Necropolis[Ebook] ➣ Necropolis Author Jordan L. Hawk – Introverted scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne has spent the last few months watching his lover Griffin Flaherty come to terms with the rejection of his adoptive family So when an urgent telegram from Introverted scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne has spent the last few months watching his lover Griffin Flaherty come to terms with the rejection of his adoptive family So when an urgent telegram from Christine summons them to Egypt Whyborne is reluctant to risk the fragile peace they’ve established Until that is a man who seems as much animal as human tries to murder Whyborne in the museumAmidst the ancient ruins of the pharaohs they must join Christine and face betrayal murder and a legendary sorceress risen from the dead In the forge of the desert heat the trio will either face their fears and stand together—or shatter the bonds between them forever.

Jordan L Hawk is a trans author from North Carolina Childhood tales of mountain ghosts and mysterious creatures gave him a life long love of things that go bump in the night When he isn’t writing he brews his own beer and tries to keep the cats from destroying the house His best selling Whyborne Griffin series beginning with Widdershins can be found in print ebook and audiobook.

Ebook  ☆ Necropolis ePUB ✓
  • ebook
  • 200 pages
  • Necropolis
  • Jordan L. Hawk
  • English
  • 07 April 2015
  • 9781941230046

10 thoughts on “Necropolis

  1. Shile says:

    425 stars Writing excellent Characters amazing Whyborne and Griffin have grown so much as characters The mysteries keep getting creepier Loved Daisy and WhyborneOverall It was enjoyable

  2. Ms. Smartarse says:

    If you want to earn brownie points with one Percival Whyborne you need only to give him a complex ancient scroll to translate and lock him in his office For bonus points consider locking his boyfriend in there as wellWhat you do not do is reuest his presence at a fundraising gala nor cite him to a family Christmas dinner NO not even if you're charitable enough to invite his boyfriend Father had been involved in a cult which first unjustly confined Griffin to a madhouse then tried to sacrifice him to an undead abomination I rather thought it beyond kind for Griffin to respond to the invitation at all instead of just flinging it into the fireAnd I'm not just saying that because I like him but Whyborne's train of thoughts tends to veer in dangerous directions when bored Don't blame me if you find yourself running from a freak windstorm in a crowded ballroom or evading a toppling giant Christmas tree Also since you've been his best friend for uite a while you should know not to ask him to join you half way 'round the world He might just give in and help you out of a rather sticky situation? Smart girls can wield the power of emotional blackmail most ablyGiven the genre of the series not having an adventure set in an Egypt would've been most suspicious And yes there's prophecies and daemons and bad guys who get foreshadowed by their smell and there's even enough time to sueeze in some romance for Christine erm the very beginning of one at any rate Always good to see an MM romance that spares some rewards to the 'sidekick' not that anyone would dare call her that to her face hehMy personal favorite part though was the Whyborne family dinner Although our long suffering hero may be firmly convinced that no one save his mother tolerates his presence there the reader can definitely see signs to the contrary from his father Rather endearing really in light of his previous treatment Can't wait to see how it evolves in the following booksScore 35 starsThe mystery was still engaging if a bit predictable by now we all know that anything that can go wrong will do so in the most spectacular manner But then that's part of the series' charmReview of book 1 WiddershinsReview of book 15 EidolonReview of book 2 ThresholdReview of book 3 StormhavenReview of book 35 Remnant A Caldwell FeximalWhyborne Griffin MysteryReview of book 5 BloodlineReview of book 6 HoarfrostReview of book 7 MaelstromReview of book 8 FallowReview of book 85 UndertowReview of book 9 DraakenwoodReview of book 10 BalefireReview of book 11 Deosil

  3. Simone says:

    35 4 Stars Not my favorite in this series since I kept mixing up all the Egyptian names legends and whatnot in my head and I wished for a bit together time for Whyborne and Griffin their romance came up a bit short here in my opinion but I still enjoyed it a great deal and Whyborne's interaction with the hat munching neck nuzzling Daisy was priceless Oh and thanks to Whyborne I'll remember to keep an umbrella at the ready whenever I'm about to meet an half humanhalf animal jackal It's the small things in life that sometimes make a deep impact after all ;

