Forbidden Blood (Forbidden, #1)

Forbidden Blood (Forbidden, #1) [KINDLE] ❂ Forbidden Blood (Forbidden, #1) Author R.L. Kenderson – Next in line to lead the vampire species, Princess Naya Kensington has always abided by her royal responsibilities At the urging of her best friend, Naya breaks the rules and crosses the line when she Next in line to lead the vampire species, Princess Naya Kensington has always abided by her royal responsibilities At the urging of her best friend, Naya breaks the rules and crosses the line when she goes to a human nightclub Following a chance encounter, Naya alters her life with a singular act forged from lust and bloodVaughn Llewelyn has secrets and obligations of his own, but he ignores them when he spots Naya across the nightclub He wants her in a way he s never felt before, and although he can t possibly havethan one night with Naya, he knows no one else will do One night of forbidden love creates a bond that will forever change both of their lives as well as their worlds.


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  • Paperback
  • 293 pages
  • Forbidden Blood (Forbidden, #1)
  • R.L. Kenderson
  • English
  • 27 January 2019
  • 9780990414421

10 thoughts on “Forbidden Blood (Forbidden, #1)

  1. D.M. says:

    Forbidden Blood re read I won a signed Paperback copy It s no secret I love these two authors who make up R.L.Kenderson I m super excited to own my own special book Vampire Princess Anaya Kensington has a lot on her mind She has some big responsibilities and Naya wants to please her family It s hard being a princess and the sole heir to the vampire throne She is expected to settle down and show she can be a good leader Naya should marry for strategy instead of love Her family have always been protective of her and Naya is sheltered from some of the world truths Luckily she was able to attend college and meet her best best friend who happens to be a human Princess Naya needs to unwind and relax before accepting her fate She finds herself agreeing to a night out with her best friend, Kenzie When she enters the nightclub she feels a male presence like never before One night of guilt free pleasure can t hurt right Naya is usually a good girl and doesn t bring strangers home but she just can t resist Vaughn Emerson is everyone s first choice for future vampire King, well everyone except Naya He s a nice enough vampire but her heart and body already belongs to someone else One night with Vaughn and Naya s responsibilities feel heavier than ever Vaughn is than meets the eye and Naya may have found her forbidden pleasure for than one night I forgot how funny Sawyer is right from the beginning He s such a grump and I love it We meet so many of the characters we learn to love over the series in the first book and I m really glad I gave this book a second look Intended for an adult audience It s still 5 stars out 5 I loved every minute of Forbidden Blood.

  2. angela says:

    Forbidden Blood 5 stars An excellent book about a, vampire princess and the Prince of the cat shifters They have no idea who the other is when they meet, just that they re crazy about each other Not everyone is as crazy, as they are about their relationship Things get very tense, within their families Both families are mad, to say the least The princess had her whole life planned out for her, down to who she would marry, something she was not happy about Now, she won t be able too meet her family obligations While all this family drama is playing out, there is evil in the background Planning the demise of the dominant cat shifter family, along with the princess There s always that person who wants to become leader However, they know they don t have a chance, doing things properly, by challenging the Alpha to a fight So, Mr looser plans behind everyone s back Well, while having others doing his dirty work A big mistake is made during a kidnapping, what will happen now A lot happens in this book, it s pure addiction once you start reading it The characters are awesome, all with such different personalities I loved these characters, they act and respond, like you d expect The story is rich and flowing, without mistakes I m really looking forward to reading the next book I hope there all this good as this one, if so I ll be a very happy girl I was given a copy of this book to read I wrote the review on my own.

