The Species Within (Battles in the Dark, #1)

The Species Within (Battles in the Dark, #1) ❮Reading❯ ➶ The Species Within (Battles in the Dark, #1) Author Kimberley Clark – WARNING This book is intended for people aged Kira, a huntress plagued by dreams of fire and pain has worked tirelessly to rid her city of the scourge that has nearly destroyed it nostvores, mythlend WARNING This book is intended for people agedKira, a huntress plagued by dreams of fire and pain has worked tirelessly to rid her city of the scourge that has nearly destroyed it nostvores, mythlend creatures with dark and vast appetites for blood and sex She does this not only because they had killed so many people in her life, but because she has an edge that no other human had she has their abilities However, these abilities were killing her and she feared time was no longer on her side So The Species Kindle - the moment she found out that Darius, a nostvore leader, was threatening to awaken an indestructible species to help him enslave all humans and mythlends, and that she may be the key to his plan, Kira knew her only choice was to risk her life with the little time that she had left It meant joining her enemy to find out why, and making sure his plan failed If that wasn t dangerous enough, the time she spends with the Vanatre nostvore, Emmerich, and the mooran, Kuron, who she brings with her for protection, the less she wants to kill them Instead, she feels an unexplainable attraction toward them both, and she fears surrendering to such desire with either is a deadly game to play, since she would not only be risking her life, but quite possibly her heart.

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Species Within Battles in the Dark, book, this is one of the most wanted Kimberley Clark author readers around the world.

The Species Within Kindle Ñ The Species  Kindle -
    iOS for the iPad is the biggest iOS release ever her only choice was to risk her life with the little time that she had left It meant joining her enemy to find out why, and making sure his plan failed If that wasn t dangerous enough, the time she spends with the Vanatre nostvore, Emmerich, and the mooran, Kuron, who she brings with her for protection, the less she wants to kill them Instead, she feels an unexplainable attraction toward them both, and she fears surrendering to such desire with either is a deadly game to play, since she would not only be risking her life, but quite possibly her heart."/>
  • ebook
  • 402 pages
  • The Species Within (Battles in the Dark, #1)
  • Kimberley Clark
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780992363017

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  1. Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort says:

    Favorite Lines You really are special aren t you Don t look at the naked man Don t look at the naked man Gods Where did you come from he said as he kissed her Does it matter I m here now And thank the gods for that Deep inside him however, he knew that it would never be better without her That, my dear former leader he said between his fits of laughter is your death Good book Great characters, kick ass scenes Kira is a special human she s just like the supernatural but human Her life long mission is to kill every nostvore and lycroulds she finds What she doesn t expect is to end up working with those same supernatural to save the world and falling for one of them So much drama shoved in the book Emmerich has always been Raidan s second in command he always follows orders but when he meets Kira something changes The fighting is epic, the drama is Intense A action packed paranormal fabulousness Then ending made me need I can t wait to see what this author comes up with next I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewFOUR SPECIAL FAIRIES

  2. Dianne says:

    How does a human with special abilities go from hunting and killing every supernatural creature she can find to making the decision to stand with them Kira s hatred runs deep, but when she discovers that one of these ancient and dark creatures want to awaken an indestructible beast to take over and destroy the world, time becomes a commodity in short supply and action is paramount It isn t easy for Kira, as she learns that these creatures with their penchant for sex and blood have a very human like side Two in particular have made a dent in her hatred Kuron and Emmerich each desire Kyra, but are either right for her Are their intentions than sex When they face the enemy together, the ultimate sacrifice will be made, but will it be enough to save the world I m not sure how author Kimberley Clark did it, but The Species Within, book one of the Battles in the Dark series has dark tension, sexual tension and some of the most fascinating and humorous love triangle scenes Kira is tough, snarky and yet vulnerable to the feelings that are growing for her sworn enemies Her abilities match their own and as a human, she has kept them hidden Emmerich is an ancient who is tired of existing, his life is empty, but his newfound ability to actually love someone is fascinating to watch as he fumbles through it Imagine an alpha leader, suddenly emotionally out of control Kuron is another story, he, too is an alpha male, but he has an easier time with his feelings, not less painful, but he seems to accept them better Together, these three make for some fantastic, tension filled moments Ms Clark has detailed her world beautifully, never hurrying along or cutting corners Every dark moment, every battle and every romantic scene runs across that big screen in your mind and will leave you, in turn, clenching your fists, laughing out loud, on the verge of tears or reaching for the smelling salts and a fan As clans band together to fight the greatest evil, there is a lesson here to be learned about making blanket opinions about those who live in the dark, enemies become allies, lovers and maybe friends of sorts, and, oh yeah, Ms Clark can write hot and steamy scenes This is a great foundation for a series to follow I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review 4.5 stars Series Battles in the Dark Book 1Publication Date October 29, 2013Publisher Kimberley ClarkGenre Adult Dark Paranormal RomanceNumber of Pages 402 pagesAvailable from Barnes Noble