  4. Barbara➰ says:

    Man oh man Was this an exciting installment or what?? Whyborne and Griffin travel to Egypt to help Christine out It is action packed to say the least And yes as other reviews have said it reminds me of The Mummy in some ways but it's also different in a lot of ways And since that is a favorite of all time movie of mine I'm not complaining at allPoor Griffin He just can't escape his worst nightmare Thankfully Whyborne is there to help him I love these two so much I can definitely say they are on my favorite couple shelfI was happy to see a softer side of Christine I liked getting a little background into her family but I felt so bad for her too I love her dearly and I want her to have a HEA as well I just knew there would be someone out there made especially for her I'm still holding on to my girl crush thoughThings just keep getting better and better in this series And yes Lorraine I'm STILL kicking myself for not reading this sooner Much thanks to Meags and Anne for encouraging me to read it and supporting me as I go I can't stop myself from reading and I'm already anticipating a serious book hangover when it's all said and done On to the next adventure

  5. K.J. Charles says:

    I love this series I love this installment Hot scary vividly written terrific setting wonderful development of the ongoing story delightful characters I am consumed with jealousy at how Jordan handles ongoing series I think she must plan them or something Cow Obviously having co written a crossover story Remnant A Caldwell FeximalWhyborne Griffin Mystery involving these characters I am not what you might call impartial But the reason I'm not impartial is that I flipping love these stories Proper massive pulp fun of the kind that far too rarely comes our way

  6. Richard Derus says:

    Rating 4 of fiveBook four in a series is a tricky point There's a reason most of the fantasygenre publishing world has been dominated by trilogies We're mostly sick of the joke by the time we get to book three Even of characters that are delightful and daisy fresh and involved in uniue endeavors by the time we've read 300000 words plus about them we're in full fatigue mode It's the same reason there are danger points in marriages cliffs that TV shows fall over serial entrepreneursWe get boredSo in a series of books that's about a pair of lovers becoming a couple learning about themselves each other their families and oh yeah by the way those monsters under your bed? totally real how do we do the Bore Me Not Rhumba? At about the pace the men involved do it per Author Hawk Whyborne's antics in the first three books have led his gawky scholarly self down some most unusual paths and Griffin is deeply concerned for the safety and sanity of his mate Their adventure in this book leads them to follow Christine the token real girl to the deserts of Egypt in order to thwart Nyarlathotep coming to Earth That's one of Lovecraft's Elder Gods in case you're wonderingBut the trip to Egypt is Whyborne's worst nightmare Griffin well traveling is nothing to his former Pinkerton self He's uite looking forward to itexcept he's worried about his beloved Whyborne whose studies in sorcerous spells make him much than a little nervousIf the man couldn’t make an argument one way he’d find anotherWelcome to marriage Whyborne Griffin is completely invested in you your health your survival His happiness depends on your maintenance of all those things He's going to argue with you about your behaviors when he sees you acting counter to what he knows is your best interest That it isn't what you think is your best interest is what keeps marriages aliveAs is also bog standard normal for long term love Party of the first part might as well be looking at a fun house mirror for all the resemblance their self image bears to Party of the second part's vision of themGriffin had once called me brave but I couldn’t imagine how he would possibly think it I feared everything talking to strangers leaving Widdershins humiliating myself in publicthe list went on and on There was nothing for a man such as Griffin who as a Pinkerton foiled bank robberies and chased down hardened criminals to admire in me But he thought otherwise mad as it sounded and his belief made me want to be that man the one he could admireThe bright face of being in love How common a feeling to want the beloved to be pleased with us And how seldom we see that the beloved is looking suarely at us and seeing the strength that it takes to move in the face of fear Griffin sees Whyborne's best in seeing his behaviors and knowing the fears and failings behind themHow you burn bright enough it almost blinds me But I can’t look awayAnd how often the beloved already is far than we ever credit or even believe when we're told as Griffin directly says to Whyborne above possessed of our secrets and infatuated by our strength in the face of themIt's a pallid but similar investment that the series reader makes in the series This danger point book four sinks many a series under the weight of its tics and crotchets Whyborne our PoV character is monumentally self absorbed A lady's woman ness isn't really an excuse for Whyborne's inability to see her a new character in this book's interest in him Her smile offered me no clues “Very good indeed” she affirmed before turning back to the wall and leaving me to my confusion I opened my mouth to ask what she meant At the same moment she leaned forward and kissed meAnd thus is a silly git shocked shocked I say by the mere existence of women aware of his desirability It's played for comedy and truthfully I've been Whyborne than once in my life it shames me to admit but it's part and parcel of Whyborne's least appealing trait It's very much at the fore here It's a crotchet that could sink the series easily as I found my eyes rolling without conscious volitionexcept Author Hawk got there ahead of meOne of Griffin's refrains has been his concern for the effects of Whyborne's researches on his safety Whyborne's counter is always look at how many times it's saved our bacon And this point is inarguable but to one side of Griffin's concern Deflecting attention is a survival thing for Whyborne growing up in a terribly dysfunctional family It's been working fine until now but Griffin and Christine are in much danger than ever from multiple sources All the sources are magical All of them demand that Whyborne override Griffin's loving concern for his safety All of the threats also demand that he de absorb himself in his own head and notice really and truly notice inthemoment that his friends are real even when he's not paying attention to themAbout this time most authors of series fail They don't let the character that needs to grow make the leap Author Hawk does I'm very happy to say and does so very explicitly It is the reason I will read books five and up I've included the uote as a spoiler so look no farther down unless you're game for a spoilerview spoilerWhyborne afraid for his loved ones' continued safety after the supernatural enemies they faced down in this book makes the following vowBut I wasn’t helpless And given the dark turns our lives had taken the horrors we’d faced it was my responsibility to arm myself as well as I might against any future threats If we survived tonight I’d stop pretending to be a dilettante and throw myself fully into the study of the arcane arts I’d become a true sorcererAnd now let the shenanigans commence gleeful hand rubbing hide spoiler

