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Cross the Ocean❰PDF❯ ❤ Cross the Ocean Author Holly Bush – 1871 Worlds collide when American Suffragist Gertrude Finch and titled Brit Blake Sanders meet in an explosive encounter that may forever bind them together Gertrude Finch escorts a young relative to Worlds collide when American Suffragist Gertrude Finch and titled Brit Blake Sanders meet in an explosive encounter that may forever bind them together Gertrude Finch escorts a young relative to London and encounters the stuffy Duke of Wexford at his worst Cross the Ocean is the story of an undesired yet undeniable attraction that takes Blake and Gertrude across an ocean and into each other’s arms.

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  • 06 August 2016
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10 thoughts on “Cross the Ocean

  1. Keri says:

    HB always tells an old tale but in a new fresh way The story starts out in a completely startling way the mother of 3 kids walks away from a 17 year marriage and the duke she walks away from never saw it coming Even though he had a mistress for several of those years Now you were thinking that the story was about these two and finding their way back to one another but nopenot so fast Blake'sour duke friend is newly married and in love he is also hosting his wife's American cousin Gertrude She is loud bold and brash Did I also mention that she is beautiful in her own way and a bit of a big girlin certain parts of her body ; This becomes the story of a 41 year old man growing up and recognizing what is really important in his life He drops the mistress gets a divorce manages to become a friend to his ex wife learns to value his children and listen to them as well a fall in love with a brash American It is a slow go because he is darn hard headed in his beliefs and it takes Gertrude awhile to beat it into his head The ending was sweet and I finished it with a smile on my face

  2. Caz says:

    35 starsA thoroughly unsympathetic hero at the start Blake Saunders Duke of Wexford is certain of his place in the world arrogant and rather stuffy At the beginning of the story we learn that his wife of eighteen years has left him and that he is far from broken hearted In fact he is concerned with appearances and how he is going to explain the situation to his children and his friends and hold his head up in society He’d never really loved his wife so reading between the lines it’s easy to see why she finally left – she was unappreciated and unloved and her husband like most society gentlemen kept a mistressBut when Blake meets Miss Gertrude Finch a distant cousin of one of his friends he finds his ordered existence and his assumptions that he will automatically receive the deference due his station are turned on their heads Miss Finch is outspoken has no care for what society may say of her and certainly no care for what a puffed up and self important member of the British aristocracy thinksThey take an instant dislike to each other – he doesn’t like that she says what she thinks and she thinks he needs taking down a peg or several; but that dislike doesn’t stop him from grabbing her in full view of his friends and children and snogging the life out of her Needless to say both Blake and Gert as she is called throughout are horrified even though they admit to themselves – individually later on that it had been one hell of a kissTheir mutual antagonism and attraction continues until one night Blake ends up in Gert’s bed and they make love He proposes marriage as he feels is his duty but Gert will have none of it and shortly afterwards boards ship to go homeUnbeknownst to her William Blake’s eldest son has stowed away on board believing that it is his only chance to see something of the world William – or Will as he becomes known – is uite happy to bunk down and work as a member of the crew seeing it as part of his adventure Back in England Blake has hidden himself away in order to nurse his wounds and doesn’t discover his son’s absence for a week Will expects his father to send someone to retrieve him – but instead Blake decides to go himself to retrieve his son and he hopes to see Gertrude againI rather enjoyed the descriptions of Blake’s journey through the ‘wilds’ of America accompanied by his faithful valet Benson to turns out to be a handy chap to have around Blake goes from being an upright and uptight nobleman to a man who is finally learning what is important in his life He sleeps outdoors gets set upon by ruffians helps to deliver a baby hunts for his dinner and generally ‘roughs it’ – and realises that he feels freer than he’s ever felt in his entire lifeWhen Blake and Gertrude finally reunite he is shocked to discover that she is pregnant – and she still refuses to marry him He sees that he has not treated her as well as he could have done but what he doesn’t know is that her refusals of his suit are not just down to his behaviour Gert was abandoned by her father at the age of twelve and lost her mother to illness shortly afterwards With her dying breaths her mother cautioned her against men like her father – handsome charmers who leave when they’re done – and Gert sees history repeating itself in her relationship with BlakeAlthough he wants desperately to stay with Gert at least until the baby is born problems in England mean he has no alternative but to return home with Will at his side I felt the ending was a little too drawn out but I suppose all's well that ends wellOverall I enjoyed the book and I thought the story was solid and for the most part well realised but there were several things that prevented me from giving it a higher ratingThere were several typographical and grammatical errors in the copy I received but annoying was the way that the characters referred to Blake who was the Duke of Wexford by his surname Sanders I can understand that perhaps the author was trying to show that Gert was unimpressed by the ceremony accorded a British peer but even Blake’s stickler of a mother in law also referred to him in the same way as did many other characters And then there was the way that on several occasions in the early part of the book Blake grabbed and kissed Gertrude in public and in front of his children I imagine this was partly to convey the fact that his wits fled him completely in Gert’s company but it still doesn’t feel right that a man who was brought up to be very aware of his conseuence and always to act in the proper manner would so completely ignore all the rules by which he had lived his life Also the way that many of the other characters spoke candidly to and with Blake about his sex life just didn’t ring trueThere was also the matter of his divorce His duchess leaves him at the beginning of the book and yet it’s only about eight weeks later that we are told the couple are divorced I know divorce was possible in 1871 but it certainly wouldn’t have taken a mere two months The timespan of Gertrude’s pregnancy is similarly truncated; she is suffering from morning sickness and has missed her period on the boat back to America but when Blake arrives at her home just a few weeks after she does she is already obviously pregnant Blake stays at the ranch for a few weeks before he has to leave – and when Gertrude decides to pursue him we’re told she’s eight months pregnant Given that her sea voyage took six weeks from the UK to America I’d guess it would have taken the same in the reverse direction in which case she should have given birth on boardI know that picking up on things like this may seem unnecessarily pedantic but they were things that broke the flow as I was reading and took me out of the storyOn the positive side I thought that Blake’s relationship with Will was well written and I liked the way that Blake came to see the difficulties about how to deal with his eldest son a boy on the verge of manhood who would naturally look to his father for guidance Blake realises that he would be giving Will advice that he himself had ignored because of course Blake hasn’t behaved well towards his wife having openly kept a mistress He is also made uncomfortable when realising the double standard he is maintaining when he assures his daughter that her husband would have to answer to him should he prove unfaithful like the majority of the wealthy and titled husbands in society His devotion to his children really shone through however even when he was being his most ducal and asshattishThe story was entertaining overall and I liked the way that Ms Bush managed to redeem Blake who spent most of the first half of the book being in Gert’s words a horse’s arse Given the reservations I've outlined I enjoyed the Cross the Ocean and would certainly give it a ualified recommendation