  3. Eclipse Reviews says:

    Absolutely Freaking Amazing Kira have been killing mythlends for a time now With the same strengths and DNA of two mythlends species but still human Kira packs one hell of a punch.Hunting them alone at night, she keeps to her promise to destroy them all But she never counted on the warrior Emmerich sent to bring her in to the Vanatre leader She is an abomination, and a deadly one They need to find out what she is and get rid of her But when the leader of the Vanatre discovers that his enemy fears her, he changes his mind.They soon discover Kira s real purpose and that there is another female like her When she agrees to help them in order to save mankind from the insane Darius, all hell breaks loose in her world Kira is suddenly very aware of the warrior Emmerich and around every corner she battles the species within her trying to take control But how long can she deny her DNA its right to reign What a freaking ride I have been looking for another fix after the Fever series and here it is Around chapter two I couldn t help but think of the fever series and how amazing it was to discover another series that gives me the save amazing effect Kira is one hell of a bad ass chick She doesn t take crap and is able to endure what some supernatural s can t even handle I loved her deviant nature and the way she just keep pissing everyone off around her What an amazing character Clark created here Clark went further and introduced Emmerich He s got the total package any female is looking for Stubborn, strong willed and dominating he tries his best to control Kira and bring her down to her knees But unfortunately for him she wasn t just going to bow down and take it Without knowing it, Kira was the one to bring him down to his knees and change his whole perspective of his world When the mooran Kuron is thrown into the package, also competing for her Kira s affection, you know there is going to be a lot of male testosterone flying around I freaking loved him Smart mouthed and epically sarcastic he make she whole story even amazing.My conclusion at end of the book was that Clark created an amazing storyline with twists and turns and amazing characters I couldn t put this book down and read it in one session Yeah, it was that bloody good So if you haven t picked up this series and started to read it, get it now I can t wait to continue this story and get another fix Well done to the author and I ll be watching out for number two.

  4. Michael Thompson says:

    Fantastic Absolutely loved it Kira, the main character is like Buffy the vampire slayer multiplied by 10 An absorbing fantasy novel that deserves to be read by everyone I warn you that you will want to read book 2 as soon as you finish this one It is definitely an adult fantasy with a lot of spice Very much a page turner.

  5. Samuel Colbran says:

    I love this book, the characters were fantastic, the lore was terrific I am a bit of a lore buff and my all time favourite character is Kuron Not to go into spoiler territory but at a certain point, I even fist pumped in excitement because Kuron did something That doesn t happen often when I read a book.There are some sexy times in the book, but this never distracted me from the storyline Even though the premise was straightforward, it showed how talented a storyteller Kimberley is as the story was marvellous and engaging as I read this in one sitting, which only my top 15 authors can do to me I would highly recommend this book

