Shadowdemon❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Shadowdemon Author Robert McCarroll – Remaining in the Hero life had been a difficult decision for Travis Colfax He’s managed so far to juggle the demands of his team with the usual daily stress His inner demons however are becoming voc Remaining in the Hero life had been a difficult decision for Travis Colfax He’s managed so far to juggle the demands of his team with the usual daily stress His inner demons however are becoming vocalStruggling to catch the remaining Morlocks in New Port Arthur is difficult enough but the ill wind blowing in threatens to grow into a maelstrom of problemsTravis’ brother’s return from the West Coast is initially a cause for celebration though he speaks of corruption within the hero community Someone is setting off bombs in the city creating chaos And something dark starts to conduct swift and brutal attacks on the team in the dead of night the strain on Travis begins to unravel his poiseThen there is the one last uestionWhat is Firegod.


Paperback  ï Shadowdemon ePUB ✓
  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • Shadowdemon
  • Robert McCarroll
  • English
  • 24 January 2014
  • 9781503072190

10 thoughts on “Shadowdemon

  1. Travis Bow says:

    The short version One of the best indie novels I've read with only a few uibbles to complain aboutOne sentence summary Travis a lifetime superhero who relies on training rather than powers tries to solve the mysteries of strange explosions night attacks on his friends and his own personal strugglesThe good While I have not read Shadowboy the first book in the series I was able to pick up what was going on what the world was like and who the characters were fairly uickly The characters themselves are pretty varied and independent and I like how active the supporting characters were they would embark on plans of their own without Travis' knowledge or consent which makes everything seem realistic I also like Travis himself He's very talented confident and hard core but also very unassuming humble and even self derogatory When he's self sacrificial there's not a lot of dwelling on the choice or wallowing in his own awesomeness he just does the right thing and describes the results in an under stated matter of fact way It's hard not to like a guy like thatThe pace was good; the story kept moving forward with enough action to be exciting but enough character development to have depth The plot was pretty complex I really liked that there some seeds of doubt were laid on the good guys the Fund and superheroes in general The series name Tarnished Stirling hints at of that to comeThe badNot much Because the plot was so complex it sometimes lost focus It was hard to keep track of who the real bad guys were Between the Morlocks the imprisoned Omicron the All Star elementals the Fund Victor and Ferar the elusive night shadow Arclight and Firegod it was sometimes difficult to know whatwho the main conflict or problem wasAlthough for the most part there were no why didn't you just use power X to solve the problem? moments there was one that kind of bugged me view spoiler At the end when Travis has figured out how to activate his power he uses it to get through Firegod's lightning shield but once through he's climbing and jumping around and trying not to fall Why doesn't he shadow up and fly? revision the author explained to me that Travis' shadow power doesn't work in the daylight and only worked on the approach to Firegod because one of his buddies covered him from the sun on the way in This totally makes sense but I didn't get it in the first reading hide spoiler

  2. Robert McCarroll says:

    I Wrote it I shouldn't rate it

  3. Kingsley says:

    While not uite as good as the first book in the series this is a thoroughly entertaining seuelShadowboy now Shadowdemon is still suffering form the events of the first book He still cannot sleep and he has an alien voice in his head Then his brother who also a superhero his power is reanimating and talking to the dead comes for a visit from the West Coast Opportunities are opening up for him in the way of taking over a 'legacy hero' name but also with him comes trouble he believes his superhero team is corrupt and walking a fine line between hero and villain Add to this a new shadowing creature attacking heroes bombs being planted around Stirling a dragon beast a visiting rock star and the continual trouble from Morlocks things are getting very hectic for ShadowdemonWith the background all set up in the first book Shadowdemon is able to jump straight into the story It deals a lot less with the convoluted mechanics of the superhero business insurance rules governing name changes etc and takes it for granted you understand this from the previous installment This makes for a smoother story than it would have been if it had retreaded the old ground of explaining these thingsThe story moves uickly from one bit of trouble to the next but manages to weave the multiple stories and events together to a tight and satisfying story The story just urges you to keep going to find out what is happening nextCorey Ambler returns as narrator Like the first book he does a great job In my review of the first book I mentioned that a character was hard to understand that character isn't in this book and thus the main annoyance with the first book is removed Pacing voices emotions etc all really enjoyable

  4. Jason Vinje says:

    Bring On The Next ActWhile I'm a hardcore fan of the mythos and this story had uite a few treats to share I do believe the plot slumped a tad bit around the middle for me Not to deter anyone from reading this vivid tale I must admit that a couple things kind of left me wandering around awhile Now that I have your trust I was pleased to find the character development is turned up tenfold in this portion as Shadowdemon Ixa and the rest of the gang meet a few new faces get hurt often and deal with the harsh politics of being a superhero in almost every other chapter Action is abundant and confidently delivered with an end that catches you right where any good superhero romp should leaving you to think I can't wait to see the conclusion of that that thread All in all Robert McCaroll has uite the talent for dialogue casting an original world rendered with heart honesty Now that I believe you can tell how much I look forward to his next book I hope you check it out

  5. Isabel dante says:

    this book was exceptionally well thought out such as when the main character starts to learn about several new and interesting things the author wrote it well in a way it was not trite or hum drum

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