  3. Emmy says:

    I really have a hard time with the attraction is so stong we literally can't control our actions trope And besides being anachronistic for the time period I didn't feel a particular connection to any of the characters After reading a review that synopsizes what I imagine to be the majority of the book I can tell this is not going to engage me any farther along than it is now which is not at all I need a 5 star read right now so I'm just going to move along This was nothing like Bush's earlier books which were great The only reason I picked it up was the author anyway

  4. Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks says:

    Holly Bush is one of those authors who once you find she's on your must read list forever Her stories are always unprecedented and fresh Her book Train Station Bride was the very first mail order bride romance I ever read and loved Once I read that I flew through Romancing Olive and Reconstructing Jackson both amazing stories from an amazing writerIn Cross The Ocean Blake Sanders the stodgy Duke of Wexford has just been summarily dumped by his unhappy wife The Duchess has had it with the unloving and inattentive husband who has also flaunted his mistress in public So Ann the Duchess leaves their three children with their complacent English Duke father and runs away with a Scottish merchant leaving Blake angered and shockedWhen Blake seeks out his best friend Sir Anthony Burroughs and his wife Elizabeth's consolation he is taken aback when he meets a cousin of Elizabeth's from Chicago Gertrude Finch is a thirty two year old brash and outspoken suffragist who stands for all that the Duke of Wexford finds ridiculous but something brews between the opposites enough that has the proper Blake steal a kiss from the unusually tall Gertrude Miss Finch finds Blake to be arrogant cocky a poor choice for a husband and a lacking father and she doesn't keep uiet about it either Sparks consistently fly with the American and the Brit even when they are embroiled in arguments and name callingThe Duke of Wexford's daughter Melinda is set to have her coming out but without her mother present Blake seeks help from Elizabeth with taking care of his only daughter's season but Elizabeth is expecting a child and her Anthony would prefer someone else see to the task Much to Blake's chagrin Elizabeth suggests that Gertrude assist but the constant presence of the American turns his world upside down When the passion becomes too much for Gertrude to handle she sets sail once again to her homeland but in the process picks up a surprise package in the form of the Duke of Wexford's heir fifteen year old William Now both William and Gertrude wonder who will be sent across the Atlantic to retrieve the prodigal sonCompletely out of character Blake sets off to America with his trusty valet in tow The adventures and misadventures this unlikely pair endure change their lives forever Whether the change is for the better or for worse can only be revealed by reading Holly Bush's extraordinary tale Cross The OceanWell once again Holly Bush has a winner on her hands Bringing together the stiff British aristocracy with the boldness and the novelty of the American Mid West is such a treat in Cross The Ocean Blake is unlikable and unyielding until the from America has her way with him In Cross The Ocean Blake will learn which is important to him the love and trust of his family or the pride in being England's elite As with all of Holly Bush's books I was unable to put Cross The Ocean down until the last page I highly recommend this historical novel to any and all I hope those who take a chance on this trip across the Atlantic and back enjoy it as much as I did because it is so worth the rideKIMBERLY5 Stars Hook Line and Sinker

