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Wicked Gentlemen❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Wicked Gentlemen Author Ginn Hale – Bluevapours.co.uk Belimai Sykes is many things a Prodigal the descendant of ancient demons a creature of dark temptations and rare powers He is also a man with a brutal past and a dangerous addiction And Belimai Sykes Belimai Sykes is many things a Prodigal the descendant of ancient demons a creature of dark temptations and rare powers He is also a man with a brutal past and a dangerous addiction And Belimai Sykes is the only man Captain William Harper can turn to when faced with a series of grisly murdersBut Mr Sykes does not work for free and the price of Belimai's company will cost Captain Harper far than his reputation From the ornate mansions of noblemen where vivisection and sorcery are hidden beneath a veneer of gold to the steaming slums of Hells Below Captain Harper must fight for justice and for his lifeHis enemies are many and his only ally is a devil he knows too well Such are the dangers of dealing with the wicked.


Wicked Gentlemen PDF ✓ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Wicked Gentlemen
  • Ginn Hale
  • English
  • 07 June 2014
  • 9780978986117

10 thoughts on “Wicked Gentlemen

  1. Lyn❤Loves❤Listening says:

    Audio 4 starsStory 35 It's me not the book starsI’m pretty sure this is my first Steampunk read and that maybe the reason why I spent a good part of the story confused Confused but not bored There was enough action and violence to keep me interested not to mention I really enjoyed Ginn Hale’s writing This is one of those stories were the romance takes a backseat to the investigation and there's not much relationship development But I liked the idea of a demon and a priestinvestigator falling in love Although I couldn’t feel the full effect of their connection I liked them together I’m sure if this was a series I’d fall in love with them and as a coupleI find it hard to leave any kind of coherent review This book was like looking at a piece of art that I really like looking at but can’t find the words to express all the reasons why I did mention I was confused right? Maybe after a rereadlisten or several that light bulb above my head will turn on shrugsI am excited that there will be audiobooks by the author coming out this year

  2. Josh says:

    It's a long time since I've relished a book this much or had that sense of having lost myself in another world Hale's marvellous creation of a Barrie esue AU England and her wonderful characters held me spell bound for an entire evening I was very sorry when it ended as I could have followed the adventures of Captain Harper and Belimai Sykes very contentedly for another 300 pages

  3. Kristalia says:

    Final rating 45 stars Some romances end badly than others But view spoilerthis is not that kind of a story hide spoiler

  4. Mir says:

    Centuries ago the fallen angels accepted certain legal restrictions in order to get out of Hell and live on earth Now their diminished descendants are second class citizens living in a ghetto and scapegoated by the Inuisition Responsible for policing crime as well as heresy the Inuisition uses torture and drugs to extract confessions and is subject to little external controlBelimai Sykes ran afoul of the Inuisition years ago and was never the same Thus he is less than pleased to have one of their officers knock at his door But Captain Harper's sister is missing and the last thing he wants is to draw official attention to her affairs with demonsStructurally this is really two novellas with the same protagonists but Hale does have some carry over from the first story's events in the second part realistically portraying how the past and especially its deceptions exert continued influence Fun sympathetic characters original setting and smart fast paced plots balancing traditional action fantasy elements like prison breaks and sneaking into castles make this a pleasure to read

  5. Sofia says:

    Liked the world the story the characters and the POV which was dual so we got to see both characters from inside and out and Hale ably shows that how we see ourselves is not how others see us With all the uestions I had Hale made me curious interested to read immediately but she did answer them so I'm goodThis book should totally be read together with the following two shorts They satisfied the I needed as in the book the romance the intimacy remains a bit fade to black a ball of love to be protected kept away from dangerous prying eyes With the shorts we are allowed to see of the intimacy So my rating includes themhttpitsaboutthebookcom20150713httpblindeyebookscomextras BR with a lot of great girls