  3. Duchess Nicole says:

    Well, color me surprised I really liked this book I have a love hate relationship with Paranormal romance I looooove some of them, but eye roll at many of them I love suspending belief and I love when the rules of the world change so that a whole new world is created I love the insta love that comes with mating bonds, I love the idea of drinking blood, I love the possessiveness that comes with shifter mating or vamp instict, and I love the hierarchies created within groups of paranormal creatures And guess what All of that was in this book. So yeah, I really, really enjoyed this story.I m not one of those people who scoff at insta love My husband and I felt that instant connection twelve years ago I absolutely believe in it happening, albeit rarely The fact that it could be a mystical, chemical connection between these two is a titillating excuse to push them together Naya is a vampire princess, in line to be queen and of an age that her parents are pushing for a mating with a male of their choosing She feels eyes upon her one night at a club, and later meets Vaughn, with whom she has some strong and sexy urges and proceeds to act completely out of character with when she brings him home for a one night stand Naya is an easy character to like She s not outstandingly dynamic, I don t think, but that s also part of her charm I could tell right off that she may have been groomed to be queen, but her heart wasn t in it Not in the way her parents wanted her to be She volunteers at an animal shelter, likes her alone time, and has a human gasp as a best friend.Vaughn, on the other hand, is such an outstanding guy He s alpha but not a jerk I kind of wish he s been a bit outwardly alpha, but on the other hand, part of what I like about him was that he was quietly powerful Rarely did he throw his power around It s that calm, cool demeanor and his decisive actions that make him a fantastic leader Well done.Why not five stars I felt like some things were glossed over and I was left very frustrated The ending in particular There was this huge build up to a bigsomethingand I kept looking at my page numbers, watching them dwindling and wondering how the heck they were going to wrap all of this up in so few pages I finally realized that there was no way they could, and sure enough, that build up was all for the next book Which is okay, I guess, but I was left wanting I just wish that was handled differently, or possibly that the next book was out already D D Greedy Of course D D For me, my favorite part about the story was all of the secondary characters and subplots going on There is a LOT taking place in this story I see the setup for many books to come, and I haven t been this excited about a paranormal series since Aline Hunter s Alpha and Omega series ordare I say itLara Adrian s Midnight Breed series In comparison, there is a simply fantastic group of men and women who are already standout characters, already having certain pairings in the works, and have me intrigued enough to be clamoring for the next book Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  4. ✿ says:

    I was given an ARC by the authors in exchange for an honest review Thank you Anaya Naya Kensington is the Vampire Princess and the next in line for the throne She has lived a very luxurious and privileged life but what she craves most is to have freedom and choice in her life.That is until, when an opportunity leads her to going a club on the wrong side of the tracks where she then meets mysterious Vaughn Llewelyn Then that very dark and steamy night, his blood sings to her and they create an insurmountable bond Sounds pretty simple right Oh how wrong you are There s just one problem Vaughn is a human or so Naya believes and it is absolutely forbidden to drink from humans Not only would it expose the vampire species but only vampire blood can sustain another vampire Human blood is too weak and tainted.Now drawn together by an indisputable attraction, can these two individuals from opposite sides find a way to co exist And with Vaughn s own secrets and obligations to uphold, how will his and Naya s taboo romance weather against the toughest of oppositions Not to mention, with danger and scheming lurking in the air, will they be able to withstand those who plan to make rid of them Read and you will find out My thoughts As an entirety, I liked this story The authors did a great job in explaining the nature of vampires as well as other mystical beings and the whole mythology behind them It was a nice twist in vampiric fiction.However, I do have three main criticisms 1 I would have liked to see a thoroughly developed relationship between Naya and Vaugh before they fell in love 2 Too many subplots and characters POV switches throughout the book Made me feel bombarded 3 The ending It ended rather haste.While my first criticism is pretty self explanatory, I just felt that something was missing to honestly buy Navaugh as a couple I don t know what it is exactly I wanted, but I wasn t 100% sold on them when it came to other things outside of sex As for my second criticism regarding feeling bombarded throughout the story I just felt overwhelmed by the amount of events and POV s that would go on at once It was like experiencing a whiplash from momentum going into one character s mind in one chapter and then the next chapter jumping into another s I mean, while I did like the dual complexity of this book, sometimes less could have been for it I thought that some of the POV foretelling and shifting sometimes took out from the book as it often divulged too much motives and revelations and made some things easy to predict Not saying that the suspense factor was absent per say because it really highlighted at the ending with some of the characters fates in question I just thought that it would have been much nicer to have been cut back on this or perhaps have their thoughts fade out so that readers could have had suspense to keep us guessing.Last but not least the ending Nothing was wrong content wise but it was a pretty rushed is all If I had it my way I would have liked a couple of things expanded just a little since I m greedy like that hehe but that s just me Over all though, a lovely lovely read I really LOVED this book and it does have potential I will definitely be sticking it out for books two and three and the rest of the characters in R.L Kenderson world Great debut ladies