  5. Deanna Lynn Sletten says:

    When you read a novel by Holly Bush you are swept back in time and immersed in the lives of the vividly written characters from the start The time period as well as the people come alive and allow your imagination to conjure up each scene as if you are watching a movie This is true of all Ms Bush's novels and especially of her latest novel Cross the OceanIn 1871 two very different people meet and clash yet cannot deny their attraction to each other Brit Blake Sanders The Duke of Wexford meets American Gertrude Finch and is immediately annoyed by the loud mouth American woman Gertrude a woman raised on a ranch and a proponent for women's rights finds Sanders to be an arrogant and pompous Englishman with no goal in life other than to be waited on Yet even as they argue they find they are drawn to each other Gertrude does however adore Sanders' children and is especially close to his oldest daughter When circumstances become complicated Gertrude goes home to America and soon Blake finds himself crossing an ocean to find her Cross the Ocean is a beautifully written tale of love when opposites attract The characters are realistic and well developed and you find yourself falling in love with each and every one of them I have to say I've read all of Ms Bush's novels and this one is my favorite Gertrude and Blake are characters you won't soon forget This novel is historical romance at its finest

  6. Mystica says:

    Gertrude was an independent suffragette supporting woman A fighting woman of her times The Duke of Wexford is just the opposite Double standards women in their place sort of thing Their meeting was definitely going to create fireworksParallel to their fiery love story is the unusual story of the Duke of Wexford's wife filing for divorce and getting it uite difficult for the times needless to say scandalous when you have three grown up children and one daughter on the brink of being brought outFull of very descriptive scenes of both London and America of the 1870s the way of life for women in both countries and how it was slowly changing despite obstacles added a lot of interest to the love story

  7. Brenda says:

    Holly Bush has become on of my favorite historical fiction writers She hooked me with Romancing Olive and Train Station Bride and now she has created another winner with Cross The Ocean The story takes place in 1871 The Duke of Wexford Blake Sanders is than a bit surprised that his wife Ann the mother of his three children basically dumps him after seventeen years of marriage Basically though she was tired of his inattention and philandering ways Looking to commiserate his misery he visits his best friend Anthony and his wife Instead of finding sympathy though he finds Gertrude Finch a 32 year old spinster cousin visiting from the United States Gertrude uickly gets on Blake's last nerve with her outspoken manner and talk of women's suffrage and Gertrude is none to fond of Blake and his pompous ways The tension is electric between the twoand one kiss sets off all sorts of feelings Feelings that neither are really willing to admit even to themselves Gertrude decides the only thing to do is go home to America Will an Ocean between them be able to extinguish the flame that has sparked between them?Holly Bush has an amazing ability to create heroine's that are far from typical They aren't always the prettiest women in the story and often considered spinsterish and I think that's what I love about them I sort of just imagine them as everyday women Gertrude Finch was a no nonsense kind of woman she was outspoken a no nonsense kind of person who at the age of 32 had sort of given up hope of ever finding true love but that didn't keep her from dreaming It was so easy to imagine her character She was no simpering female often outspoken some of the things that popped out of her mouth was laugh out loud funny I wasn't sure if I was going to like Blake but his development was interesting to watch and by the end of the story I really loved him Ms Bush does a fantastic job of allowing not only the characters but the story itself to jump off the pages I really felt as if I had stepped back in time for a bit A few twists and the secondary characters kept the plot zipping right along and while there was one sexual situation in the story it was tastefully done and really was an important part of the story If you enjoy historical romantic fiction this one is well worth reading If you haven't read anything by Holly Bush what are you waiting for? Her writing is a treat to read and her characters truly stay with you long after you finish the final page

