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Life's Next ChapterDr Kate Caldwell strives to be the bestin everything she does Except her best wasn't good enough for her exhusband, Keith Keith crashed her dream of a fairy tale life when she caught him cheating on her She is determined to focus on her new project and to giving her twin daughters a normal, happy childhood Kate has plans to remodel the veterinary clinic her Granddaddy passed down to her To fulfill one of her dreams she hires an architect and design firm to remodel the out dated practice and horse Life's NextKindle boarding stable What Kate doesn't realize is her Life's Next Chapter will be mere yards away, remodeling her clinic Luke Ashton is the general contractor for his cousin’s company, Ashton Architecture and DesignLuke has been assigned to remodel Dr Caldwell’s clinic, and he doesn't expect his latest project to include the woman who could knock his world off it's axis and set it right again He finds himself working longer hours around her property, spending time to get to know Kate better Luke is handsome, with his strikinggreen eyes, rugged physique, and a body that would make any woman weak in the knees He certainly turns Kate’s head Kate and Luke feel the chemistry and tension between them, but both are skeptical about moving forward Kate is terrified to let anyone into her life, let alone her heart Luke has a past that easily scares women away He’s struggled since he was eighteen, when unexpected circumstances turned him into a man Luke is also a veteran with nightmares that follow him all day—every dayDo Kate and Luke give into one another’s baggage and avoid each other, like their heads tell them, or do they fight for the happily ever after they both want? When ‘life’ gives them battles to fight, will they be strong enough to fight for each other?“Luke, my life story is crazy and complicated, why would you want to attempt this?” – Kate“Sunshine, we can’t erase our past, but we sure as hell can turn the page in your story and create our own crazy happy life together”LukeDoes Life’s Next Chapter give Kate her fairy tale ever after, or will it be the chapter she quickly skips through?.

Sarah is a native to Central Florida where she lives with her husband and three sons Besides being a wife and mom, she is also a teacher During her spare time she loves to read, write, spend her time at the ball fields cheering on her boys and relaxing at the beach.

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10 thoughts on “Life's Next Chapter

  1. Ricki says:

    Review to come later, but add this five star book to your TBR lists!!!! If you haven't read Life's Perfect Plan (book one in the series) go ahead and read that in the meantime!!!

  2. Lustful Literature says:


    *3.5 Stars*

    I had never read any work by Sarah Goodman so after choosing to review Life’s Next Chapter I read the first in the series- Life’s Perfect Plan. I was a little turned off by the instant lovey dovey the heron proclaimed so soon so I was a bit worried diving right in LNC BUT I am pleasantly happy it wasn’t soooo insta-love. It was more insta-flirting!

    Kate is raising two girls on her own after kicking her cop cheating hubby to the curb. She is a veterinarian, family raised at that and isn’t looking for more than work and her girls.

    Luke is a contractor for a company that Kate hired to do work for her Vet business. Luke instantly sees how good looking Kate is and is not taken back that she has two girls. He finds ever excuse to be around her. Extra measurements-here, need to drop this off-there. Anything just to be in her presence. He is extremely nice and kind to her and rather ticked off that the man who was suppose to take care of her was such an as

    Kate brushes off all the nice comments Luke makes and tries not the think about it. After a near death experience with a friends dog, Kate learns that Luke doesn’t do well with blood after being in the army. The slow start of a good relationship. This is the part I love. Don’t jump in with all you’ve got. Go slow.

    I had numerous parts I was happy with and went awww and swooned over. But the beginnings are always my favorite, it’s the newness and the unknowing. It’s the realizing WHAT YOU WANT.

    When Kate admits she likes him. Just like any woman alive today, we jump to conclusions. We see some h** guy with a young girl and instantly think they are together. Well what Kate witnesses this is her exact thought, but hell if she wants to admit it. And although, he is seen with a young girl, who she is never crossed my mind :) another plus when I don’t figure it out.

    “Say it…I know you were. I can see it in those beautiful eyes of yours.

    “Fine! Fine. I give up! Yes, I was jealous. I thought you had a young girlfriend, which meant I didn’t have a chance with you.”

    Luke is such a great guy, more than GREAT. He probably is the one perfect guy ever. He sacrificed for his loved ones and did the unthinkable for guys these days. They both have baggage, Mental, heart ache. Physical. But they continue to flirt until, well, until flirting isn’t enough.

    “I don’t want you doing things by yourself anymore. I want to help you.”

    “What’s that suppose to mean?”

    “It means that the kiss we just shared is only the start. I want more from you, Kate. I want a whole lot more….I want you…I want you to be mine.”

    I feel like I can gush over and over about Luke. I just liked him. From the get go. He wasn’t too too sappy and all icky romantic. He was a guy’s guy but when he spoke it meant something. It was real.

    Luke, besides being a total hot tatted up military man he is that a MAN. He stands up to that no good cop hubby of Kate’s and dear Lord what a horrible person. The things he’s done are just unthinkable. They go through such pain and test their relationship. It was very heartbreaking to go through some of the things Kate and Luke had to go through. There are things that happen through the course of their relationship that by no means will be easy to read. It truly was saddening for them. They deserved every bit of happiness.
    By far this is my fave line of the book. This shows you what kind of guy Luke is. What kind of father he is.

