Maps For A Mortal Moon

      Maps For A Mortal Moon
Poignant, witty, melancholic and intense, this is the best of four decades of prose from one of Indias masters of the written word The worst thing about being a human being is being a human being I wish I was bird, as the railway clerk in Nissim Ezekiels poem says But if I were, the worst thing about being a bird would be being a bird Welcome to the world of Adil Jussawalla, poet, columnist, critic The essays and entertainments collected in this volume take in everything from language to poetry, from ethics to model aeroplanes, from death and addiction to travel and alienation In these pages, you will meet poets, novelists, construction labourers, gamblers and most startlingly, Jussawalla himself as a boy who lost himself at the movies, as the acned adolescent on a ship watching a storm at sea, as the flaneur of South Mumbai.These essays provide insightful commentary on the cultural shifts and political changes over the past forty years.Written by one of the masters of the written word, Adil Jussawalla.Selected and edited by award winning author Jerry Pinto. Download Maps For A Mortal Moon –

Poet and critic Adil Jussawalla is an influential presence in Indian poetry in English He has written two books of poetry, Land s End 1962 and Missing Person 1976 , edited a seminal anthology of new writing from India 1974 and co edited an anthology of Indian prose in English 1977 He writes a complex poetry ironic, fragmented, non linear, formally strenuous that evokes and indicts a dehumanised, spiritually sterile landscape, ravaged by contradiction, suspended in a perpetual state of catastrophe.Jussawalla was born in Mumbai, and spent most of the years between 1957 and 1970 in England where he studied to be an architect, wrote plays, read English at Oxford and taught English at a language school Returning to Mumbai, he taught English at St Xavier s College between 1972 and 1975 An Honorary Fellow at the International Writing Program in Iowa in 1977, Jussawalla has participated in several international conferences and festivals.

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      Maps For A Mortal Moon
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  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • Maps For A Mortal Moon
  • Adil Jussawalla
  • English
  • 26 January 2018
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10 thoughts on “ Maps For A Mortal Moon

  1. Ananta Pathak says:

    a travel to the mind of one of India s best writer with deeply melanocholic voice.

  2. Parvathy says:

    Something so very old worldly gentle about this book Makes it poignant The writing is impeccable and such a pleasure Some of the pieces are exquisite the ones on Ezekiel, on the sensuality of writing, on the sandstorm off the coast of Aden But there w...

  3. Boshika Gupta says:

    I am biased when it comes to Adil BUT this book is intelligent and a glimpse into his mind, memories and endless dreams It s beautiful The Bombay references, being away from India, the portrait of the lady, his witty comments, gems like Hold me in the sky of your hands Just poignant in...

  4. Tisha says:

    Adil is an old favourite and here is a set of reflections in prose, from a poet.

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