  8. Carrie says:

    Cross the Ocean is one of those turn your expectations on their head kind of historical romances The main love interests Gertrude Finch and Blake Sanders are completely antagonistic to one another yet they also come together in explosive passion which made for some interesting scenes that made you go “what?”Blake Duke of Wexford is one of the MOST proper English aristocrats I’ve ever seen written about in a book His role in society has been drilled into him and his behaviors do not swerve an inch He has lived his life focused on his own pleasures to the detriment of his marriage and his children When his wife leaves him for a merchant Blake is lost He no longer has a sure footing in society and fights to maintain his dignityEnter Gertrude a free thinking liberal American who has been fighting for women’s rights and the vote She speaks her mind and doesn’t worry too much about what society will think For her it is all about making sure you are happy with who you are But she is also dealing with her own fears regarding love and as a result keeps Blake at bay even though she knows she has feelings and after one passionate night is left pregnant with his child Instead of taking the easy way out and marrying Blake Gertrude runs back home to America thinking Blake doesn’t truly love herEventually Blake chases after her at first to find his son who has stolen away on Gertrude’s ship but then to convince Gertrude he does love her and realizes she is the one for him Blake’s journey changes him and makes him realize that his society driven life is not all there is in the world Sometimes you have to take a look at the magnificent beauty of a sunset or a mountain rangeMy only critiue of this book is it went on a bit longer than I think necessary There were scenes that could have been cut out and didn’t seem necessary to the overall plot But it’s a great story and kept me engaged for most of it I think I will keep an eye out for other books by Holly Bush4 out of 5 starsI received a copy of this novel for an honest review

  9. Ruth Hill says:

    This is my fourth Holly Bush book and indeed she has delivered yet again If you are searching for historical romances with imposing female characters swashbuckling leading men romantic scenes and copious humor along the way you need look no further These books promise exactly what they deliverFirst of all let me give you a few cautions concerning this book There is some profanity and some intimate scenes nothing in great detail In fact this probably has a bit profanity than her other books but I can't say I was too bothered because of how the words were used Holly Bush does not mince words when the situation calls for it And she is not apprehensive when it comes to tackling what would have been taboo topics back in the day The interactions between Gert and Blake are absolutely delectable Sometimes love can be found in the most inconceivable places and even the most implausible times Add the clashes between American and English culture and things are in place for a showdown of the wills And the reader has a front row seat for this entertaining battleI recommend this book highly to those who relish historical romances It is my second favorite book by this author so far Train Station Bride is still my favorite by her It is worth the time invested in reading this book and I look forward to the next installment by this author in any genreI was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine

  10. Rachel says:

    Historical Romance novels are not something I would particularly pick out from a range of genres usually but something in the synopsis grabbed my attentionCross the Ocean beginnings with getting to know the pompous Duke of Wexford Blake Sanders his wife had just left him but to be fair he was having an affair for some years before hand This was not the done thing for a wife to leave their husband and family and he knew there would be talkHis best friend Anthony Burroughs and his wife Elizabeth had a houseguest for a while Gertrude Finch a single lady from America The moment Blake laid eyes on here there was something about her He did not know or refused to acknowledge what that something was He laid a kiss on her lips and received a bloody nose for the pleasureWith his head in a tiz and Gertrude not accepting his attention he is invited to sleep in another women’s bed but being a little drunk on whiskey ends up in Gert’s bed and making love to her She then states she is leaving Blake does propose but she refuses and goes back to America with a little stowaway who is Blake’s son WilliamThe story goes on and we find Blake traveling to America and having an adventure while on his uest to find Gert and William Blake seems to ease with his pompous ways and turns into a likeable man He loves Gert but saying those little words is difficult for himThere is to this story but I will let you read it to find out but I will say I really enjoyed this It was well written and the story flowed well

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