  7. Sheri says:

    If I say this is my favorite can I change my mind later? I have a feeling I might repeat this sentiment again But I really really loved this one It wasn’t just traveling to Egypt although that was rather impressive impulsive and foolhardy It wasn’t simply that their undefeated monster streak continues while I will admit I was bewitched until the very end What knocked this one straight to the top for me was the growth and strength ofthe essence of this series Whyborne Griffin I was delighted with how their bond has tightened their connection fortified and their love has proven unbreakable This is exactly why I adore series with the same couple so very much The advancement of ‘them’ brings me great joy They trust one another implicitly and would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their beloved sigh There’s something so profound when such declarations take place Praise be they weren’t necessary But those selfless moments burn bright and I can’t wait to continue to see what else the universe has in the stars for them But firstEgyptWhat's to like Whyborne receives a plea for help okay like demand from Christine She’s on site in the midst of her excavation and reuires the services of her best friend Much to his dismay she’s unable to explain much of anything through the post Knowing how difficult travel and the rustic conditions are sure to be for him Christine is calling for uite the boon Griffin is acutely aware that what Christine cannot say is everything he should fear Seeing how they have cast their lot together come what may another sigh he insists on accompanying Whyborne to this faraway wilderness Which is a relief all the way around They have demonstrated they are a formidable forcetogether Especially when it comes to all three of them Perhaps Christine will find her missing link and complete their family? Hmmmmone never knowsWhat's to love Without a doubt my favorite part of this exhilarating adventure was Whyborne and his loyal partner Griffin I am powerless to their charms I relish in their affection and can’t seem to get enough of them Whyborne is absolutely adorable flailing so far out of his element I love him when he’s shy and daring vulnerable and courageous and apparently when he’s cranky and cross Luckily Griffin loves him sweet and saucy and enjoyed this new vinegary side the dessert brings out in his precious Ival as well There is a LOT going on with ancient curses and superstitions I had to concentrate on names and balancing everything else with my love struck glaze Except for Daisy I’ll never forget her Despite the fast clip and eerie ghouls I was pleasantly surprised that I was never truly lost Of course I chalk that up to the mastermind behind this series Hawk delivers another stupendous installment in my new favorite fantasy world and I’ll be hot on their heels to wherever they’re headed nextBeware of The desert is full of dangers and threatsshadows from the past and those that would rather they have no future Family betrayal cuts deepbut the monsters try to cut deeper Crypt crashing doesn’t always leave time for romance but never fear they couldn’t be in loveThis book is for Naturally Whyborne and Griffin fans And if you’re fashionably late to this party nothing wrong with that be prepared to indulge in some of the best PNR aroundBook UNfunk

