The Beast Hunter (The Adventures of Keltin Moore, #1)

The Beast Hunter (The Adventures of Keltin Moore, #1) Beast Hunter And Local Hero Keltin Moore Joins A Desperate Campaign To Save Faraway Krendaria, A Nation On The Verge Of Revolution A Swarm Of Beasts Threatens To Destroy The Country S Desperately Needed Crops, And An Unprecedented Team Of Hunters Is Assembled To Cleanse The Infested Farmlands But The Grand Adventure Quickly Becomes A Desperate Fight For Survival As The Horde Of Beasts Seems Endless And Distrust Among The Hunters Eats Away At The Campaign From Within In Desperation, Keltin And His New Friends Embark On A Dangerous Mission Into The Heart Of The Deadly Swarm, Prepared To Make A Final Stand Against The Oncoming Beasts To Try And Save All Of Krendaria From Starvation

Lindsay Schopfer is the award winning author of The Adventures of Keltin Moore, a series of steampunk flavored fantasy novels about a professional monster hunter His second Keltin Moore novel, Into the North, won first place in the OZMA Award for Fantasy as part of the Chanticleer International Book Awards He also wrote the sci fi survivalist novel Lost Under Two Moons and the short story collec

[[ Ebook ]] ➧ The Beast Hunter (The Adventures of Keltin Moore, #1)  Author Lindsay Schopfer –
  • Paperback
  • 270 pages
  • The Beast Hunter (The Adventures of Keltin Moore, #1)
  • Lindsay Schopfer
  • English
  • 24 January 2019

10 thoughts on “The Beast Hunter (The Adventures of Keltin Moore, #1)

  1. Connie Jasperson says:

    This week was the launch of indie author Lindsay Schopfer s steampunk fantasy, The Beast Hunter I was intrigued, as I had read his first book, a sci fi novel, Lost Under Two Moons, and really enjoyed it.The Blurb Beast hunter and local hero Keltin Moore joins a desperate campaign to save faraway Krendaria, a nation on the verge of revolution A swarm of beasts threatens to destroy the country s desperately needed crops, and an unprecedented team of hunters is assembled to cleanse the infested farmlands But the grand adventure quickly becomes a desperate fight for survival as the horde of beasts seems endless and distrust among the hunters eats away at the campaign from within In desperation, Keltin and his new friends embark on a dangerous mission into the heart of the deadly swarm, prepared to make a final stand against the oncoming beasts to try and save all of Krendaria from starvation.My Review This novel is well structured, with creative environments, good tension, and deep characters.The Beast Hunter is complex tale The technology is all what would be available in any late 19th century steampunk tale, but there the similarity ends Keltin is a beast hunter, and the beasts he hunts are not your average Edwardian creatures They are some of the most horrific beasts I have seen outside of an RPG Even the beneficial creatures are fun and dangerous.Keltin Moore is an awesome hero, slightly flawed, and intriguing He has family troubles and has trouble getting along with certain members of his own species There are many different species living in Krendaria, and a great deal of prejudice and political intrigue stemming from that diversity One of my favorite characters is Bor ve tai, a member of a species called the Loopi.As a bounty hunter, Keltin usually works alone Acting on a tip, he signs on to hunt beasts for Duke Gregson, and ends up a part of a militia under the command of Baron Rumsfeld The wide, wild world is much dangerous than he d ever thought, and the people are even so.Lindsay Schopfer s knack for showing a good story really shines, as the action driven plot, unique multicultural society, and solid, well drawn characters of many different species make this novel impossible to put down I highly recommend it as an action adventure.

  2. Jerry Staton says:

    In my life I have been an avid reader, I don t think there is a time that I have not had a book that I have been reading I have read books of all different genre and the way that I have been able to judge a good book is one that I think about it when I am not reading it and can t wait for the kids to go to bed or work to slow down so I can re immerse myself in that world Lindsay Schopfer s book The Beast Hunter is one of those books From the concept of the book to the character development I found myself drawn in to the world of Keltin Moore I was worried that with the mass of beasts that are presented in the book that they would all be ill defined minor additions but each one is unique and in its own way intimidating Along with a great cast of supporting characters the book draws you along several twists to the finale If you are looking for a good book to curl up with I highly recommend this book to add to your library, you will not regret it.

  3. Derek says:

    The Beast Hunter is a perfect example of a well cut story With realistic characters, great motivation, and an interesting setting, Schopfer proves to be an adept writer He takes his readers to a Victorian world in which the hero Keltin Moore faces dangerous monsters and violent rivalries Forced to adapt with his new surroundings, Keltin is not only faced with hordes of exotic beasts, but must also learn how to command his fellow hunters and become a leader.

