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Shards of My Heart ❰Read❯ ➲ Shards of My Heart Author Nicole Andrews Moore – When I took the vows for better or worse, I meant them Then I started to wonder if there was a limit as to how much worse I was supposed to endure Am I supposed to stay if worse means that me and my d My Heart PDF/EPUB ã When I took the vows for better or worse, I meant them Then I started to wonder if there was a limit as to Shards of Kindle - how much worse I was supposed to endure Am I supposed to stay if worse means that me and my daughter are in danger? What of My Heart PDF º if the worse was because of a mental illness? When is enough simply too much?This is a different kind of love story read Nina’s journals for a tale of hope, strength of spirit, and unconditional love.

My Heart PDF/EPUB ã Nicole has been an author since , but it was after the birth of her daughter, Kenna in January of , that she was Shards of Kindle - determined to make it a full time career As the fourth smallest preemie in the world, Kenna’s medical needs would prevent her from ever going of My Heart PDF º to day careFor fun, she spends time with those she cares about, cooks, reads, writes, and especially lives to travel The current trave.

Shards of My Heart  PDF/EPUB × Shards of  Kindle - My
    iOS for the iPad is the biggest iOS release ever mental illness? When is enough simply too much?This is a different kind of love story read Nina’s journals for a tale of hope, strength of spirit, and unconditional love."/>
  • Kindle Edition
  • 273 pages
  • Shards of My Heart
  • Nicole Andrews Moore
  • English
  • 07 October 2017

10 thoughts on “Shards of My Heart

  1. Danielle at For the Love of Books says:

    Sometimes we need those books that make us see the light in some of our darkest hours. To me, Shards of My Heart by Nicole Andrews Moore is one of those. This is a story of heartache, struggle and finding willpower to do what's right even if it feels so wrong, all tied in one. Nicole shares with you a very real, raw and powerful look into the life of one who lives this nightmare. This could be you or it could be someone you know. I was a beta reader for this book and am so proud of Nicole for not only writing this story, but publishing it. The strength that hitting that publish button is beyond words. Nicole, I've said it over and over, but I applaud you...yes, full force standing ovation coming from me. Go grab your copy and maybe, just maybe, this story will touch you in a way that could help you find your strength again. Perhaps it may be a beneficial read for someone you know. Either way, Shards of My Heart covers a very important topic. Domestic violence comes in all different forms; physical, emotional and mental. No matter what form it is, nobody deserves to live this way. We are not worthless. We are not doormats. We are not punching bags. We are not those horrible names. We are HUMAN! We are WORTH IT! We are STRONG! We are FIGHTERS! But most of all, we are SURVIVORS! Domestic violence is real and it's dangerous. It's time we take a stand, pull together and try to put a stop to this very ugly cycle. ♥

  2. J.B. McGee says:

    A must read. Real, sincere, and based on a true story. This could easily be your friend...or maybe it's you. A heart wrenching story on domestic abuse, and a totally different view on what defines a happily ever after.

  3. Elle says:

    Shards of My Heart is a gripping story about a woman at a crossroads. Torn between two choices in life – keeping her family intact and working toward restoring the love she once shared with her husband or walking away with her children and seeking a fresh start and clean slate.

    Nina Powers is unlike any female lead I’ve read before. Part of her is strong and unstoppable. She puts the well being of her special needs daughter, Kylie, first above her own needs. It’s heart warming to read such devotion. Her husband has developed an addiction to prescription medication, and he is constantly lashing out at her, creating an unsafe environment for their children. Despite the constant tantrums and verbal attacks by Shane, Nina remains unaffected on the outside. She doesn’t play the victim card – in fact she loathes the word – and she doesn’t let herself drown in her sorrow over her dire situation (failing marriage, limited financial resources). Instead she searches for solutions to her problems and takes action. As Shane’s moods wax and wane, it’s compelling to watch Nina’s compassion and sacrifice. It’s beautiful to see such strength in such a heartbreaking situation.

