Lucky Pennies

Lucky Pennies When Five Pennies Set Out To Find Out How Valuable They Are They Become Discouraged As They Are Found To Be Nearly Worthless By First A Car Salesman, Then A Juice Bar Operator And Finally A Taxi Driver Standing On A Street Curb And Feeling Quite Worthless They Are Surprised By A Group Of Tourists Who Are Delighted To Discover Lucky Pennies Each Tourist Appreciates The Penny He Or She Finds, Each For A Special Reason The Pennies, Of Course, Realize Now That They Are Worth Far Than A Penny S Worth The Story Has A Tag Unlike The Pennies In This Story, Who Were Not Sure How Valuable They Were, Every Child Should Know That He Or She Is Valuable And Is Important In The Lives Of Others Every Child Is Priceless And Is Worth Than All The Pennies In The World Whimsical And Colorful Illustrations Bounce Along With The Rhyme And Will Delight Any Child If This Sounds Like Something You D Like To Explore Further, Click On The Cover Of The Book To Look Inside The Book You Do Not Need A Kindle To Read This Book You Can Still Read It On Any Computer, Smart Phone, Or Tablet Using S Free APP Software Available Here From The Author I Write Children S Books To Help Brighten The Lives Of Children And Add A Little Dollop Of Wisdom In The Process Children Need Good Habits, Handy Skills, And A Good Sense Of Humor To Keep Them Moving Forward In A Happy, Healthy, And Productive Manner As A King Features Syndicated Author, I Have Been Creating Positive And Inspirational Messages, Called Happy Musings For Newspapers In The US And Canada For Many Years This Has Led To My Writing And Illustrating A Great Number Of Uplifting Books For Both Adults And Children Along With My Writing And Illustrating, I Have Created Collections Of Wallpaper For Children Baby Bibs, T Shirts And A Vast Number Of Prints And Original Art For Children S Rooms Through The Years, I Have Written And Illustrated Many Books For Children And Adults Here Are A Few For Children Cool The Importance Of Getting Along With Others A Wise And Thoughtful Father The Importance Of A Positive Attitude Everything Has A Heart The Importance Of Love And Kindness The Very Little Monster The Importance Of Kindness And Facing Fears Gator Eggs About Sowing And Reaping Everyone Has A Mother Appreciating Mothers A Boat Full Of Animals Fun Exercises To Develop Good Habit And Core Values The Secret The Importance Of Saying Please A Mermaid Tea Party The Importance Of Kindness And Manners The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow The Importance Of Following Your Heart Best Counting Book EVER Fun Rhyming And Counting Little Baby Bobby Goes To The Zoo The Importance Of Understanding NO How The Cow Jumped Over The Moon The Importance Of Trying Something New A To Z Animal Games Learning Games To Develop Good Habits Little Lonely Leigh The Importance Of Believing In Yourself

For years I have wanted to do what I am doing now writing and illustrating my children s books Electronic drawing pads and e books have made it possible for me to create and publish my own books and do so in quantity In the past, Harcourt Brace, Ten Speed Press, Thomas Nelson had only published a few.The books were always squeezed in between art I needed to do to fill 26 Sally Huss Galleri

[Ebook] ➨ Lucky Pennies  By Sally Huss –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 27 pages
  • Lucky Pennies
  • Sally Huss
  • English
  • 19 January 2019

10 thoughts on “Lucky Pennies

  1. Sarah says:

    This was a nice story about 5 pennies, who together weren t worth enough to buy something, but when found by some people on a street, and called lucky pennies had much greater value than their monetary worth My 4 year old listened to this on text to speech several times in a row, he really liked it

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