Trails of Love I Crawl (Guardian Demon, #1)

Trails of Love I Crawl (Guardian Demon, #1)[PDF / Epub] ✎ Trails of Love I Crawl (Guardian Demon, #1) ☂ Ciaran O. Dwynvil – This mesmerizing gay erotic paranormal fantasy is the first part of Guardian Demon Series that will hold you prisoner to unforgettable stories of life love and lust set amid an intriguing fantasy worl Love I eBook ☆ This mesmerizing gay erotic paranormal fantasy is the first part of Guardian Demon Series that will hold you prisoner to unforgettable stories of life love and lust set amid an intriguing fantasy world Dwynvil's uniue storytelling will captivate you by vivid imagery narratives told from multiple points Trails of Epub / of view and explorations of the darker side of Ds theme where safe words aren't used What happens when a guardian of two young men in love is misguided in his beliefs about gay relationships and sends his charges to a reformatory Amédée's and Lucien's first reactions are of Love I PDF/EPUB ¼ shock and fear but they have no other choice than to submit to their guardian's will Viktor a first class impostor and the co owner of the fearful institution is ready to subject them to all kinds of painful reformations OrThe story of two star crossed lovers soon picks up the pace when Viktor realizes that he is not entirely immune to Amédée's charms And when High Demon Belial the Prince of Trickery the Lord of Lust and the Antilight takes an interest in the innocent youths events gather even momentum Are the mortals ready to walk and crawl the trails of love And what effects will Belial's plays have on their destinies Find out in this epic story about the lust for life and love Content note Trails of Love I Crawl contains explicit sexual scenes including SM and Ds elements that may be considered offensive to some readers All characters in the novel are of legal age.

Love I eBook ☆ Ciaran O Dwynvil the bard of gay erotic fantasy writes for the characters “I'm their happy scribe and their personal bard When they come to me their story is already there and they just need an author willing to listen in silent midnight hours paint their life Trails of Epub / with words and then sing about it on pages of the books That's what I do and what fills my days with joy” This approach to writ.

Trails of Love I Crawl eBook Û Trails of  Epub / Love
  • Kindle Edition
  • 288 pages
  • Trails of Love I Crawl (Guardian Demon, #1)
  • Ciaran O. Dwynvil
  • English
  • 15 January 2015

10 thoughts on “Trails of Love I Crawl (Guardian Demon, #1)

  1. Damian Varn says:

    I will never Ever In all my days Read a book I love so much as that I was laughing with the characters and sobbing almost hysterically when everything got bad and I didn't put the book down unless I absolutely had to I'm so sad that it took me so long to read but it could've taken me a year and I would still be obsessed with that beautiful piece of work I've never felt so immersed in writing It was as if I were there with them and that made it all the amazing With book 2 done I can't wait until I can get a copy of it because I still don't feel that I've entirely returned to reality from this one

  2. Mandy says:

    Ciaran has a way with words He writes very poetically and each word is strewn together seamlessly The words build a uniue and intense world You can’t help but get drawn into this captivating yet dangerous world But it is the characters themselves that really drive the storyThe story centers around two boys Lucien and Amedee From the beginning their journey isn’t an easy one They go through many ups and downs learning along the way about themselves and what it is that their hearts truly desire It is their struggle their loneliness and their open hearts that make you feel for these characters They just want to find a place where they belong a safe place where they can be loved and love in returnOf course the angels and demons of this world have a way of interfering But this only adds to the experience and suspense You wonder why they keep interfering and what their ultimate goal isAs far as the BDSMerotic material it didn’t bother me Instead it added to my emotional attachment of these characters They go through a lot and not all of it is pleasant Isn’t that how real life goes? Of course the experiences they go through seem rather harsh but this just makes you root for them even And you can see how the experiences change the characters and both in very different ways It made it very realistic and it pulls you in making you want to read onI’d recommend this book to those who have an open mind and an open heart If you want a fluffy sweet romance then look elsewhere Nothing is so black and white in real life Why would you expect it to be any different in the books you read? If you want to achieve happiness you have to work at it You have to struggle through your lowest low and work your way back up to the top For those wanting to go on an emotional ride a pleasurable yet painful ride and for those looking for unforgettable characters this book is for you