    The story is a mix of empowerment and heartache. My heart was shredded for Nina and her children. This isn’t a story where every problem is magically resolved by the end and everyone gets his or her happily ever after. This is a true depiction of real life. Things are messy and left open ended. I think anyone who finds himself or herself in a situation similar to Nina’s will find strength in her story. The plot is realistic and it’s obvious Nicole has done her research regarding this subject matter. It’s a difficult subject to address among a pool of literature where every ending is what fairy tales are made of, but I feel like the author nailed this. She took a chance on darker content and prevailed.

    I also loved the unique writing style in Shards of My Heart. It’s written as if the pages have been ripped straight out of Nina’s journal. The narration and dialogue are casual and conversational. It’s a unique take on writing and unlike anything I’ve seen. I think this less traditional style fits the characters and story – Nina is unapologetically bold just like this twist on the typical novel. I tore through this novel in a matter of hours and hear through the grapevine there’s going to be more to Nina and Shane’s story. I can’t wait to see how the story continues!

  4. Stephanie *Lo* at MeanGirlsLuvBooks says:

    I was given an ARC for an honest review...

    Nina's story is a hard one to read. It's not always pretty, but it's definitely one that needed to be told. It's one that can be inspiring. It can be disheartening. But it's reality and I am definitely glad I got the chance to read it. It's not a love story in the typical sense, but it is a story about love between mother and daughter and friends.

    Nina is a real person. She has fallen in love with a difficult man and just wants to see the good in him. She is in some way every woman I have ever known. She is a hard worker. She is an incredible mother. She puts others first. She is stubborn. She is independent. She tries too hard to see the good in people. Reading about her struggles is encouraging and gives hope.

    This story is written differently than most. It's written as journal entries and it all takes place over the course of a month. It was hard for me to get into it in the beginning. There were times the details of a certain day were kind of tedious and I felt like I was being told how the narrator felt rather than feeling it myself. But--because this story is so incredibly honest and an account of this month in Nina's life I could relate to so much of it. So in some ways I did not like that it was written as journal entries but in others I think it added to the story.

    I had a hard time deciding what to rate this book. On the one hand, the story is an amazing story that needs to be told. On the other, reading it in the journal form was a new thing for me so it was hard to get into in the beginning. I finally settled on four stars. Three for the writing style that was just not my favorite way of writing. And FIVE stars for the amazing story of an amazing woman who was not perfect but did what she thought was best in every situation even if others could never understand.

  5. Gina G says:

    When I took the vows for better or worse, I meant them. Then I started to wonder if there was a limit as to how much worse I was supposed to endure.
    Shards of My Heart is a must read. This book touches on the true form of Mental Illness and addiction. So often these issues are swept under the rug or ignored. It really is time to take a good look at these issues and the people who are living with and caring for the mentally ill or addict. I am so grateful to have been able to read this journal account of a family in the throws of both mental illness and the addiction to meds and alcohol that usually accompany it. So often we hear about the tragedies that occur within these relationships. The long standing damage that can occur to the caregiver and the rest of the family is devastating. This journal should be read by all to bring about awareness. The strength of Nina will also be encouraging to others.She is truly inspirational. This book portrays the everyday struggles,the wondering, the fear, the need to be ready at any time to go. It also portrays deep love for someone and the need to feel like you have really done all you can do before saying that you really can't endure any more. The safety of yourself and your child needs to be put above that love at some point. After you read it you will be able to maybe help someone else in need by being more observant of signs of mental illness or addiction.. I am hoping that the HEA will come for Nina and her daughter and she will find strength in her daughter and her family.

  6. Broadway Girl Book Reviews (Beth Lattanzi) says:

    This was a phenomenal story that will capture the hearts of readers regarding the struggles with domestic violence. This is such a strong issue today and is definitely a difficult subject to write about but Nicole Andrews Moore did a great job capturing the true aspects of domestic violence. I felt it was very empowering! There is help out there for those who need it…. You just need to look for it and be willing and ready.