  6. Angela Oliver says:

    It s going to be hard to know where to start when reviewing this book Let me just say, I m going to have quite a bit to say, and not all of it will be complimentary So if you are passionate about how great this book is, then I suggest you read no further Although, if you are the author, I have made note of a few typos at the very end.If however you are thinking of reading this book and trying to decide by reading reviews, then please read on Also, if you appreciate a bit of snarkasm, you might enjoy my viewpoint.If you love authors like Nalini Singh, then I would approach this book with caution Yes, it is paranormal, yes it is erotica in the way that it is over flowing with overly descriptive sex scenes But it holds a mere flicker of a candle to the true masters This is a novel of vampires and werewolves, with a ghoul involved Sure, they are given new names Nostvore and Lycrould made up words with no basis in any language that I know of edcuate me if they are, please but they bear absolutely no fundamental differences from the stereotypical vampires and werewolves Nostvore drink blood, they re sexy, they dislike sunlight and Lycroulds turn into wolves Not really much is revealed about the Lycroulds in this book, but maybe in the next the main character will get to include one of those in her mythlend harem Anita Blake watch out, you ve got competition and her name is Kira.I did kinda like the ghoul I mean, Mooran.There are all sorts of vampire Nostvore politics going on, mainly this clan hates this clan, that has co operated with the werewolves Lycroulds in order to destroy the world by summoning a terrible displacer beast I ll add his actual species later And the main character, Kira, hates mythlends that s the supernatural beings with a passion, killing them with vicious glee although she does share her abandoned apartment building with the ghoul This does not stop her getting all sexy with several of them though She s not entirely human herself, either.There s sex a LOT of sex not just between Kira and her bestial beaus, but between other side characters This is definitely a story where quantity outweighs quality The scenes themselves are almost clinical he did this, she moaned kinda dry and drawn out with plenty of detail but very little emotional involvement They may have been sex scenes but they weren t sexy They felt like instructional manuals if you lick here or nibble there It s all tell, tell, tell with only the lightest smattering of show.The main character is, frankly, a bitch, the male characters are OK but mostly flat and, for reasons of this being an erotica novel, extremely well hung The relationships are conflicted and confusing very much a love hate thing going on between Kira and her beaus One minutes she s trying to rip their pants off, the next minute she s ripping their heads off mostly metaphorically To her credit, at least she s as confused about her behaviour as the reader The sex scenes are gratutious and over worded.There s also typos No spelling mistakes, because the professional editing service clearly did a spell check, but spell checks do not pick up on mis used words, including the consistent use of Vile instead of vial and at least 3 that I forgot to take note of.But we shall end with my absolute favourite So began a great war which ravished the mythlend population, nearly leading them into extinction Disclaimer I read the ebook version, it is possible although not necessarily likely that some of the typos may have been fixed in the printed version view spoiler Also, the ending sucked And no, despite the cheap trick on the part of the author, I will not be reading the next book I don t care enough about the characters to find out whether they survive or not Besides, I m sure they will hide spoiler

  7. Debra Buckland says:

    Ummm what can I say This book could have been written without the erotic crap in it and it still would be a complete story without it And probably better.Not reading book 2 or 3 not worth my time.Many editing mistakes makes it hard to read at times.Other than that it was easy reading.

