Teacher's Pet: Lesson One

Teacher's Pet: Lesson OneAre you ready to takea bite out of this teacher's apple? Twentythree year old Suri Miller has just landed her first teaching job as the new eleventh grade teacher at Germantown High School That would be wonderful news if it weren't for the turmoil her four year, on againoff again relationship with the handsomely, dapper accountant Travis was now facingThrough a series of lover's quarrels, Teacher's PeteBook #215Suri's eye turns to her seventeen year old student Makai who has an uncanny resemblance to her exboyfriend Makai, whom sees Suri as a means to elevate his finances and grades, naively embraces Suri's manipulative relationship–as long as she can keep it a secret Suri's beauty is countered by her crooked smile, twisted thoughts, and toxic habits to control the men in her life like puppets on ataut string Her wicked passion for role playing makes this teacherstudent relationship the ultimate test.

Breaks into the genre of African American Literature with her debut novel FALLEN Fallen has received star ratings on and is becoming a fan favorite! Uptown's Princess, the author's second novel, is set to release summer ! The Philadelphia native welcomes you into her world of lust, lies, hopes and dreams, hoping that you will dissolve into every second of it! Keep an eye out Teacher's Pet: eBook for upco.

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  • Kindle Edition
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  • Teacher's Pet: Lesson One
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  • 02 December 2019

10 thoughts on “Teacher's Pet: Lesson One

  1. Flenardo Taylor says:

    Thirsty for more

    I always had a fetish for a sexy teacher. I give up now since you created this crazy character lol. Great read. Can't wait for part 2

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