    Not all domestic violence is to the extreme or even begins that way. It is a gradual process that will build over time until that person finally snaps and the victim is so far involved in the relationship it is hard to get out. My heart broke for Nina and all she had to experience with Shane. She cared so much about his well being but at the same time she had her daughter, Kylie, who had special needs to think about. She chooses her daughter and does what is best for her no matter how many times she questions some of her actions. I felt pride for Nina for taking a stance!

    Many times in these types of relationships you think the abuser will change and things will get better. You love that person and want the best for them but when do you finally say enough is enough???!!! You can’t change people; they must be willing to change themselves. Nina is a strong and confident woman and in the end she figures it all out!

    I hope that people remember that there is more than just physical abuse in relationships. You can also be verbally and mentally abused and if you ever find yourself in one of those types of relationships please seek help!

  7. Dakota Storm says:

    Nanee's Review:

    This is a very emotional story. Nina needs to make a tough decision in her life, leave her husband who emotionally breaks her down, he yells and lashes out at her. He does nothing but lay around and doesn't seem to care about his family his depression is overwhelming and abusive. Or stay and endure his torment and misery and not live her life. This story rips at your heart but gives you hope for Nina and her children's future. Its raw and moves your soul. I thought it read a little like journal entries and was a little hard to get into at times but the message was clear and moving. This was definitely a different kind of love story, with twists one might consider a HEA. 3.5 to 4 stars

  8. Philomena Callan Cheekypee says:

    This is Nina's journal of living with domestic abuse. It's a gut wrenching view of Nina's difficult journey. She's a strong woman who needs to think of herself and her young daughter.
    This is a topic that is not talked about so much. This author has done a fantastic job at showing us what can happen behind closed doors. I applaud this author on a great piece of work. I've not read anything by this author before but I think that's gonna change!
    Received in return for an honest review.

  9. April says:

    Shards of My Heart is a raw real emotional read. Domestic violence is something that happens all the time around us, and all too often goes unnoticed. This book brings it to light and I pray that it touches someone enough to get help if they do need it. Nicole, you are AMAZEBALLS for writing this story and putting so much emotion into it. You are truly a remarkable person and writer for this story. <3

  10. ✰ BJ& says:

    ARC received for an honest review

    Shards of My Heart is not the normal kind of book we have all around us these days.

    It is gritty, real. It is not the easiest book to read, as the subject matter is not all rainbows and butterflies. Not a pretty read at all. But a compelling read.

    Nina's husband is struggling with mental illness and violent outbursts.

    Her daughter requires constant care. Nina is at her wits end.

    How would you react in this situation?

    Shards of my Heart is written in the form of Nina's journal, and covers the period of a month, from her husband's breakdown, to a separation, to a reconciliation.

    The journal format of writing was different to me, and still I am not sure what I think about it. Sometimes I found it difficult to get into the story as the journal style seemed to push the reader out a little bit, but other times it dragged me right back in.

    There is a bit of Nina in every woman. She puts everyone else before herself, she is a passionate wife, wonderful mother, loving friend. She is stubborn and independent. And fiercely loyal.

    You can feel her struggles as she tries to come to terms with her crumbling relationship, protecting her child. But she also loves her husband and is torn between staying and leaving. It is heart breaking but also inspiring how she gets through every day.

    That's what this book is about. The realism comes from the fact that not every problem is happily fixed without a backward glance. It is a realistic depiction that a lot of women (and men too) find themselves in every day of the week. We don't all have a happy life without struggles.

    Miss Moore has chosen to go down a darker path with Shards of My Heart. I myself have suffered from depression and as I was reading it brought a few tears to my eyes as I read about Shane's daily struggles. It drew me back to my daily struggles to get out of bed each day and deal with what life threw at me.

    If you are after a read with a bit more substance than a lot of the love and fluff books out there at the moment (which I love as much as the next person!!) then Shards of My Heart is the place to start

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