  4. Ammon Platter says:

    The Beast Hunter is an exciting tale packed with gripping action, meaningful dialogue, and realistic characters Keltin Moore is reminiscent of an old west bounty hunter, and his gruff, straightforward interaction with others masks his complicated and sometimes raw past While Schopfer wastes no time in putting us in the thick of the action and letting Keltin s strengths shine, he is also attentive to detail in explaining the complexities of each character and of the world at large In doing so, he does not simply rely on fantasy clich s that we have read time and time again the world of the Beast Hunter is unique and set apart from conventional fantasy settings His humanoid races are original and compelling Political and religious interactions between the various groups really bring this world to life, and give readers a fresh set of fantasy toys to play with and discover The beasts as well are like nothing we ve ever seen before, with some sounding like something out of a ghost story, while others resemble Lovecraftian horrors, or behemoths of legend The only qualm I have with this book is that I want to see through Keltin s eyes I found there were times when, in the course of a sentence, Keltin had traveled from one end of town to another, without much description of the scenery, or even of his internal thoughts at the time The book is fast paced, but sometimes I feel it s a little too fast The towns and scenes Keltin finds himself in at the start of the book especially are somewhat of a blur for me, and sometimes not knowing what s going through his head, in and out of dialogue, makes him seem almost emotionless at times To be fair, Keltin is very much a solitary individual, and is not much given to opening himself to others, therefore this stoic and straightforward attitude is true to his character However, I felt it was harder to relate to him until later in the story when we get of a feel for who he is and what his motivations and background are Overall, this is a very enjoyable novel and the ending is very satisfying, giving the reader a feeling of closure while at the same time throwing in new threads for them to get excited about in the coming sequels I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys exciting and original fantasy.

  5. Rachel Barnard says:

    He deeply resented how his difficult, though simple life, had become complicated by the problems of groups and nations that he had never visited or even seen before Kindle Locations 2178 2179.Keltin Moore is a beast hunter in a world where beasts roam far and wide Usually they are isolated, but to the north in faraway Krendaria they have become a thick problem, keeping farmers from their crops The local duke has put out a call for hunters far and wide and the bounty is enough to entice Keltin away from local Riltvin, but when he gets there he is told the hunters must work together to thin out the plague of beasts Will the Beast Hunter be able to work with others or will politics between races of hunters cause a rift greater than that created by the presence of the beasts Keltin Moore s world is much like stepping into the fictional wardrobe of Narnia with all sorts of creatures, most of them unfriendly The Beast Hunter s monsters are varied in form, function, and appearance Not everything is known in this world Schopfer is slow to build up his world and introduce the main elements of the story but when the action gets going it will suck you right in, even if fighting monsters is not something you usually read.Schopfer explores different concepts in his story, the one that specifically interested me was the theme of species discrimination, the interactions between different types of human or human likes I like the buildup of different types.There are hardly any women, but in this type of society it seems almost genderless as the biggest divide is by type of person There is the typical political and war like goings on, almost like the campaigns of Mulan with an impossible enemy that can only be brought down through the joining of efforts of an unlikely army.The author brings real emotion to the scenes with thoughtful introspection by Keltin of the situations he finds himself in.If you liked the heroics and otherworldly real feel of Rob May s Kal Moonheart Series you may find you enjoy the Keltin Moore Adventures.

  6. Staci Roberts says:

    I am going to preface this preview by stating that I am not a steam punk kind of girl, nor do I read Sci Fi I have read some fantasy, but overall mysteries and classic literature are my favorites.Therefore, having met Lindsay Schopfer at the Pacific Northwest Writers conference a few weeks ago, I admitted to him the same thing that I wrote above After taking one of his classes on character motivation, I broke down and bought his book, if nothing than I could study character motivation thoroughly I really enjoyed this story Not having any clue of what these monsters and beasts look like, I was free to imagine some pretty horrifying stuff The characters bounced off the page for me and their outward motivations were entirely evident, and I found some inward motivations as well I could feel the tension as the story progressed until the climactic battle and I must admit that I read it so fast from excitement, that I had to go back and make sure I understood everything I had just read Still not sure if I m won over to Steam punk, but I am won over to this series Looking forward to the next Thank you Lindsay and keep up the good work

  7. Kaleigh Bamburg says:

    I absolutely loved this book From the first chapter you are sucked into the world and character of Keltin and want to know I really enjoyed the vivid description of the monsters and the types of ammo to take them down I want to know about the world and cant wait for the next installment.

  8. Mary says:

    Absolutely a great read found a new author that I like this is a must read for any sci fi reader

  9. Elicia says:

    The Beast Hunter is a character driven story and I love that The characters are interesting and likable You really come to care about what happens to them, and the ending is quite satisfying I would definitely recommend it to others who also like character driven stories

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