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David (Control, #3.5)[Reading] ➷ David (Control, #3.5) Author M.S. Willis – Bluevapours.co.uk She didn't get it right
I mean…the facts were correct
And let's face it, she perfectly described just how amazing I look; BUT

MS Willis didn't tell you about how, really, I should h She didn't get it rightI mean…the facts were correctAnd let's face it, she perfectly described just how amazing I look; BUTMS Willis didn't tell you about how, really, I should have been the hero of the Control series Sure, Paige and the crew did the things they did, but they couldn't have done them if it wasn't for yours truly In case you don't know me, my name is David Last name? Don't need one, I'm too fabulous to worry about small details All you need to know is DAVID…me!So what's this book about? Pretty much everything you already know, except for one glorious improvement…It's all David, all the timeFeel free to thank me later.

MS Willis is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism She is most known for her Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison contemporary romance, and Standard Romance Story Romance Comedy When she isn’t writing as MS Willis, you can find other books by her under Lily White where she has penned the Masters Series Her Master’s Courtesan and Her Master’s T.

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10 thoughts on “David (Control, #3.5)

  1. Echo says:

    When I found out that M.S. Willis was going to give David his own story, I started squealing like a five year old and jumping up and down with excitement. David was my favorite character of the Control series, so to read some things from his point of view was fantastic.

    David is hilarious, sweet and kind of vain in a cute omg kind of way. I adored being in his head finally and found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion while reading. My other favorite thing about this book is his relationship with Matt, they are so freaking cute together.

    My only complaint, really isn't a complaint, its more me just being whiny - I want more!! I loved David and enjoyed this little novella. The epilogue had me laughing and crossing my fingers that at some point we will get to see the wedding. If you have read the previous books in the Control series then definitely read David. If you are brand new to the series, go back to book 1, Control, before reading David or you are going to be lost. All in all, another awesome book from the wonderfully talented M.S. Willis.

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  2. Lara says:

    If you read the Control series there is no way you didn't fall head over heels in love with David. Everyone should have a David in their life. He's a loving, giving and loyal friend who's wild, fun and a little crazy. His POV was a great addition to this series.

    I wish it had been a little longer and I would have loved to see more with Matt. David and Matt are the best kind of opposites making perfect sense. Matt being a little more chill and laid back and David being well, David. Only if you've met him will you get that. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a character as I did with David.

    And after hearing his side, I can say without a doubt he most definitely was a hero. <3

    In closing I'll leave you with...


  3. Marisa Shor says:

    If you have read the Control Series by M. S. Willis, you probably fell in love with the token-gay-best-friend, David. I know, that I ABSOLUTELY adored him. This novella, is parts of the Control Series, but through David's eyes. We also get a little bit more of an insight into David and Matt's relationship, which just made me love BOTH of them even more.

    Full review on my blog: http://illbereading.blogspot.com/2013...

  4. Stacy says:

    I love David and all his fabulousness. Is that a word? Well if it isn't then it should be because that is the only way to sum up David. If you read the Control Series then you know this if not then you need to. I loved the spin David put on the series. Absolutely a must read and will leave you smiling and happy.

  5. Charlie ✰ WLTB Blog ✰ says:

    Gotta Love David i fell in love with him in the control Series he is the funny gay best friend we all need a little bit of David in our life's this book was such a funny short read Loved how we got to see how he stole the pudding in the hospital funny as ever if you loved David in the control series you need to read this short story from his POV you wont be disappointed

  6. Stacy says:

    funny, fun, and just a great short read.

  7. Crystal Marie says:

    You should really read this book because I think it will do everyone some good to be taught certain things in their lives.

  8. Stephanie Phillips (Stephanie& says:

    Beta read this book. Hilarious as always David. That's for the enlightenment. :-)

  9. Megan says:

    David... Oh this boy makes me laugh! I would have loved for this to be M.S. Willis' dive into M/M, but it was just a lot of funny things from David. Great and cute novella.

  10. Sophy Sorn says:

    Aww David, I so love him....I wish he would tell us the part where he witness Paige and Daemon naked lol.... Gotta love David and Matt is too cute. This is a great short book

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