Ideas for Development

      Ideas for Development
Our world seems entangled in systems increasingly dominated by power, greed, ignorance, self deception and denial, with spiralling inequity and injustice Against a backdrop of climate change, failing ecosystems, poverty, crushing debt and corporate exploitation, the future of our world looks dire and the solutions almost too monumental to consider Yet all is not lost Robert Chambers, one of the glass is half full optimists of international development, suggests that the problems can be solved and everyone has the power at a personal level to take action, develop solutions and remake our world as it can and should be Chambers peels apart and analyses aspects of development that have been neglected or misunderstood In each chapter, he presents an earlier writing which he then reviews and reflects upon in a contemporary light before harvesting a wealth of powerful conclusions and practical implications for the future The book draws on experiences from Africa, Asia and elsewhere, covering topics and concepts as wide and varied as irreversibility, continuity and commitment administrative capacity as a scarce resource procedures and principles participation in the past, present and future scaling up behaviour and attitudes responsible wellbeing and concepts for development in the 21st century. New Download [ Ideas for Development ] author [ Robert Chambers ] –

Robert ChambersSince the 1980s, he has been one of the leading advocates for putting the poor, destitute and marginalised at the centre of the processes of development policy In particular he argues they should be taken into account when the development problem is identified, policy formulated and projects implemented He popularised within development circles such phrases as putting the last first and stressed the now generally accepted need for development professionals to be critically self aware The widespread acceptance of a participatory approach is in part due to his work 1 This includes participatory rural appraisal.Robert Chambers and G.R Conway provided the first elaborated definition of the concept of sustainable livelihoods which reads a livelihood comprises the capabilities, assets stores, resources, claims and access and activities required for a means of living a livelihood is sustainable which can cope with and recover from stress and shocks, maintain or enhance its capabilities and assets, and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for the next generation and which contributes net benefits too there livelihoods at the local and global levels and in the short and long term

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      Ideas for Development
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