Kids' Book of Gross Facts & Feats

      Kids' Book of Gross Facts & Feats
Here is the official catalog of all that is gross, weird, and amazing From microorganisms living in your mouth and dust mites sleeping in your bed to sun dried maggots for dinner and white ant pie for dessert, this fascinating book will have kids freaking out friends and family everywhere. Read Kids' Book of Gross Facts & Feats –

Todd Strasser is an American author ofthan 130 young adult and middle grade novels and novelizations, some written under the pen names Morton Rue and T.S.RueTodd was born in New York City When he was young his parents moved to Roslyn Heights, New York Long Island Todd went to the I.U Willets Elementary school and then attended the Wheatley School for junior high and high school His best subjects were math and science He also liked to read, but he had trouble with spelling and grammar, and didn t do well in English His favorite sports were tennis, skiing and fishing Todd went to college at New York University for a few years, and then dropped out He lived on a commune, then lived in Europe where he was a street musician All the while, Todd wrote songs and poems and lots of letters to his friends back home Finally he decided to try being a writer He returned to the United States and went to Beloit College where he studied literature and writing After college, Todd worked at the Middletown Times Herald Record newspaper in Middletown, New York, and later at Compton Advertising in New York City In 1978, Todd sold his first novel, Angel Dust Blues He used the money to start the Dr Wing Tip Shoo fortune cookie company For the next 12 years, Todd soldfortune cookies than books In 1990, Todd moved to Westchester County, N.Y During the next few years, he wrote many movie novelizations, including Home Alone, Free Willy, Ferris Bueller s Day Off and Jumanji In 1993 Todd wrote Help I m Trapped in My Teacher s Body Since then he has written 16Help I m Trapped i books, as well as several other series All together, he has publishedthan 100 books Todd now divides his time between writing books and speaking at schools and conferences When he s at home, he likes to spend time with his children and dog, Mac He still likes to fish, play tennis and ski, but his favorite new sport is surfing.

      Kids' Book of Gross Facts & Feats
 By Todd Strasser IBN : 0816743835 Format : Paperback –
  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Kids' Book of Gross Facts & Feats
  • Todd Strasser
  • English
  • 22 March 2017
  • 0816743835

10 thoughts on “ Kids' Book of Gross Facts & Feats

  1. Quincy Carroll says:

    I like this book It was funny and there were some really gross things in it.

  2. The Reading Countess says:

    Gross Bedmates, Gross Science Projects, and Gross Teacher Abuse are but some of the headings in this oddly fascinating read Have you ever wondered what kinds of odd food people from other countries eat Wonder noIn Norway, beef blood pudding is served up, and in Indonesia you can order coconut cream marinated dog p 73 Kids Book of Gross Facts and Feats will be passed hand to hand by my readers B...

  3. Amanda says:

    Some of the stuff in this book is gross.I read this book in 4th grade It was good but it did have some stuff that I found really grody Grody means really gross I think all kids would like this book it has it s funny parts as well as it s gross parts.

  4. Carly Christensen says:

    I liked it because people ate really gross things and that was creepy.Serious.

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