    “You see this…this is baggage, Kate! But you look at it and see nothing. Just like I look at you and the girls and see happiness. I can see my life being happy with you. Your daughters and my daughter are just the icing on the cake. For the love of God, please be mine.”

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Janett The Pleasure of Reading Today says:

    This is the second book on the Life Series and it's Kate's story.

    Dr. Kate Caldwell got married to a man she thought she knew after getting pregnant. To her surprise and (Keith) her husband's, she ended up having twins. From the very beginning, Keith was self absorb jerk who cared more about him than he did about his wife and daughters.

    After a few years of marriage and fending pretty much for herself and finding out Keith's been cheating on her, Kate gets a divorce and starts her life as a single woman with two beautiful girls. The first order of business is to remodel her grandfather's vet clinic where she is to set up shop. Is during this process that she meets Luke Ashton, the contractor in charge of the renovations.

    Sparks fly and it's pretty much lust at first sight,but Kate has trust issues and she has "baggage." But she's not the only one, Luke has his own, that he's been carrying around for a long time.

    I liked that Kate was feisty and had a strong will, I liked that she wasn't afraid of her ex's scary tactics and fought him tooth and nail. The twins are adorable and full of the usual antics of 4 year old kids.

    Luke is a sweet guy, honest and faithful with a sense of honor not only to Kate but also to his family.

    This is an easy story to read and it's very sweet, it presents a couple of heartbreaking issues that will probably will make them hard to read if a reader has been through them.

    I have two problems with this story, one, that it feels a bit rushed at times. Second, that I would've liked for Luke to explained a little more about his history and what he went through, it felt a bit incomplete when it came to that.

    All and all it is a story worth reading and has a powerful messages on the power of friendship, loyalty, and that not all is lost after the end of a bad relationship.

    There's always hope.

  4. Tara Marie says:

    I was given an ARC for an honest review
    This book was another emotional book for me... It's Kate's story and her life with her twin girls. I loved Kate from Life's Perfect Plan and I loved her even more in this book. Though not short on drama with her ex Keith, I didn't cry as much as I did with the first book.
    Kate is putting her life back together after her split from her ex husband Keith and his cheating and stealing ways. Next on her list is remodeling her veterinary clinic that she has taken over since her granddaddy retired. With the remodel come Luke, the sexy contractor that molds his way into her life.
    Luke has a past just like everyone else, he's plagued by his "dark days" and it seems that Kate is his new form of therapy. Life is never perfect nor does it ever go according to plan but Luke and Kate try to make it work. Outside forces try to pull them apart and one massive heartbreaking blow threatens to pull them apart.. can they make it?
    If you haven't read this series I do recommend it, it was truly an emotional roller coaster in book one and book two was a great read.. I can't wait for Ethan and Leah's story..❤TARA

  5. Chrys says:

    After reading Life's Perfect Plan and loving it, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one to read Katie's fate.
    The way that a*** hole ex of hers, Keith treated her and their daughters!
    Then along come sexy, macho ex serviceman Luke Ashton sent to do the remodelling work on her Vet business and it's definitely lust at first sight for them both. He not only remodels her business though, he eventually slips into her life and family and changes her heart. They both fall hard for each other.
    Circumstances and life as always puts them through hardships, and after many tears, including from me, they find their way through them back to each other and their forever after.
    You will laugh especially at the twins antics, and cry. Such a heartfelt story

  6. C says:

    5 HUGE stars!!

    I absolutely love this series. Sarah did a fantastic job with book 2. This book really pulled at every emotion. One minute I was laughing, the next was like NO, then I was balling my eyes out. On a few occasions I thought my kindle was going to melt bc things were getting HOT between Kate and Luke. I really pulled for them to have there HEA bc they both deserved it with all that they have been through. I can't wait to read more from this author! Don't miss out on a great series!

  7. Louise Rogers-Thomas says:

    After reading the first in the series Life's Prefect Plan (which had me in tears within the first few chapters) I was really looking forward this one, I didn't cry this time but is very emotional.

    I love how this group of friends look after and support each other. Kate ex is a idiot (that's putting it lightly lol), Luke is ex military and was injured at war. I was really hoping they got things sorted.

    If you have read the first book you will be glad to know we get to see what happened to Beth and Jacob. Looking forward to Ethan and Leah story next in Lifes Second Chance.

  8. Karrie Mellott Puskas says:

    I was so excited to read Kate's story! She is so full of life. What a great book title for Kate as she starts the next chapter in her life! Enter hotter than hot Luke Ashton.

    Kate's story has you laughing with her, crying with her and wanting to shake the crap out of her.

    Another great book. I'd live to go into it more but if you've not read this series I have one question. what are you waiting for?!?!

  9. Sharon Courtney says:

    Loved this book, i was rooting for Luke and Kate from the start... This book made me smile, laugh and angry at times, as Keith is a prick... Looking forward to Ethan's book in Spring..
    It was brilliant to catch up with Beth, Elle and their children, i love all the secondary characters in this series.. Well done Sarah, another fantastic book..

  10. Jennifer Weaver says:

    AMAZING!!!! you have to read Life's Perfect Plan to get the absolute beautiful story behind these women's friendships (its one of my favorite things about this series) now on to Luke....I want go into how much personally this story touches me....but this is a beautiful love story....a beautiful story of a fathers love.... and a beautiful story of second chances. A MUST READ!!!

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