If I Die Today

If I Die Today ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ If I Die Today By Shashi Deshpande ✐ – Bluevapours.co.uk If I Die Today Is An Incisive And Compelling Picture Of Murder And What It Does To A Community Guru, An End Stage Cancer Patient, Comes To A Quiet Medical Campus And Quickly Befriends His Hosts Friend If I Die Today Is Die Today PDF/EPUB Ä An Incisive And Compelling Picture Of Murder And What It Does To A Community Guru, An End Stage Cancer Patient, Comes To A Quiet Medical Campus And Quickly Befriends His Hosts Friends And Neighbours, His Warmth And Sympathetic Manner Encouraging Them To Confide If I PDF/EPUB or In Him Out Of These Conversations Emerges A Name Prabhakar Tambe Which Spreads A Pall Of Uneasiness Over The Doctors And Triggers A Chain Of Events That Leads To Catastrophic Results Rumours Start To Fly, Old Tensions And Rivalries Between Colleagues And Friends Re Surface, And Every Family On I Die Today Kindle Ð The Campus Is Caught In A Web Of Suspicion Within Weeks, Two People Die In Mysterious Circumstances And It Seems That Life Will Never Be The Same Again For The Doctors And Their Families.

Novelist and short story writer, Die Today PDF/EPUB Ä Shashi Deshpande began her career with short stories and has by now authored nine short story collections, twelve novels and four books for children Three of her novels have received awards, including the Sahitya Akademi award for That Long Silence Some of her If I PDF/EPUB or other novels are The Dark Holds No Terrors , A Matter of Time , Small Remedies , Moving On , In T.

If I Die Today  Epub  If I  PDF/EPUB or Die Today
  • Hardcover
  • 152 pages
  • If I Die Today
  • Shashi Deshpande
  • English
  • 22 September 2017
  • 9788129120496

10 thoughts on “If I Die Today

  1. Versha says:

    Shashi Deshpande as I have said in my earlier reviews, is one of my favorite authors So I love her work irrespective of what she writes Fiction, non fiction, short stories She is one of those writers who not only inspires me to read but inspires me to write as well If I die today her Crime fiction is set in the midst of medical premises Calling it a pure crime fiction does not seem right as it also throws light on relationships and how they become stale as time passes by There is also no specific detective to find out the real culprit except for Manju a Pathologist s wife who also happens to be the narrator of this story, and what a reliable and honest narrator she is She spares none not even herself That s what I love about Manju It s from her point of view that we see the various character come in to picture, out of all one of the most interesting characters we meet is Guru, a cancer patient who is awaiting his death with all his heart.Manju becomes a very close friend to Guru, she talks to him about everything and values his opinion the most As a person who is prepared for his death Guru understands people better and reads their mind in a strange way and responds to them uprightly That s how people get attracted to him and confess their deep down sorrows and secrets The problem starts when he tries to solve or set right a se...

  2. Mithun Prasad says:

    Shahsi Dehspande, just broke all my sickening presumptions I had about Indian writing I mean i am not that thick head to generalize every Indian writer to be poor, I do believe there are genuinely good Indian writers whom I have not come across yet In fact its my resolution this year to read as much good Indian fiction as possible But I absolutely didn t expect the writing to be this good You could easily drop her in the box of world class writer Glad I came across this To dive into plot, this books revolves around the close knit community primarily belonging to medical fraternity, where everyone knows everyone, in a jovial and congenial kind of way And their cordial appearance is tested with the arrival of terminally ill person named Guru For Guru seemed someone who had come in terms with his condition a long time back, as if he had made amends with God for his misfortune and almost carried the sense of purpose behind his arrival.Soon drawn by his unworn aura, most of the people among the community confides their darkest and stark secrets with him and with secrets so fraudulent and imm...

  3. Sridevi says:

    Theme and Ambiance If I die today by Shashi Deshpande is set amidst the placid and idyllic Medical College Campus in Bombay, built by the benevolent Sethji, where everyone is either a doctor or related to the medical fraternity in some or the other capacity Manju who is married to Prem, a quiet, reserved and dour faced pathologist finds herself drifting away from her spouse even as her second pregnancy progresses As her marital woes continue to baffle her ,she finds a perfect friend in Guru a terminally ill patient who arrives in her neighborhood and who also happens to be distantly related to her good friend and neighbor of many years Meera Guru is the exact opposite of Prem Where Prem weighs each and every word of his, Guru is a people s person He indulges them and draws them into his cocoon of sympathy and camaraderie Although this book talks of marital woes and lack of communication in an otherwise good marriage, it runs deeper than that It is about the contradictions inherent in life and death While Guru is incredibly brave about his impending death and draws everyone into his warm and sympathetic demeanor, it is apparent that his affable presence creates many a ripple in the otherwise perfect lives of the campus in...

  4. Debarati says:

    The ending was rushed and it s a rather dense book with not enough time for character building Disappointing, given it started off with a lot of promise.

  5. Sona Mathew says:

    calm and quiet story everyday life. strong portrayal of women..

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