Golden Girl

Golden Girl Cold Meant Snow Snow Meant Snowboarding Snowboarding Meant Everything.Lexi Miller Aka Golden Girl Is Queen Of The Cross Snowboard Cross, That Is As The Most Promising Student At The Elite Ski And Snowboard School, Mountain Academy, She Is A Sure Lock For The Olympic Level Trial Team And Has The Most Promise For A Future Olympic Gold Medal The School Has Ever Seen Until A Freak Fall During A Snowboard Cross Competition Crushes Her Dreams And Puts Her Future On Hold.One Year After Her Disastrous Fall, Lexi Is Back At Mountain Academy And Attempting A Comeback But Everything Has Changed Her Best Friend Is Suddenly Friends With Her Arch Enemy On And Off The Slopes, And Everyone Seems To Be Rooting For Her To Fail.Everyone Except Logan Conrad That Is Logan Is A Staff Rat Whose Mother Works At The School And He Believes Snowboarding Should Be For Fun Not Sponsors With His Help And Friendship, Lexi Begins To Discover A Whole New World Outside Her Favorite Sport And Even A New Passion For Music.But Lexi S Dad Who Just Happens To Be Her Coach And Lead Instructor At Mountain Academy Has Strong Opinions On His Daughter S Future Can Lexi Figure Out How To Balance Her Dreams With The Dreams Of Her Dad S And Find Out What Exactly Happened On That Mountain A Year Ago She knows several Samanthas.

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  • Golden Girl
  • Mari Mancusi
  • 07 May 2017

10 thoughts on “Golden Girl

  1. Trinity says:

    WARNING SPOILERS I loved this book so much It taught people that no matter what other other s wishes are you should always do what makes you feel happy I totally shipped Logan and Alexis Even though Alexis was under so much pressure with snowboarding she was able to tell her dad how she felt about singing along with snowboarding I also enjoyed this book because of the mystery involved with Alexis s accident At first we all assumed it was Olivia Ugh Olivia But then we find out it was actually Becca, her best friend but it wasn t her fault She lost her balance and made Alexis fall I will definitely reread this book I recommend for ages 8.

  2. Liralen says:

    Fluffity fluff, and not in a bad way Lexi is basically a Mary Sue of a character she s the top student at school she can sing she s attractive she s had a setback, but it was because she was sabotaged, not because she made a mistake but I couldn t really bring myself to mind.I picked this one up for the boarding school element, but unfortunately it didn t really deliver there That is, it s a really interesting setup for a school intense classes for part of the year, and then classwork ramped waaaay down during the winter sports season , but because we don t see Lexi in class it sometimes feels like a winter sports camp instead because her father lives on campus and is forever popping by her room or taking her out to dinner or whatever it sometimes feels as though she s still home I m sure I noticed this primarily because boarding school is the reason I read the book in the first place, so take that for what it is Either wayit s still fluffity fluff, and for that it ll do nicely.

  3. Valerie McEnroe says:

    Adult rating 3 starsKid rating 5 starsI m always looking for books to fill an under represented niche In this case, it s winter sports Not many good books out there There s a few good ones about ice skating, but you have to look hard to find any fiction stories with skiers and snowboarders This one fills the need perfectly Alex is the golden girl at her upscale boarding school for kids training to be in the Olympics Olivia is her arch rival When she suffers a terrible fall during a snowboarding competition, she s sure Olivia had yanked on her jacket right before the fall She s out the rest of the season, but tells no one what happened After spending the rest of the year in Florida with her mother, she s not keen on returning to Vermont Fear has set in and she s not ready to face the pressure Her parents think otherwise.School is worse than expected Her best friend has dumped her and she s afraid of the mountain The only glimmer of hope is her new friend Logan His parents can t afford the Academy, so he sneaks onto the slopes at night to get free practice time One of those nights he meets Alex He introduces her to his public school friends who have a band in need of a lead singer Alex sings a few tunes and realizes she has a talent she never had the chance to explore with her busy training schedule Now she has to figure out whether snowboarding is still her dream, and why her best friend wants nothing to do with her This book will appeal to tween girls whether they participate in winter sports or not It has all the hallmarks of a good middle grade realistic fiction story Romance Friendship Competition Sports Drama There s many good lessons to learn, especially about coming clean when you ve done something wrong, getting back in the saddle when you fall off the horse, fighting for a worthy friendship, understanding the circumstances that influence bad decisions, following your dreams, and recognizing the qualities in a great guy Definitely buying this one.

