Werewolf Quartet

      Werewolf Quartet
Werewolf Quartet is a terrifying horror portmanteau novella in the style of Tales From The Crypt and Vault of Horror There are four tales with a lycanthrope theme, framed by a main storyline, which follows a young horror magazine editor who, searching for new stories for his publication, travels out to a big old Victorian house in the English countryside to read four werewolf stories written by an elderly gentleman called Mr Barratt However, Dempsey finds that when it comes to werewolves, truth can often be horrifying than fiction. Download Werewolf Quartet – bluevapours.co.uk

My name is Alan Toner and I am a writer of ghost and horror stories, both fact and fiction I have published volumes 1 4 of my True Ghost Stories books on , in addition to a string of other paranormal titles I have also published two volumes of my short story collection, HORROR STORIES, and a werewolf novella called WEREWOLF NIGHTMARE.Being a huge fan of the Hammer horror films, I have written two books on the studio HAMMER HORROR REMEMBERED and HAMMER HORROR TRIVIA I am currently writing a third Hammer book to complete the Hammer trilogy, which will be a quiz book on the studio s movies.In addition to my books, I have also published many articles on the Ezinearticles.com site, where I have attained Expert Author status, and have had some of my short stories published in various magazines and books.My official website is www.alantoner.com

      Werewolf Quartet
 By Alan Toner IBN :  Format : Kindle Edition – bluevapours.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 94 pages
  • Werewolf Quartet
  • Alan Toner
  • English
  • 25 December 2018

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