Dead Man and the Restless Spirits Dead Man #1

Dead Man and the Restless Spirits Dead Man #1[Read] ➪ Dead Man and the Restless Spirits Dead Man #1 By Lou Harper – Dying sucks hairy monkey balls even when you're not the stiffDenton Mills has a secret he can see dead people Or rather how they died It's uite a drag in a city like Chicago teeming with the echoes of Dying sucks hairy monkey and the PDF/EPUB ì balls even when you're not the stiffDenton Mills has a secret he can see dead people Or rather how they died It's uite a drag in a city like Chicago teeming with the echoes of the no longer living Dead Man PDF \ Rather than whine about it Denton has learned to live with his troublesome talent His adaptability comes in handy when he meets his enigmatic new neighborBran Maurell catches Denton's eye right away but unfortunately Mr Tall Dark and Mysterious is as standoffish as he Man and the PDF Î is alluring However after an unexpected introduction from Bran's cat brings the two men together Denton discovers they have a mutual interest in the spirit world Herbalist by day Bran moonlights as a witch performing house cleansings for a feeFrom Bran Denton learns that Man and the Restless Spirits PDF/EPUB or his knack for interacting with the dead ualifies him as a necromancer It makes good business sense for them to team Man and the Restless Spirits PDF/EPUB or up and rid Chicago of its pesky spirits one grateful client at a time Amongst ghostly adventures the attraction between the men is impossible to ignore They seem like perfect partners—unless Bran's not so little secret comes between themWarning men loving men ghosts with attitudes and a portly feline with hidden talentsNote Denton also plays a small but important role in Spirit Sanguine.

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Dead Man and the Restless Spirits Dead Man #1 PDF Ê
  • ebook
  • 166 pages
  • Dead Man and the Restless Spirits Dead Man #1
  • Lou Harper
  • English
  • 07 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Dead Man and the Restless Spirits Dead Man #1

  1. Monique says:

    These two men are the perfect match for each other and their tale is most definitely one of opposites attract we a have a veritable delight of paranormal beings from ghost to witches and demons to vampires each story had me captivated and linked seamlessly and paced so we as readers absorbed enough information to keep reading and greedy for

  2. Susan says:

    35 starsLou Harper is a new to me author and I really really enjoy her style Her writing is funny and uirky and sarcastic and those all appeal to me The story is about Denton who as a necromancer is able to see dead people as well as feel summon spirits He doesn’t know much about his gifts or how he can utilize them until he meets his new neighbor Bran Bran is mysterious and a man of few words and Denton is drawn to him immediatelydespite it being obvious the guy has secretsDenton in his pierced care free take no sht way is charming and funny Bran in his brooding stoic powerful way is sexy and hot When Denton is finally able to break down the walls with Bran and get to his secrets the pairing is likable and the partnership between them is sweet Bran teaches Denton how to utilize his gifts and Denton teaches Bran how to lighten up Being a sucker for a strong man reduced to a sap by love I really enjoyed this coupling The story as a whole is interesting It reads like an episodic serial than a novel and that actually felt like I was getting to know these MC’s over a span of time and shared experiences That also however made the story feel choppy and I found myself putting my kindle down often and not being compelled to power through in one sitting And though the story I could tell wanted to break through and be fresh and original it harkened me back to a similar feel plot in Jordan Castillo Price’s “PsyCop” serieswhich had the benefit of being my “first” and thus of course I compare all others to it Denton is no Vic Bayne and Bran though a hottie would so lose to Jacob in a death match for sure Dead Man the Restless Spirits in my mind places a distant second Though I do like Denton and Bran I didn’t really get to know them well enough to LOVE them I think I just need It’s a solid book 1 I am looking forward to the series continuing and I do recommend this to anyone who enjoys this paranormal in a contemporary setting genre Oh and for all of you rando’s out there in GR land that I notice chit chattin’ about tentacle sexwellthere might be something of the kind’ish in this bookjust sayin’Review AND giveaway available at

  3. Ami says:

    375 stars rounded upLou Harper continues her style of writing episodic stories after Dead in LA and Spirit Sanguine with this first book in Dead Man series starring Denton Mills It's a spin off from Spirit Sanguine where Denton first appearsI would like to comment on the episodic stories first While this structure makes the book light and enjoyable to read since each 'episode' will be about a case that Denton and Bran handle it also makes it slightly lack of deep study on the characters especially Denton as the narrator of this story Like everything is on the surface only I mean personally I don't feel like I know about Denton by the time I reach the end he can see dead people Bran helps him nurture his power he is a good match for Bran and he's never serious But what else? What will make Denton tick? What will make Denton sad? Bran on the other hand might start as an enigma for his stoic and introverted attitude However he opens up a bit and Bran's mother provides a story that help my seeing Bran as a character Apart from that I enjoy this as much as I enjoy the predecessor Spirit Sanguine It is fun to read that Denton's power is than just being able to see dead people Bran being a male witch is interesting especially since he deals a lot with herbs and not simply spells The other information about Bran view spoilerhe is half demon and he has tails which can make the sex veeeerrrryyyy interesting for Denton grin hide spoiler