  4. Ms. Yingling says:

    Library copyLexi is a snowboarder who has a good chance of making the US Olympic team until she is badly injured in an accident during a race that she blames on Olivia, a mean girl in her exclusive sports school Lexi recuperates with her mother in Florida and then returns to the school where her father works , but finds it harder to get back into the swing of things than she thought Her best friend, Becca, is hanging out with Olivia, and Lexi is comfortable hanging out with the cute Logan and his friends in a band, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, who want Lexi to sing with them There s a mystery as to how her accident happens that she needs to solve, and a lot of work to be done before Lexi can even figure out if her dream is still to make the Olympic team Strengths There s a lot of good stuff here parents who are divorced but amicable, an exclusive boarding school, snow boarding, real but not horrible problems The M X series is hugely popular in my school, and I love that Mancusi has made this entry Young Adult Weaknesses While I like the cover, the cartoonishness might dissuade my 8th grade girls from picking it up What I really think This is a great book about high schoolers that is told on a perfectly appropriate level for middle school students Actually, this reminds me a LOT of Bety Cavann a Angel on Skis from 1957, in the best possible way

  5. Lisa says:

    13 year old Lexi was one of the best snowboarders at the elite private school Mountain Academy That is until she crashed hard during a race, breaking a leg, and was out of school until the next fall healing and working on physical therapy But getting back into school isn t as easy as she thought, panic attacks make it difficult to practice, despite her father s confidence and support Plus, her best friend Becca is acting weird she s actually joined the friend group of Lexi s archenemy Olivia who caused the fall in the first place Now Lexi is battling than just her physical injuries she s even doubting her commitment to Olympic Gold This is a great, action packed sports book Full of girl drama, teen angst, boyfriends and snowboarding, this clean read is gripping and exciting Part of the Aladdin Mix series, this stand alone novel about friendship, forgiveness and winter sports is a hit.

  6. Stephanie Faris says:

    Golden Girl has something I love in a book unpredictability The directions she took this book in were so unexpected, yet it all came together in a perfect way This is what great fiction is about Lexi is the most promising young snowboarder in her snowboarding schooluntil an accident sidelines her But it wasn t an accident at allit was sabotage The book chronicles her return to the slopes after the accident, including how she finds her way and figures out who her true friends are Children and adults can learn a lot from Lexi s kind heart and inner strength.

  7. J. says:

    Actual rating 1.5 stars.I was reading this book for work, or else I would have stopped reading within the first ten pages Overwriting, awkward dialogue, cardboard characters, clunky construction I really didn t care about any of the characters or relationships much, and I had guessed many of the twists before they came if they can really be called twists , and I m usually not as good at guessing if I m very absorbed in the story.On the bright side, I still enjoyed the happy ending which why, when I didn t enjoy the build up I don t know.

  8. Sandy says:

    13 year old Lexi Miller returns to her prestigious New England snowboarding school one year after an accident on the slopes and a lengthy recovery She has to face the mean girl, losing her best friend, and countless pressures A chance meeting with kids her own age who live in town opens up a new world of possibilities to Lexi Everything seems to come easy for Lexi, no matter what she tries This is a slight, fluffy coming of age novel.

  9. Juhi says:

    This book was absolutely WONDERFUL My friend recommended it to me and I m so glad she did This book contained so much feeling and it made me cry, laugh, smile at all the right times The book answered all my questions yet it left me wondering about everything This book was perfectly 5 stars and I would definitely want to read this over and over again

  10. Simran Singh says:

    This book is so good The ending is the best Mari Mancusi did such a good job The book is based on a real life problem that can happened I had to find the theme of this book and I thought it would be Overcoming Challenges.

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