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Eternal Mixture [PDF / Epub] ☉ Eternal Mixture By Shevaun Delucia – If you had the chance to start your life over, would you take it? If you were told you would live for eternity, would you embrace it? If a stranger told you he was your soul mate, would you believe it If you had the chance to start your life over, would you take it? If you were told you would live for eternity, would you embrace it? If a stranger told you he was your soul mate, would you believe it?Raina Richmond has played it safe Eternal Mixture PDF/EPUB or her entire life She has never broken the rules That is, until Brent Alexander walked straight into her life, causing havoc Turning her world upside down Brent is the new kid in town He is every girl’s fantasy: adorable, charming, chiseled, and the typical boy Raina usually steers clear of But there is just something about him she can’t seem to resist Safe is no longer an option for her For him, she breaks all the rulesWhat she doesn’t realize is that he holds the key to her past, present, and future Once he reveals the reasons behind their irrevocable connection, she will unlock the answers to all of her questions, and her life as she knows it will never be the same again.

Shevaun DeLucia lives in upstate New York with her husband, four children, and two dogs As a stay at home mom while her children were young, she fell in love with reading She indulged in the small moments that took her away from the reality of Eternal Mixture PDF/EPUB or her loud, overly rambunctious household, bringing her into a world of fantasy When reading wasn’t enough to satisfy her, she turned to writing, determin.

Eternal Mixture  PDF/EPUB » Eternal Mixture  PDF/EPUB
    Eternal Mixture PDF/EPUB » Eternal Mixture PDF/EPUB reveals the reasons behind their irrevocable connection, she will unlock the answers to all of her questions, and her life as she knows it will never be the same again."/>
  • Paperback
  • 291 pages
  • Eternal Mixture
  • Shevaun Delucia
  • English
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9780615828039

10 thoughts on “Eternal Mixture

  1. Patty says:

    If you had the chance to start your life over, would you take it? If you were told you would live for eternity, would you embrace it? If a stranger told you he was your soul mate, would you believe it?

    While reading this book, those 3 questions kept running through my mind as I tried to figure out what would happen between Raina and Brent. This book was absolutely fantastic!! From the first page I was hooked; A first kiss… can I just say that the writing on this page was just perfection?! THIS is what authors need to start doing. I read that page and I didn’t want to put the book down.

    Eternal Mixture is a refreshing YA, fantasy book. Shevaun did an excellent job captured the present world and having it well collaborated with Raina and Brent’s past. Another bonus, Raina likes reading Christopher Pike! When I got to that point within the first chapter I knew I was going to like Raina’s character.

    I found myself connected with Brent more than Raina. And I connected with Brent in the sense that I was basically rooting for him. The description of the pain he went through, having the one you love die multiple times was just heartbreaking. I wish the book was written from his perspective, with all his insights and being able to get a glimpse of what he’s thinking at different points would have been interesting! Especially towards Jaime and Jason.

    This was a fantastic book that I definitely recommend to anyone who loves a good romance book. I only wish there was more! While Eternal Mixture had a solid ending, I feel like there is enough to develop another story and continue on with what will happen next between Raina and Brent. And I’m just saying, if Jason isn’t in the next book I wouldn’t be heartbroken about it, hehe.

    Overall, fantastic book. I know I keep saying it but honestly it really is THAT good! This book had a solid plot, with a couple of good twist and two strong characters that I didn’t want to stop reading about. Pick up this book! You won’t regret it!

  2. Calatasde says:

    Oh,god! Such a Sweet Boy,Brent <3 <3 I also love Raina because I found myself in her. She doesn't want to her like me :) I just love the story so much I don't know how to write my feeling about it. And I really want to write and tell you spoilers but maybe I could ruin the mood :/ Anyway You just HAVE TO read Eternal Mixture.