  4. Lou Harper says:

    Denton was a supporting character in Spirit Sanguine but managed to steal most of the scenes he was in I had to give him his own story He has a special relationship with the dead; among other things he can see what he calls death tracesI based his talent on my hodge podge of ideas regarding ghost sightings and stuff According to my utterly unscientific theory paranormal phenomena like ESP psychics and ghosts are strongly connected to human emotions People leave traces of themselves behind at times of extreme emotion and what 's emotional than the moment of death right? In a way Denton's a lot like a bloodhound being able to sense something other people can'tOf course someone like Denton can't have any garden variety romantic interest So Bran Maurell is somethingelse And that's all I'm gonna sayOh yeah the cover I worked on this for months I had real hard time with it at the beginning not having a clear idea what I wanted But after a few false starts I made this and I'm pretty darn happy with it

  5. ttg says:

    4 45 stars – Very enjoyable set of 3 connected paranormal mysteries about “Dead Man” Denton who can see or sense ghosts and his tall dark sexy and very introverted male witch neighbor Bran If you’ve read Harper’s Spirit Sanguine you may remember Denton as a major side character there It’s not necessary to read Spirit Sanguine to enjoy Dead Man although I recommend both books—they’re both a fun readWhereas Spirit Sanguine focused on the growing relationship between vampire Harvey and slayer Gabe and who both make a uick appearance in this book Dead Man focuses on Denton graphic designerghost see er and overall easy going guy who grabs at the chance to move into a cheap apartment one that comes with just one warning—his new neighbor is creepyDenton mostly finds neighbor Bran sexy as hell but overly aloof and seemingly a dick But first impressions soon change as they continue to crash into each other partially helped by Bran’s fat black cat and soon Bran’s wall caves a little under Denton’s endlessly leering opportunism and he invites Denton to follow along on some spirit banning business while informing him that yes guy witches are called witches too Go with the flow Denton follows along not uite ready yet to share his own secrets but soon both find themselves opening up and connectingI really dug the book—I find it low key and also excessively readable and enjoyable and filled with lots of great little touches and details that reveal so much about the characters and their uirks Like Denton’s sweet tooth or Bran’s penchant for loose fitting jeans Their relationship develops over the three stories each one about a different spirit and it was fun to see introverted socially awkward Bran’s slow thaw and Denton’s realization that this fun thing between them might actually be pretty serious There are also some nice surprises that I didn’t see coming which made me want to go back and reread to see what signs had been dropped earlierAs usual with Harper’s books I found the writing and the dialogue effortless and realistic so it was always easy for me to sink into the story and picture Denton and Bran moving around Bran’s plant filled apartment while dodging “big boned” Murry I also appreciated that the MCs didn’t click well at first their styles being so different Fortunately for Bran Denton is both easy going and very randy so he doesn’t give up easily I find Denton pretty refreshing He might be a little short skinny but he is no blushing shrinking violet and is pretty open and upfront about sex and needs and what fun things can be done to assist with conflict resolutionIf I had one point against it’s that although I was very satisfied with the story and it ends well so no cliff hanger endings for those of you who worry it still felt like such a taste for me and I totally could swim in this world all day There are still a couple uestions I’m thinking about view spoilerWill they summon Peter? Will Denton meet Bran’s dad? hide spoiler

  6. Cole Riann says:

    Review posted at The Armchair ReaderI was super excited to read this spinoff of Spirit Sanguine which I really loved because I really felt like I liked Denton a lot in that book He's really funny and he's a natural to have his own book with the fact that he can see ghosts and all or at least the remnants of death And I really did enjoy it I think that I ended up feeling uite different about it than Spirit Sanguine no matter how much I enjoyed it and not relating to the fact that it is essentially different than that book I'll get to why in a bit but most if it has to deal with the way that the story is toldWe first met Denton Mills in Spirit Sanguine a book that was all about a different type of vampires In a way I feel like the viewpoint of vampires from that book as Lou Harper has called the Byronic portrayal of vampires—you know dark and brooding woe is me is somewhat related to how Denton feels about them He's another type of paranormal entity in a city filled with them Chicago but where he sees them as other he's just like a regular guy with a gift or a curse They try to stay away from one another for the most part probably as it is thought of in Spirit Sanguine because of the death that surrounds vampires Our picture of him in that book is separate from and uite lonely though with a uick wit and acerbically funny facade Dead Man shows Denton's world and while they're mostly the same the focus is different The vampires are uite separate from his daily life except when he thinks about Gabe and the crush he had But he's still uite lonely He has a hard time relating to people especially those who don't know his secret But when staying in his best friend Joy's apartment he finally starts to learn about his gift and the wider world of witches and necromancy all because of the hot guy next door who might also be a serial killer and the man's cat MurryThis book is enjoyable for itself even if you haven't read Spirit Sanguine But if you have read that book then I think you'll enjoy this one as well because in writing style they're similar in many ways Denton is really funny and just in the first chapter or so and especially with his interactions with the cat I was totally hooked I think that is what made the book enjoyable for me mostly Denton's interaction with his surroundings and with Bran They make a really great pair but the real joy of reading the book comes from Denton's voice That said I think that you really have to enjoy that for the book to be a total winner for you Because while I enjoyed their paranormal investigative efforts together I also felt like they were uiet small mysteries that didn't go nearly as in depth as I would have wished And that's fine because I know that their story isn't finished and Lou has plans for for this couple But it does mean that I ended this book feeling less of a connection between the two than in many of Lou's other books On the other hand that makes me even excited for the seuel because I'm interested in where this couple will go And of course I love Denton So I wholeheartedly recommend this one just for the joy of reading it It's a fun book and not long so you can enjoy it in a day or one sitting when you need a little pick me up a little humor and some really good writing Now that I've read almost all of her backlist I can see that Lou has written some of the best characters in the mm romance genre Perhaps its that I find my reading preferences and her writing style mesh really well but I think that Denton highlights what I really love about Lou's characters which is that they're smart funny and perceptive And that they always have a different and uniue way of looking at the world I can't say than that