  3. Realta says:

    I loved this book The characters were written with such depth that you felt you were living the story with them Once I started reading it I could not put the book down until I had finished it; and was saddened when it was done because I loved the characters so much I didn't want to let them go What I really liked is how well the story flowed Unlike some erotic stories where the intimate scenes are abrupt and seem to be added for no purpose the ones in here enhanced the story line They were woven in to be part of the book to allow you to connect with the characters to see how they thought and what they felt and even why their path progressed the way it did With this book you will laugh and cry with the characters get all hot and bothered and in the end be eager for I am truly looking forward to the seuel

  4. Don says:

    Wonderful in the telling this gothic tale has all the elements that make for an excellent read There is a heroic prince mystical characters beyond evil villains and 2 endearing boys who go through some pretty traumatizing situationsbut miraculously survive Their journey is by turns upsetting fun and often wonderfully humorous In any case it’s always compelling The scene of one of the boys climbing into the bed of our handsome hero for protection from a Dr who wants to examine his rear to see if he's been abused is told so delightfully it becomes memorable

  5. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

    The dub connon con doesn't bother me The characters though one of the males cries A LOT stereotypically so skirts to being almost cringe worthy The constant modern language in what is supposed to be a fantasy world is annoying but the biggest crime in my opinion is the use of the word bunny to describe the two innocent youths I Just Can't And to think this is actually good idea once again badly executed

  6. Kirsty says:

    And Ciaran's first novel is not a disappointmentI had been waiting for it to come out for a while and grabbed it as soon as I knew it was availableThe characters places and of course emotions are all well written and extremely detailed There is so much pain love loss sexual tension and just rare emotion that this first book will be a roller coaster ride and never boringThis is a gay erotica romance novel and although there is a lot of love in it there is also uite a bit of dark bdsm themes which maybe hard for some to read as it was for me in partsBut the character development the relationships and just the over all start of this story is not to be missed and I look forward to reading about these amazing and diverse characters in the next book

  7. Vivian says:

    25 starsJust not tickling me Epic scale with three separate plot lines While I liked the concept of two gentle souls tormented lost and then found again the execution was awkward Radical freuent point of view shifts and info dumps made it less engaging Book ends abruptly with unresolved issues so it reads like an installment than a stand alone book Moderate BDSM elements of humiliation and bound to be a hit with enema and medical practices devotees

  8. * Booksessed * Bec says:

    Book provided by the authorThis was a really interesting read It had a lot going on not just the main plot but what was almost separate stories too It definitely kept me interested and there were a lot of surprises I didn't see happening It has some strong characters and I look forward to reading about them

  9. Forrest says:

    Hard to get used to the prose but once i did it just wrapped around my heartsuch beautiful wordsi loved it

  10. Jennifer says:

    This book seemed to have a lot of potential but the truth is I could not get into it The third book in the series popped up on a group I follow so I thought I'd try the first book and see how it went There are a number of reasons that this book just didn't do it for me1 Show tell less There was way too much detailing in very long paragraph form2 Descriptions of characters Being flowery and descriptive has its moments and can be wonderful I found that much of it was way over the top in this book I do not need three descriptive words strung together to know what color is eyes are In fact at that point it beings to take away from the book 3 The continually shifting points of view were hard to follow 4 This is a personal thing but this book simply came across too much as a couple of kids being tortured The main characters are always referred to as boys as young or as rabbits that analogy got old fast and in the end I couldn't see them as anything other than children despite the fact that they are supposed to be 18 and 20 or somewhere in that range 5 So if sexual torture of innocents is what you want to read be my guest These aspects of the book were described in detail when other important information was simply glossed over It was than I cared to read especially when it went on and on for paragraphs If that's what you want to read have fun It's not my cup of tea In the end I think that there were some interesting ideas here and some of the characters had potential I would prefer to read a book about adults

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