  8. C. Erani Kole says:

    A great fantasy read I absolutely adore a special heorine who s tough enough to have everyone pondering if the big boys are good enough to play with her Kira has a swirl of silver and blue eyes that glow when she uses the abilities that represent the two DNA streaks within her, DNA that come from a version of werewolves and vampires, only in this book they re known as lycrould and nostvores, and society doesn t know about them Her parents death at the hands of nostvores is the foundation for her reason of killing them, but with the ability to sense the deaths of all the mythlend s victims and the limit on her life, she makes it a mission to kill all of them and save her human race before time s up.The book opens to her hunting a newly turned nostvore and letting the reader know what her world is like There s a war against humans and mythlends as the supernatural are called but the media misjudges the deaths as a result of rivalry gangs She then goes on to attack an entire faction of nostvores and lets one survive to give her leader a message of his impending death at her hands Darius hears of the human with glowing eyes and is surprised that there is another , as he d found one just like Kira years before Intrigued, he visits Raidan, his old leader turned enemy, telling him about the threat, when in reality he s searching the mansion for a map that will help him move forward in his master plan Raidan and his second in command, Emmerich, don t trust Darius and yet also noticed the fear in his eyes at the mention of a human that shouldn t exist, so Emmerich is sent to find her.And he does, though his appearance distracts her in the middle of a hunt and gets her back sliced open She surprises him with her abilities to sense him and almost injure him, and eventually he follows her back to her place Her apartment is in the middle of an abandoned area that s heavily guarded by Kuron, a mooran that eats all living things by sucking out their essence A mooran is very hard to kill, but she d seen one killed and so used this information to survive a match with Kuron The outcome was a pact that she d keep the information to herself if he let her live in the apartment which is in his territory and continue to keep people, both human and mythlend, away He s also attracted to her, but she trusts no mythlends, so is a total bitch to him so she doesn t forget to keep her guard up When she dreams the same dream once again, something is different, and realizes it s the nostvore from earlier He somehow found a way to visit her in her dream.She catches him in her apartment only after she walks out of her bathroom naked LOL and gets knocked out when she refuses to cooperate, though not before he tastes her blood it surprises him and the two make out wiggles eyebrows suggestively She comes to, handcuffed to Emmerich s bed, and when she still refuses to answer any of their questions, they bring in someone to torture her A man, I might add, who has a 100% success in getting info out of his clients hehehe well dude s shit out of luck, because she tells him nothing, even after he gets frustrated with his tools and resorts to tearing into her However, as soon as he tastes her blood, he freaks out, spits some in a tube, and then runs out.Darius gets a clan of lycroulds to join him in attacking Raidan s mansion, and while under attack, Kira gets a visit from the other special human , who claims that she is the key, not Kira, but wants her out of the way anyway She almost kills her but Emmerich comes back in time After the battle, Raidan and the others learn from her blood that she is dying, and use that to get her to go with them to the other side of the world, where Darius will be heading to reawaken the Hunrati, an ancient vicious race that had been trapped and put asleep, they were so unstoppable.Kuron goes with them and they all head to Elysia where the sleeping Hunrati are, along with Claritis and his own group of people, the only form of supporters that were willing to believe Raidan about the Hunrati and Darius The adventure there is intense, and this is also when she starts to realize that she likes Emmerich and Kuron, but honestly, the whole time I was like, Okay, when is she going to recognize something in the now dark and magical forest or relate something to her nightmare and freak out And guess what it came I was just anticipating this scene, when they come across a part of the forest where their destination should be and she spots a woman from her dreams, and then the rest of them, and hears them say, You have come for us , before passing out.Oh, backtrack Okay, so whenever she has a nightmare, it s the same one She s in a dark place all alone by herself, watched by many eyes, and being whispered to, telling her to join them And then she gets set on fire from the inside out and is in eternal pain before turning into nothing but bones Creepy and horrible, right So she wakes up and knows where they have to go, they get to the city Kartarus where Darius already is, and Kira goes after Shar, the other special human, after a battle unfolds However, Darius had wanted that all along, because should his human fail to wake up the Hunrati, Kira s presence would be there to do it And that s exactly what happens While fighting with Shar, she gets stabbed and stumbles over the chamber s threshold that Shar had run to, the place where the Hunrati are to be awakened A barrier goes up to trap her in, and Emmerich arrives too late She s in familiar pain, and her heart aches at the thought of not knowing what could ve been with Emmerich She tells him she loves him, notices the symbols of power on the floor, and then chants a spell to get him out before making him promise to keep Darius from taking over the Hunrati Then he s transported out of the chamber, and she blacks out.When Emmerich realizes that she d moved him out of the city, he goes back in the hopes to save her, but then the earth trembles and the city starts to crumble He gets to the tunnel only to see its entrance caved in, and then the earth beneath his feet opens, taking at least half the city with it There s no way she could ve survived that, and it destroys something in him, before rage overtakes him and he joins the battle still going on And then a ferocious roar pierces the night and stops the fighting, and feral snarls and screaming echo from within the city before everything turns silent What was that asked Raidan. That, my dear former leader Darius said between his fits of laughter, is your death Large forms emerged from the dust, green eyes glowing with the sounds of gnarling teeth Everyone s weapons turned toward the new threat to prepare for the worse, and then IT ENDS Occkkkkkk that To be continued totally killed me Such a great cliffhanger though, haha XD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH Mucho grande Viele The story, the adventure the sex , the characters and Kira s development emotion wise, the whole setting of the world and the sex , the plot I loved it all When I saw that there was going to be a love triangle, I was a little weary, but the synopsis won me over because it just sounded too interesting to not try out I d endure a love tri for this XD And it wasn t bad The way Kira was made me understand why she d fall for both of them For one thing, Emmerich and Kuron are mythlends, and she hates those races, but even when she realizes that she likes Emmerich, she also finds that she has feelings for Kuron, though she doesn t know what those feelings are Emmerich is such an old, stubborn alpha ass learning to live again when Kira comes into his life And Kuron, with his hot human form and scary as hell s crack true monster form, is such a cutie with Kira while still being that mythlend that everyone gets cautious around I mean, he does prefer mythlend flavor, after all But he behaves most of the time And even some of the supporting characters made me smile, like Eagan or Hedona, the nostvore who delivered Kira s message to Darius in the beginning.I think Kira was just such a cool chick, and very strong, though it also ends up being her weakness because it gets in the way of her being with Emmerich Finding this book was like finding a delicious triple chocolate and peanut butter brownie in a sea of Easy Bake oven cupcakes, I don t know why this tickled me so much, but it did Some might not like it because of the torture scene, with the cutting and slicing and dicing, and there is a multiple POV and a few alpha males Oh, and sex X Really hot scenes, too sweats LOL And okay, so I could be desperate here, but Kira has green eyes when they aren t glowing silver and blue And the lycroulds and nostvores were created from two people a woman close to death and a man bitten by a wolf who were used in the spell to put the Humrati to sleep, and she is a human with both the mythlends DNA and there s a connection here between her and the Hunrati with that trippy dreams she has Ijustknowit T_T I m not crazy So overall, I love this, and if we have similar tastes, you ll go crazy over this too XDClick here to read the first two chapters for free Happy Reading