  6. Mel says:

    While reading I have found so many great paragraphs and sentences I loved the words that Ginn Hale used in her book It is full of atmosphere depth and wit She created two uniue and absolutely loveable characters with Belimai and HarperWICKED GENTLEMEN is separated into two parts two cases but tells us the one story of how Belimai and Harper meet and ultimately find a future together The first part is told from Belimai's POV the second from Harper's and I thought this devision was really well done and thought out In my opinion this contributed to the story overall and to the insight into both characters because we got both the outside and inside view of themI don't want to tell you much definitely not about the creative world Ginn Hale created because the not knowing will heighten the reading experience There were really great secondary characters and background stories the romance between Belimai and Harper was gentle and sweet slow and cautious In a way also very different to what I've read before Subtle“Is it bad?” Harper caught Belimai’s hand to inspect the cut “No” Belimai replied “I’m just starting to get the shakes” “You should’ve had me do it” Harper sueezed the cut trying to stop the bleeding Belimai hissed at him “What are you doing?” “Stopping the bleeding You apply pressure” Harper said “What kind of cretin are you? Haven’t you ever heard of kissing it and making it better?” “You have to be joking” Harper replied “No it works You put it in your mouth and suck on it” “I thought only children did that” Harper started to laugh then noticed Belimai’s narrowed eyes “All right then I’ll do it if you’d like” He pressed his lips against Belimai’s finger and then gently kissed the small cutThis book made me happy and had me captivated and generally this was just a perfect match for me RecommendedYou can find uotes and some thoughts in the spoiler from during my reading time view spoiler The female firefly reached out and stroked the male He rushed into her embrace Holding him close she crushed her powerful mandibles through his head Their flickering bodies blinked in perfect unison as she devoured himSome romances end badly than others—I wanted to be undone swallowed whole and dissipated into a thoughtless existence I did not long to be lost in God or Glory; I just wished to be lost—Captain Harper did not trust me which was just as well I am not a good person I am naturally inclined to lie Even my mother had thought so It was wise of the captain to put his trust in the value of his gold and not in my good faith Still I resented him for such insight into my character—Some had attempted to save me I had been wept on slapped and pulled into a dozen chapels by men who had mistaken me for their true loveNone of them had understood that my moments of sweetness were pure ophorium Everything that they seemed to love about me came from the needles they detested The man they desired was an illusion an ugly stone made briefly beautiful by a trick of the light In their own ways each of them had fallen as deeply in love with my addiction as I had —I supposed it was in keeping with my deceptive nature that I should have lied even to myself—Once I had loved Sariel enough to destroy myself for him But I was no longer the same man I was no longer that strongI heard Sariel's uiet goodbye from high above e and I whispered my own in return It was all that I had left to say to him—“I guess we should call this goodbye—” Belimai began “Like hell” Harper grabbed Belimai at the waist and flung him up over his shoulder Then he turned with Belimai and walked away from the rotting ship“Harper” Belimai hung limply against Harper’s back “What do you think you’re doing?” “What I damn well should have done from the start” Harper snapped “I didn’t run myself half to death just to hand you over to the Butcher Street Crone I came to save your life and no matter what you want that’s what I’m going to do”—Somehow I found it ridiculously funny that Belimai hides Harper's hat that he wants it takes it and that's just it I thought this was a brilliant scene because he's so fascinated by the hat from the beginning then borrows it and then he considers it his But while Belimai is so often very self reflective and lets us in os his thoughts and feelings we're just presented with his deeds here as if this was an unconscious thing he couldn't help but do I loved that hide spoiler

  7. Argona says:

    I read many good reviews before decoding to give this book a try and as I started to read I could see why there are so many positive comments This book is in two parts and the second part was my favorite The world building is simply amazing and very uniue The characters are complex and easy to love This is a sweet love story in a very dark world where there is plenty of violence torture addiction religious fanaticism and prejudice But even in a world such as this one there is always always hope I simply wish to read stories from this very very well written universe

  8. Bookwatcher says:

    First comment this book is the winner of an award the Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Best Novel 2008 and deserve it This uniue fantasy MM book is divided in two stories with the same characters but different storytellerBook onethe first part of this book is a deep immersion on Belimai thoughts and feelingsBelimai is a tormented Prodigal aka a half demon  That's all can't say You will discover at Belimai will his past and pains With his unstoppable  sarcasm he will let you know every horror of his past and I guess that you like me will love himI enjoy the mystery that started right away on the first page Harper a inuisitor captain pay Belimai to help him to find his missing sister An inuisitor is the euivalent of a cop division against prodigals and obviously the worst nightmare of any prodigal but Belimai He simply don't care and his addiction to drug is his motive to take the jobWhat I adore reading this first part? Belimai physical description I love his demon appearance his black nails pale skin yellow bright eyes So horrible and sensual at the same time I admire fantasy books with fantastic world perfectly described and this book is one of the few that demonstrate a great imagination I loved the explanation of demons rising from hell to stay with us humans and what happen to their descendants  Great character wonderful story and certainly marvelous writing Worth of 5 stars just by this partBook twoBy far is my favorite part of the book Now will be Harper the narrator of the book Again there will be a lot of action and finally passion between the two characters Don't expect long romantic scenes there is NO sex scene description just to be very clear and this is why I like so much this second part of the story The tame and sweet passion between this two strong and lone man grow with each page in a perfect speedEpilogeVery uick and again Belimai is the narrator I refuse to spoil the story telling if there is or not a happy end I can say that in my opinion it was a perfect end To a perfect bookEnjoy the reading and watch out hell is empty and demons live in your worldBTW my Belimaiimage from the graphic novel Sandman by Neil Gaiman

