Ultramundo: El terror futuro

      Ultramundo: El terror futuro
Retapado que conteniene los n meros 1 al 4 de la colecci n. Download Ultramundo: El terror futuro – bluevapours.co.uk

Peter Milligan is a British writer, best known for his work on X Force X Statix, the X Men, the Vertigo series Human Target He is also a scriptwriter.He has been writing comics for some time and he has somewhat of a reputation for writing material that is highly outlandish, bizarre and or absurd.His highest profile projects to date include a run on X Men, and his X Force revamp that relaunched as X Statix.Many of Milligan s best works have been from DC Vertigo These include The Extremist 4 issues with artist Ted McKeever The Minx 8 issues with artist Sean Phillips Face Prestige one shot with artist Duncan Fegredo The Eaters Prestige one shot with artist Dean Ormston Vertigo Pop London 4 issues with artist Philip Bond Enigma 8 issues with artist Duncan Fegredo and Girl 3 issues with artist Duncan Fegredo.Series Human Target Greek Street X Force X Statix

      Ultramundo: El terror futuro
 by Peter Milligan – bluevapours.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 132 pages
  • Ultramundo: El terror futuro
  • Peter Milligan
  • Spanish
  • 25 October 2018

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  1. Variaciones Enrojo says:

    Taco con los n meros 1 al 4 de la serie antol gica de historietas de ciencia ficci n.

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