  9. Sandra says:

    Would have been a dnf except i was reading it for bookclub Lots of fairly standard UF PNR tropes but it didn t work for me I didn t particularly like any of the characters, nor did it contain the necessary level of humor, snark or originality to engage me And no making up new names for standard vampires and werewolves doesn t count as originality Also there was too much sex lust with no actual connection between the characters Especially the weirdly detailed sex scenes between random secondary characters on the bad guys side And of course the heroine who has a superhot awesome supportive and in this case also bad ass guy friend in love with her instead chooses the arrogant a hole who freaking kidnapped and participated in torturing her Le sigh And a stupid cliffhanger This series is not for me.

  10. Nicole says:

    I received this book from the author and Authors Reviewers Group in exchange for a honest review.Unique storyline and plot with interesting secondary characters who add to the story It does feature a sort of love triangle which I am not a fan of, but it is resolved by the end of the book It irritates me when the heroine can t make up her mind and strings along two guys I debated whether to give it 3 or 4 stars, but in the end decided on 4 because the book kept me interested enough to want to read the second book.Terms 1 Mythlends a name for all the different species of creatures.2 Nostvore vampire organized into clans with a primary leader They drink blood and are weakened in sunlight Also, they have superior strength, speed, and healing abilities.3 Vanatre Clan consists primarily of ancient nostvores They have tried to enforce the rules The main rule is to not let humans know that they exist Raidan is their leader with Emmerich as his second in command.4 Mavator Clan Darius is their leader He broke away from the Vanatre Clan for reasons that we do not find out about in this book Darius and Raidan have a history and that was the reason Darius left Darius is evil and mean He wants to expose the vampires to the humans He is power hungry and wants to rule over everyone.5 Lycrould werewolf Wolf like creatures who live off of human flesh.6 Mooran A hairless pale skinned creature with a skull like face who can kill mythlends and humans with just one touch Kuron is a mooran who has protected Kira after she made a deal with him I really liked his character He still was loyal to her even after she hurt him.Story Kira is part human part nostvore So, she has their speed, strength, and healing abilities One night, she is out hunting for nostvores and kills one Hedona is with the nostvore she kills, but Hedona gets away Kira follows her to her safehouse and kills the whole faction Kira allows Hedona to live because she wants her to deliver a message to her leader Darius At the same time, the reader is introduced to Emmerich Emmerich has become disillusioned killing his own kind He no longer feels the glory of battle His clan has been at war with the lycroulds and Darius for a long time.Hedona arrives at the Mavator headquarters to deliver her message to Darius She tells him that a human killed the nostvores at the safehouse Hedona states that the human had eyes that glowed and swirled with blue and silver Darius dismisses her and sends for Viktor his mad scientist Darius and Viktor cannot believe their is another one like Shar Shar has been working with them in their bid to take over the world Darius wants to awaken an ancient species and use them to his advantage The Hunrati terrorized humans and mythlends alike until they were put to sleep and entombed beneath the city of Kartarus Then, the city was hidden somehow Darius enlists the help of the Lycroulds and their leader Javan Darius goes to Raidan to enlist his help to kill Kira He refuses and tells him to deal with it himself Emmerich is ordered to follow Darius and to get to Kira first Emmerich does find Kira Emmerich follows her home and kidnaps her He takes Kira to his leader Raidan for questioning They get no information out of her and resort to torture which still does not work Suddenly, they are under attack by Darius and his clan It is a ruse to steel a map that Darius needs to find the city of Kartarus Darius gets away with the map, but Raidan just put in new security so they are aware of what map was taken Kira is almost killed by Shar, but Emmerich comes to her aid just in time In the aftermath, Raidan realizes he must stop Darius and to do this he needs Kira s help He meets with her and she agrees to help The rest of the book deals with their mission to stop Darius It is a perilous journey filled with dangerous creatures and non stop action Kira and Emmerich s relationship deepens throughout the book It takes awhile for past prejudges to disappear in order for them to admit their love for each other Overall, a strong debut paranormal romance that ends on a major cliffhanger.

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