  5. Candace says:

    Vaughn is a cat shifter and the next alpha of the Minnesota Pride Naya is a vampire princess and future queen They meet at a nightclub and feel attracted to each other When Naya becomes pregnant, her parents drive to Vaughn s parent s house and confront them Vaughn and Naya are shocked to see each other They decide to slip away while their parents argue.Vaughn learns Naya must drink from him during her pregnancy They decide to move in together But is Vaughn agreeing because of the baby or because he has feelings for Naya What of Naya being the future queen Will she want the throne or will she abduct Will the Pride accept an alpha with a vampire mate This story has several issues to be resolved Thankfully, the author ties them up nicely through the plot and the subplots Even though this novel has a cliffhanger, it isn t as obvious because of the epilogue The characters are likeable and are known through their dialogue and descriptions This novel contains adult language and explicit sex.

  6. Steph [They/Them] (Wickedjr Reads) says:

    Actual Rating 4.25Full review and also on my blog I initially picked this up from Netgalley but then later saw it free for a day on and picked it up there too so I have it, though it was still free either way.I love vampires I have since I first saw Buffy the vampire slayer I saw vampires and paranormal romance I was like YES, GIVE IT TO MEEEE but i m still new to the paranormal romance genre, even though I already knew i m a sucker for vampires And I am so glad I picked this up Because I did love this over all let s get my one issue with it out of the way At times it seemed, to me, painfully heteronormative I m bisexual and can gladly read any romance, m f, f f, m m, m m f, f f m etc I don t care as long as it s well written I m just talking about me personally here, not saying others can t.This is very erotic which I wasn t expecting not my problem with it, I loved it so of course there is plenty of arousal at certain things and possessiveness but not in a bad way, i ll get to on that later Some of the things I am talking about in terms of heteronormative ness Along with the bond it created, this was probably why unmated vampires fed from the wrist of someone of the same gender Did the opposite gender s blood cause sexual urges it s never mentioned what about gay or bi vampires I can get how it would be switched around for gay vampires but bisexual ones Are they just doomed to always be horny and want to fuck everyone, ya know, the stereotype for bisexual people This is literally my only issue with the book, which yes it bugged me, but I found so much to love about this story There are also shifters cats and wolves in this book and they can be possessive of their mates Each person does have a different personality and is well thought out, which I loved Just because someone is a cat shifter and has that possessive ness doesn t mean they have to be a jerk about it or scary They can still temper it with their human side, think, and be caring and attentive to others wants and needs and not be, well a huge jerk about it for lack of knowing how to better say it Being an Alpha does not have to go hand in hand with being a jerk as this book ended up showing and I loved it Due to the differences in shifter and vampire culture there were some mixed signals in the book but eventually communication would happen and it d be worked out.I loved learning about how vampires and shifters worked in this book I also really enjoyed all the different characters There are several POV s in this story and normally I get confused very easily but thankfully that didn t happen here I still found it easy to know who was who and what was going on Sure I don t love all the characters but I love their characterization They are all different and complex, learning about them as it goes on I know real people like them exist and could easily believe people would act the way they were I also loved how it touched on important themes, messages and had strong characters I am living for these character arcs This book had my emotions going all over the place and by the end, there were tears I am loving the plot too I m trying to not give too much away though this book is making that hard Yes, it s erotica and has sex scenes, but it also has well developed characters and a thought out plot I am invested in what is going to happen to these characters, the plot is believable as long as you can get behind vampires and shifters existing which I love paranormal stuff like this personally and I need to know what happens next Also Naya and Vaughn are now my OTP.If you are into paranormal romance and this sounds like something you d be interested in, i d definitely recommend picking it up My Youtube Booktube Channel

  7. Katie says:

    bI received an ARC from the AuthorI am extremely grateful to the authors for allowing me to read an ARC of their book as I thoroughly enjoyed it.I don t really understand how two people can write a book together I find the idea baffling Needless to say though, I liked this author s style of writing I look forward to reading books by them in the future.What is Vaughn I liked that you aren t told right away what he actually is Human Vampire Something else You re given little hints clues the further into the book you read I enjoyed the mystery view spoiler When you do eventually discover that he is a shifter, I liked that he wasn t a particular breed but just a cat shifter hide spoiler