  3. Rose says:

    A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author :)

    « If you had the chance to start your life over, would you take it? If you were told you would live for eternity, would you embrace it? If a stranger told you he was your soul mate, would you believe it?»
    - Shevaun DeLucia-

    Story: I don't want to talk too much about the story not to spoil anything. However, what I CAN tell is that it was quite a refreshing read in that Eternal Mixture did not involve any vampire, werewolf, or fallen angel. Really, I swear. Rather, Ms. DeLucia chose to focus on fantasy theme that is (still) fairly original: immortals. Another theme of this book I enjoyed was the soul mate/ star crossed lovers' story, which was pretty well done.

    Characters: I felt that the characters were very believable as 16 years old teens, which, let's be honest, can be quite a feat for adult authors everywhere. Specifically, the angst and insecurities characteristic of that period are really well portrayed. Even though I rooted for them, I had a bit of tough time connecting with the main characters (which was not the case for other readers as per the other reviews of this book). I did love, however, the best friends, Maddie and Bailey, and their relationship with Raina. In general, the characters displayed many values that I can tell are important to the author, such as loyalty to friends and family, honesty, and bravery.

    Writing: The writing was quite good although I did feel at times that the author was trying too hard to «woo» us with it. There were a few clichés and redundancies but they weren't too hard to overlook.

    Sexual content: Although this book is clearly YA material, I found it to be slightly more daring than most novels from this genre... And that's great! Don't get me wrong; I am not a big fan of adult romance and long sex scenes. When it comes to teenagers though, it makes sense to talk about sexual tension and discovering one's sensuality. Come one: we are talking about hormone-crazed kids here! Regardless, it was never crude or vulgar but rather sweet and authentic.

    Overall: 3.5 stars.
    Sweet read with crisp characters, this is a nice addition to my YA bookshelf. Recommended to all YA fantasy fans!

  4. Erin Blake says:

    Love this book! Highly recommend !! Great writing by the author. It's rumored she's writing part 2 can't wait!

  5. Alexa Nichole Demers says:


    “He is like a drug to me, and I am forever addicted.”

    This book was definitely interesting. I liked this semi new take on immortals. It seemed like a spin-off of Evermore. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a refreshing read. I love soul-mate stories. They are probably my favorites to read. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, having one person that you love and loves you no matter what is pretty amazing. A love that is so encompassing that there is no denying it. There is something about knowing there is one person out there for you that is perfect is pretty romantic. I loved this element of the story.

    We open with Raina in her high school interacting with her friends. There is a new kid in school and her reaction to the situation is pretty priceless. She wants nothing to do with the gossip, the boy, nothing. She has no interest in laying her eyes on him no matter what the other people are saying. Raina was a strong character, a person who knew who she was. Until Brent walked into her life. It was pretty funny that she tried to fight the connection anyway possible in the beginning. Don’t the characters know by now you can’t do that. Hahaha. After a little while it became frustrating but before it got to the point of no return she gave in and it was magic.

    Brent was another great leading man. He walked right up to her and pretty much told her he was waiting for her. He beat around the bush but I mean I knew what he was trying to say. He made me so mad with the whole Casey thing. I’m glad that didn’t last long. Guys should no making us jealous with the one person we absolutely hate in high school does the opposite of what they are trying to accomplish. He was a patient and understanding character too, which made him even better. I mean he has been waiting forever and he didn’t mind waiting for her to work through it.

    Some of the writing bothered me a little bit but I was able to overlook it. There is nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t something that particularly enjoy. There were just too many sentences describing the same things over and over again. There was only one other thing that bothered me and that was the addition of Jason. I understand him as a bad guy but I don’t need another love triangle. When you set it up as sol-mates it needs to stay that way. I mean it does but if there is another book I hope it stays that way.

    I hope there is another book. I feel like we got to know the characters and the Immortal story but there was never a real element of danger that was supposed to be felt near the end. It felt like the author set it up and then the next page ended it. The story could end but I feel like there is more to tell.

    Anyways if there is another one I will be reading it!