  7. Tamara says:

    Re read 0620 Still fun Original review 35This was fun The story is light without being fluffy It's divided into cases so in that way it reminds me of Dance with the Devil a bit I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series

  8. DarienMoya says:

    45I am so in love with Lou Harper's Paranormal romances it’s freaking insane With Dead Man and the Restless Spirits following the same set up as Spirit Sanguine it was all a freaking delight And to see a character I previously enjoyed get his HEA was a real joy to readDenton Mills can see dead people and sometimes it sucks a whole lot He's learnt to care with his episodes but just like death they can come on all unexpected like So he tries to live as normal as possible by holding down a job and hope echoes of the dead don't intrude on his day When a friend shares that there is an apartment up for rent Denton jumps at the opportunity to move into a nicer place But of course there is no such thing as perfection because Denton is warned about the next door neighbour who may or may not be a serial killer One thing is for sure that sourly neighbour isn't into making friends but Denton is no uitterBecoming fast friends with his neighbour Bran Maurell is easier said than done because damn is the man a bit antisocial Though he did manage to get into his cat's good graces Denton has to decided to kill him with sugar and before he knows it he's finding out that Bran is a witch and Denton is about to accompany him to a cleansing Seems Bran gets rid of ghosts for a living he's not exactly loving what he does but he does it anyways or else mommy will get him Denton finds himself smack dab in the middle of the very things he's been trying to avoid but he does get to spend time with Bran and that is a plusTheir sexual chemistry is off the chain and they work well together but Denton can't help feel like Bran is holding something back They have incredible sex but Bran seems to always be wearing all his clothes and Denton has had enough of that What he uncovers is a surprise and all types of awesome and I don't want to give anything away but let’s just say I got all types of Hell Boy feelsDenton and Bran are entertaining sexy and so hilarious Follow them as they cleanse a restaurant from a troublesome ghost rid a girl from a possession and reunite lovers in the afterlife while battling a meddling mom I love the characters that Lou Harper has created and Dead Man and the Restless Spirits has now made her a must read author for me I was just blisssed out while reading this and I can't wait for keep em coming Miss HarperShould You Read It? Hell Yes A wonderfully written paranormal with great characters and non stop entertainment Denton will steal a bit of your heart and Bran will just capture all of it It should be on everyone's must read radar

  9. Kaje Harper says:

    This book is constructed as episodic novellas but it flows together fairly well Denton is a website designer who also sees ghosts and the echoes of recent death Bran is an herbalist and witch who lives next door to Denton's new apartment At first Bran seems remote and uninterested but gradually Denton's cheerful personality and unusual skills catch his attentionThe set up here is fun the banter has some nice moments and the guys compliment each other The take is very light It skates over a host of possible deeper issues from Bran's past to the fact that Denton can't drive due to episodes triggered by running into people's death moments There is potential for real emotion but it never uite happens The cases they deal with are puzzles to solve than heart and mind engagement There is a very matter of fact tone to both the paranormal and the personal aspects of these storiesTaken on that level the book is a fun read and I will pick up the next one especially with the promise of the frog in the title But if you are looking for dark emotional or intense paranormal or romance then this won't be the book for you It does have an excellent cat though

  10. Tami says:

    I liked it I really didBUT it was not so very special though it had some well extraordinary parts There was some funny banter in the beginning and some nice and interesting storiescases with paranormal context but overall it was a nice read And I notice that I am not so invested in those two guys that I would wait nail bitingly expectant for the next installment Don't know why but it just didn't grab me that much though I felt a mite bit protective of Denton As I said a nice read nothing wrong with it just not that gripping for me

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