  8. Books Movies Fandoms says:

    My Star Rating for Forbidden Blood is 4 1 2 out of 5 stars My Blogging Reader s Review after reading Forbidden Blood by Authors R.L Kenderson via May contain a few hints of Spoilers Upon receiving an ARC early copy of Forbidden Blood by R.L Kenderson, I was very intrigued to see how the story unfolded after having read the synopsis for it I ve read many vampire related novels before and was honestly hoping for a nice twist to vampires and not the usual same old traditional vampire story I m excited to let readers know that this story is not the traditional vampire story and has many entertaining facets For those like me, who enjoy multiple P.O.V s point of views while reading a story, you ll like this There are nine P.O.V s throughout the novel, which include Naya, Vaughn, Arianna, Kenzie, Payton, Damien, Celeste, Dwyer and an mystery Shifter enemy.Princess Anaya Naya Kensington, is not your typical royalty She lives in St Paul, Minnesota and is set to become Queen, once her parents step down and will lead the vampire species She has chocolate dark brown hair, violet colored eyes and is beautiful with unique features Naya lives her life at night, sleeps in the day and only feeds from female family vampires when hunger comes She s decided to continue to follow her parent s wishes for her but she still tries to do a few things of her very own She volunteers at an animal shelter and when she can, she goes out with her human best friend Kenzie that she met at college One night, Naya decides to take a risk and go out to the new human nightclub, Club Pulse with Kenzie Kenzie is a free spirit, the opposite of Naya s usually reserved personality Once there, Kenzie begins flirting, while Naya just people watches Quickly, the night begins to turn into something else Naya s keen vampire senses, can feel that someone is watching her She can t find her watcher but she feels him there, somewhere in the club Naya has no idea how much she does not know about what exists in the world around her, thanks to how much her royal parents have sheltered her But on this night, her life will be changed after a chance encounter and deciding to satisfy her need to try something different.Vaughn Llewelyn could be described as one very hot, tall, dark haired, blue eyed, man with a sexy defined body that would make most women melt The only thing about Vaughn, is that he lives in a world where he must keep certain secrets about himself from others He has never gotten close with any females beyond satisfying his sexual needs That was the case until meeting her One night of temptation, pleasure and forbidden desires, a bond is made Vaughn expected it to only be a one night stand with someone that he knew he should ve never had But something about her made him want to be protective of her, pull her close and make her his Even if it is only for one night, he wasn t about to deny what he wanted and needed no matter By giving in, his life will be altered beyond his wildest expectations.To add to the entertaining storyline of Forbidden Blood , there happens to be other species called Shifters walking around beyond the vampires and humans But they are not only what you would suspect They ve all lived separately but only the leaders seem to be aware of each existing species Since not everyone is aware of the existence of certain species , issues occur that will change the worlds of everyone involved and those around them To top it off, there is someone or something out there, trying to cause mayhem while seeking their vengeance What will Naya do with the drastic changes in her life and can she juggle her duties as future Queen Can Vaughn share his secret with the one he feels an overwhelming need to protect and love Who isn t safe and who can be trusted This story is definitely full of twists and engaging characters If you love a story with entertaining Alpha males, you ll enjoy this story It s very sexy and keeps you interested in finding out what will come next I do recommend this debut novel from this new series There is a conclusion to an important part of the story but there are questions left unanswered in preparation for the next novels in the Forbidden Series I will definitely be looking forward to the future novels of this series Great debut novel series Ranae and Lara My Star Rating for Forbidden Blood is 4 1 2 out of 5 stars Visit my Blog to see character photos of how I imagined them while reading Memorable lines from FORBIDDEN BLOOD Click Here to Visit the Blog Books,Movies,FandomsCheck us out on Twitter Follow Here

  9. M.L. says:

    My star rating is 4 1 2 out of 5 stars Very interesting story, with some great twists.My rating is based on an enjoyable storyline, wonderful characters, tons of P.O.V s point of views ,and just a fantastic flow with everything.It s not your traditional and typical vampire story,which I truly enjoyed.I also like everything about the other kind of people that lived in this story s world, besidesthe vampires and humans Looking forward to the next novels of thisentertaining series.Read My Full Review at

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