  8. Susan says:

    35 starsIf you haven't read Jordan L Hawk's Whyborne Griffin serieswhy the heck not?I LOVE this series so much  Percival Endicott Whyborne is just one of my favorite characters in books today  He's funny and unfortunate grouchy and sweetly uncertainand I love reading about him and his love Griffin Flaherty They make me HAPPY For someone who used to read neither historicals nor paranormal books the WG series has converted meNecropolis is book 4 in the series and that alone makes it a must read for me  Jordan L Hawk tells some AMAZING tales and they usually prove eual parts sweet hot entertaining scary and mysteriousNecropolis is set in Egypt where Whyborne Griffin answer the call from their friend Christine to come visit her at an ancient dig site  Reading about Whyborne in an uncomfortable desert setting was hysterical  He had some classic moments with a camel and a fez and those alone had me in stitches  There were also some really sweet tender and openly transparent moments between the 2 lovers and I could not have been touched by these scenesI did however struggle with a few things One being the overcomplicated storyline about an ancient Egyptian king his ueen and some hideous dog likehuman like creatures  Whether it be the difficult names or just the layered back lore I found myself kind of lost  Though it was definitely scary as this series tends to be it was not entirely easy to understandThe other being the simple fact that Griffin played a very secondary almost tertiary role in this story and it put thebalanceoff a bit  Griffin was not around much on page other than supporting Whyborne's effort I love that unwavering support but throughout the book I kept thinking Where's Griffin?even in scenes when he was technically present  I like them together as eual partners helping each other and love each other  Too much to ask? It was fun to read Christine get a bit of her own story  It felt a little like it was her book to be honest I love Christine so I didn't mind it much  But I was just craving a little bit of Whyborne AND Griffin by the endAll in all it's a must read for fans of the series  But I have to admit it was my least favorite of the first 4 books and short story to date

  9. Ingie says:

    Written September 7 201437 Stars a tremendous adrenaline rush among the mummies in EgyptBook #4 Necropolis is the fourth part in the adventurous and often spooky scary historical Whyborne Griffin series by Jordan L Hawk A week laterI'm glad and happy This was a always a well made exciting and a good continuation of an engaging love story Possibly of adventure than romance book but anyway nice readingThe former Pinkerton Detective Mr Griffin Flaherty is a uite newcomer a year ago in the small a bit strange town Widdershins A very experienced gentleman with thick skin and a dramatic slightly dark past history from the big city Griffin's lover is a lovely tall slender younger man Dr Percival Endicott Whyborne aka Ival Our main character in these books “You smell like a clean wind of the sea Like salt and ambergris” His hand trailed along the line of buttons on my shirt “Like home Like every good thing in this world”About the MC's events etc before this fourth installment view spoilerGriffin and Whyborne first met at The Ladysmith Museum where Whyborne works as an comparative philologist when Griffin needed help to decipher an ancient scripture Then they started together to solve a creepy paranormal mystery adventure Pretty soon it became romantic and steaming hot and the first book ended up with a nice HEA In the next two books their love story went on and grew into an intensely hot steamy addiction• #1 Widdershins 4 stars • #2 Threshold 45 stars• #3 Stormhaven 43 stars These stories are told from Whyborne's POV Except the free Valentine Day novella #15 Eidolon 4 stars hide spoiler

  10. Vivian says:

    Lon Chaney is ready for his resurrection uality entertainment in this WG Monster of the Week episode in EGYPT Hurrah for an exotic locale which Whyborne being the consummate city boy means a dreadful subtraction in the creature comforts West Virginia marked the farthest I’d ever strayed from Widdershins I’d hated the heat and mosuitos but at least we’d had a hotel and other civilized amenities What if Christine expected me to sleep in a tent? Poor Ival no one seems to care that he is not made for this But he does meet a faithful companion during his sojourn who lightens things up Daisy Half the fun is seeing what's coming and going No Or Look behind you And Don't trust that person did you fall off the turnip truck yesterday? So appropriate carnage and terror as they probe the depths of Christine's excavation site and find than they bargained for Nice developments for Griffin Ival and Christine Same charming humor and wit But the big mystery for the series is what is going on with Whyborne? Indeed most intriguing and peculiar Favorite uote “I cast my lot with yours if you recall I may not always be happy with the direction you take us but it does not change what I said”

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