  9. Shelley says:

    Aah Wicked Gentlemen what a treat this is Brutal murderings a dark and gritty world mystery violence demons vengeance and addiction Tis just my thingGinn Hale’s imagination and inventiveness is as always an awesome thing to behold She creates a world where demons or prodigals now live under oppression in a city of night built under the city of men – she calls it Hells Below and the atmosphere is repressive dark or at best gas lit The streets above are crooked and the smell of piss and baked bread vanilla and horse tweaks my nose such is the realism of her descriptive wordingWicked Gentlemen is a story in two books; the first is about a set of gruesome murders and an investigation told from Belimai’s POV The pace is fast and the thrill of the mystery is well thrilling sorry Ginn Hale I am not The second book is told from Captain Harper’s POV and it’s about vengeance healing and romanceBelimai is a self exiled prodigal demon who is called on by Captain Harper to help with an investigation into the murders of other prodigal demons His self flagellating dispirited character with nuance of demon is magnetic I loved his darkness his cynical snark and his flaws; plus he has the coolest demon ability ever Harper is light to Belimai’s dark – a perfect if somewhat hesitant matchTo me the strength of this novel is the joy of reading the words of a true wordsmith Hale builds worlds and people with such scope and depth that it’s no effort at all to fall into them head first; just like you would if presented with a vat of cherry chocolate mousse and not in reality the filthy smelly streets of a foreign world inhabited by demons and madmen Her writing enthrals and excites me because there is always something between the lines to discoverJust read this from the demon Belamai’s POV see how subtly Hale reveals his personality delicately exposing his wickedness“I held the shot glass up and watched the way the liuid distorted the image of Captain Harper’s face There was something fascinating about the way it flawed his features It only took a tiny shift just a curve of glass to ruin him”An innocent observation jealousy admiration or a subtle threat? Either way it lends itself beautifully in revealing the darkness within Belimai it’s beautiful to meSo why not five stars? As much as I loved this world and its characters something in the romantic development between book 1 and 2 was missing I felt like I missed its evolution into the something I found myself disappointed that the ending reached such a logical slightly anticlimactic conclusion I didn’t want it to end so neatly I wanted of something else something like Wow But still; Ginn Hale is a Goddess and I shall continue my eternal worship of her talentRecommended for everyone even if you don’t read fantasy or paranormal Read it because it is a rare author who can give you this

  10. Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    Wow This was amazing This was true literature the beauty of the prose still lingers with me It's made me doubt my own abilities as a writer It also had everything I love uniue world building in a modern fantasy framework as opposed to epic or high fantasy suspense murder mayhem a broken protagonist characters that are uniue and that I love unusual theme etc I had no idea how they would get to a point where anything worked out at the end right up until the epilogueMy favorite character Belimai isn't in the second half as much but other than that that section was in some ways even better than the first I want a seuel very very very muchI loved the thing with the hat You'll just have to read it to see what I meanThe book is really funny too Here are some of my favorite uotes and she even breaks some writing rules and it doesn't matterYour rooms look good Harper said Did you paint the walls white?No I just washed themHmm pg 211No matter who came through the door the secretary seemed to have a form for him to fill out I had completed mine in the first minute of entering the room by simply leaving the uestions unanswered and printing my name at the top of the page in the kind of deformed clumsy script that screamed of illiteracyAt that time I had thought I was clever for so deftly eluding the paperwork but now I regretted it At least filling the form out would have used up a little of the empty time I now had I might have been able to amuse myself by writing in deliberately obtuse answers and a few outright lies pg 80Their big romantic scene done in their very low key way view spoilerDo you remember the first time we slept together? he askedYes Belimai frowned slightly at the change of subject You were so drunk I'd be surprised if you did thoughI remember the morning after Harper went on You wanted to make sure that I didn't harbor any romantic inclination toward you I assured you that I didn'tI remember Belimai watched him intently as if the next words Harper said might cause the floor to collapse beneath them bothI may have lied pg 194 hide spoiler

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