  6. Paula Phillips says:

    Reading External Mixture was nice for a change as I have found myself reading ALOT of New Adult books lately and it was great to sit back and read a Teen Fantasy novel. External Mixture takes us back to high school where newcomer Brent is causing a bit of an uprise as the new school hunk. Seems though that Brent has only eyes for one girl in particular Raina. Raina isn't used to all this attention as she is the plain Jane, the girl who likes to study but Brent's involvement in her life is about to stir up many unanswered questions including the biggest one - Who or What is she ? Turns out that Raina is in fact not exactly human - she was a long time ago but is now an immortal who is born into a new life every so often and it seems that Brent is her love partner throughout the ages. Life is about to get a whole lot more stressful for Raina as she discovers that someone else around her isn't being entirely truthful and if she isn't careful it could result in the death of one of her close friends at school. Can Raina not only save those around her from being hurt but also manage to still keep up her GPA and grades at school without people being arisen from suspicion ?

    Find out in this Teen Fantasy book which in a way reminds me of the classic novel Tuck Everlasting. - External Mixture.

    Question for Readers : Would you drink The External Mixture to stay young and immortal forever ?

  7. Parker says:

    Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock
    Raina Richmond is the girl at school who keeps a low profile with a few select friends. She doesn’t try to be popular and doesn’t date the popular boys until Brent Alexander starts school. Raina feels connected to Brent but she is not sure why and Brent makes it clear that he has his heart set on her.
    Brent knows Raina and has for a long time. When Brent feels that they have a strong connection he tells her that she is his other half, his true love. Raina has an immortal soul that keeps coming back to be with Brent but some people will do anything to keep them apart.
    What can I say this is such a unique idea it kept me reading late into the night. Raina is a strong character that has to decide if she can believe that she has an immortal soul and if it really is love she feels for Brent. Brent is strong, reliable, charming and a great male lead character. Although the characters are teenagers it is written in a very mature dialogue that made it very enjoyable.I do love soul mate stories and this does not disappoint. It offered me a soul mate romance with a twist that can withstand anything.

  8. D.S. McKnight says:

    While Eternal Mixture is a Young Adult Paranormal novel, there aren't any blood sucking vampires or werewolves in this tale. Shevaun Delucia delivers a fresh take on eternal love.

    Raina is the main character in this story. I felt the author did a great job capturing the conflicting emotions that Raina is experiencing. Brent is the love interest - He's exactly what females dream of - tough and tender with a great big dose of sexy.

    The romance in this story is a bit steamier than some Young Adult fiction. However, it doesn't cross the line. Adult readers might enjoy a little sizzle and teens will relate to the raging hormones.

    There are a few grammatical errors and a couple of story inconsistancies but I enjoyed the author's writing style. I thought the story flowed at a nice pace - nothing too rushed.

    **I rec'd this book in exchange for an honest review (Novel Notions)**

  9. Alyssa says:

    Eternal Mixture was a cute read about what life would be like for a group of immortals and one very special girl that keeps being reincarnated.

    Brent's character was well developed and he came across as very nice, if not a little possesive, but in context it is understandable.

    Although a bit of a goody two shoes Raina is a believable protagonist. She cares deeply about her friends, tries not to hurt others, feels awkward around those not in her group of friends and is insecure. What teenage girl hasn't felt that from time to time?

    Although in some places I wished that Raina and Brent didn't have as much passion for one another as they do the romance was sweet and the story took a couple fun twists along the way.

    A great one for the beach this summer!

    Similar to Final Life but with more adult content.

  10. Amanda Shelley-Masters says:

    I loved this book! Shevaun Delucia is a genius storyteller! her ideas are crisp and bold and her characters inspired and loveable. Eternal Mixture was amazingly well put together and I found myself time and time again wondering how everything was all going to come together in the end.

    The magnetic draw between the main characters was one of my fav things about this story. I loved how they just couldn't stay away from each other and the love they felt for each other right from the start.

    My fav characters would have to be Raina's two best friends. The three of them really had a connection and they would do anything for each other. They knew right away when their friends boyfriend was bad news and tried to help her out, and never once gave up on her.

    I really couldn't get enough of this book and would highly recommend it to one and all! Make sure you TNR and get your copy today!

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