‘defending’ a position that is really only our and our partner’s if relevant business Sometimes it’s easier to just preemptively strikeI don’t want to take away from the joy of any potential readers by spoiling too many of the great insights Ms Kirkman shares but here’s one of my favorites She spends the better part of one chapter talking through this idea that having a child somehow makes someone selfless the opposite of us selfish childfree folks and this whole “I really didn’t know the meaning of life until I had a child” concept I can’t do it justice here but she basically points out that all of these parents making those claims are essentially suggesting that they had no moral compass until they reproduced which – huh Interesting thing to admit She also points out that many childfree folks are contributing to society in a selfless and meaningful way such as contributing to charity and doing all sorts of things that people with young children may not have the time to doShe also takes on such fun responses to “I’m not having children” as “But you’d be such a good mother” and “It’s all worth it” while addressing how amazingly insulting it is for some people to just assume they know someone better than they know themselves the “you just think you don’t want kids” condescension The liberties people take when they hear ‘no’ in response to ‘are you having children’ is mind boggling and Ms Kirkman does a pretty great job in the Eileen chapter of pointing out how horrible and violated it can make us childfree folks feel We actually DON’T owe anyone an explanation and yet somehow we always end up having to defend our choices to people at cocktail parties and weddings even if we really would rather be talking about literally anything else We also really don’t like being forced to essentially lie to try to make small talk easier for the person with the child who cannot understand She does veer a little into a sort of ‘huh’ realm with what I think might be an ill advised analogy in the last chapter but I do get what she’s aiming for And it doesn’t take away from the rest of this well written book If you’re interested in hearing her perspective before committing to buying the book check her out on the April 18 episode of Citizen Radio – it’s what convinced me that I really needed to read this bookOne last uote I’ll be keeping in my back pocket in case I find myself facing boorish folks at a cocktail party thinking I just rolled out of bed at noon “I get up at seven on weekends because I love my free time Not every childfree person sleeps late and parties all the time I am still a grown up” Preach it

  3. Gina Boyd says:

    I have a kid and I love him madly but I have never once tried to convince someone else to become a mother Wait That's not true I tried to convince an aunt to have a baby when she first got married but I was still a kid and didn't know any better Since I've been a mother though no way I know how hard it is and I respect a woman who knows it's not for her I always say that unless you have a burning desire to have a child you probably shouldn't do it Because it's HARD Because there is little else I can think of that comes with so much responsibility and so little control I'm glad Kirkman is happy with her choice and I'm sorry she's been so badgered by other people that she's had to write a book to defend herself She's funny and wry and I enjoyed reading the book despite my status as a breeder I know the book wasn't written for my benefit though and I hope that women who feel the same was a Kirkman and who are made to feel defensive about it find some wisdom and strength in her humor

  4. Lynette says:

    I absolutely loved this book I'm childfree and almost everything that Kirkman wrote about kids or parents could have been written by me So many things she talked about mirror my own experiences and feelingsMy only issue is the title I feel like the childfree women I know feel that they need to put themselves down as part of their defense I'd be a terrible mother or I'm too selfish You know what? I'd be a great mother I love kids I'm great with them I just don't WANT them However that's not a good enough reason for the people who think you should have kids so women tend to find fault with themselves It just bothers me

  5. Sahar says:

    I'm glad my friends are too disorganizeddrunk to have kids

  6. Darin says:

    I feel bad rating this book as I did Because I like Jen Kirkman A lot I like her on Chelsea Lately I liked her telling drunk stories From how she presents herself and her views and musical interests I think we'd get on famously were we to ever drink togetherSo I wanted to enjoy this book I really wanted to And I did for a bit The first part of the book bumps along at a normal pace for memoirs rehashing the early years with snarky realness Then the book got to its point Jen doesn't want kids And 8 chapters later she still doesn't want kids And the world really wants her to have kids and judges her for not wanting kids And so on While these never ending chapters have some funny anecdotes and lines it gets so repetitiousDISCLAIMER I am a man I'm in a fairly progressive social circle where some of my female friends have comfortably declared their lack of desire to reproduce So I just may not have the experience to understand how relentless the pressure and judgment may be for a woman to produce kids If you are a woman and don't want kids and have faced this issue through your adult years you may very well love this bookBut for me well I finished it I hope that's enough

  7. Mander Pander says:

    About halfway through the book I lost count of how many times I thought SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP ALREADY And it being an audiobook this was both impossible and ironicYou know what else is ironic? How many different ways she finds to attempt to lead the reader into believing that reproductive evangelists babies seemingly permanently affixed to their nipples are constantly tracking her down and trying to convert her to Team Breeder Given how insecure and insufferable this woman is even to listen to on an audiobook I'd find it easier to believe that the Mommy n Me groups of Greater LA banded together and funded a billboard saying Jen Kirkman we hear you and we agree You should not have kids Please board up your uterusHow is this woman a writer for a comedy show? She is not funny You're not funny Jen Kirkman

  8. Robin says:

    e galley provided on Edelweiss by Simon Schuster35 starsWaaaay back when I started in the library biz mid 70s there was a book by Shirley Radl titled MOTHER'S DAY IS OVER that caused uite a stir among patrons and staff it was based on the Ann Landers survey that resulted in 70% saying they wouldn't have kids again I read it and while I won't say it influenced my final decision 8 years later it did make me realize just what was involved with raising a kid and I seemed to know even then that I didn't have a maternal bone in my body Flash forward 38 years later and I'm childfree and fairly pleased with my decision well sure there are those brief moments but they are well very very briefI've never really talked about it and only once was I ever told it was selfish of me not to have kids so I never felt I had to explain my decision; however Jen Kirkman received so many mean spirited comments that she had to constantly defend her decision and that brought on some fairly strident and strong judgments from Jen I did like the book but have to admit there were times Kirkman's humor got a little shrill and over the top but then she does work as a comedy writer for Chelsea Handler whose humor I can only take in short dosesThis is a uick easy read for those who are thinking of not having kids or know they don't want any and may find it somewhat validating Those who like the books by Handler ARE YOU THERE VODKA IT'S ME CHELSEA and CHELSEA CHELSEA BANG BANG will probably like Kirkman's somewhat crass humor and stories a little than I did

  9. Stina says:

    Book #12 for 2014I remember back in the old days of the Web was tinkering with its recommendations programming Having determined that I was a female of childbearing age it persisted in recommending to me nothing but Barney videos Playskool toys and books with titles like Everybody Poops After several weeks of steadfastly declining any and all of these recommendations finally got a clue Just one though because it then started recommending I read nothing but lesbian erotica I have nothing against readers of lesbian erotica but I am not one I don't even like straight erotica and I resent the implications that a the categories of mommy and lesbian are mutually exclusive and b these are the only two identifiable categories of female between the ages of 18 and 35 I probably don't have to tell you that I didn't buy anything from for uite some timeI am finally old enough that people have uit telling me that I'll change my mind about having kids They do still tell me I will regret it someday though and people who don't know me well simply assume that I already have kids So the assumption that as a straight female I must of course need a child in order to be a whole and happy human being still rankles Thus it should not surprise you that this title appealed to meThis was amusing and hit on a lot of the things that bug the hell out of me about smug motherly types Jen's voice put me in mind of Tina Fey's at times but she was still a little lacking in the polish that comes with life experience I also thought Jen got a little rambling and repetitive at times Still it's nice that somebody with a sense of humor tackled this topic I would recommend this to others who like me are child free by choice and want a little validation I might have given it four stars instead of just three if I felt like it would do any good to recommend this to somebody who doesn't understand our perspective and would gain insight from reading it It's of a preachin' to the choir kind of book

  10. Melissa Guimont says:

    This is a hilarious and spot on account of how I feel about that dreaded uestion So when are you going to have kids? I'm glad to find someone else to relate to in this book More than enough times my vacations have been spoiled my sleep in my own house interrupted by the neighbor's kids and my sanity has been tested with kids that are out of control Some parents think it's funny while the non kid friendly side of me wants to hit these parents over the head with their strollers and take away their ability to leave their house The laugh out loud moment came when Jen told about her experience at the adult only pool which was teeming with rugrats Nobody cared including the hotel security but you would better believe it that they would care if as she put it she decided to go into the kiddie pool and act like an adult and scream to my friend the best way to prevent a urinary tract infection after sex Jen relays that she often feels like a monster based on the looks people give her when she replies that she doesn't want kids I find it hard to bite my tongue when people that don't know me well enough tell me how great a mom I would be Obviously they only see me acting great around other people's kids because I have to I don't mind kids and even like my friend's kids because I don't have to take care of them If kids makes my friends happy that's great for them but don't expect me to want to pop out a bunch of heathens because it's a maternal instinct for all women I have pets and plants thank you very much Thanks Jen for making me feel like I'm not alone

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